Catnip: Feline Psychedelic Freak-out – Science on the Web #53

Catnip: Feline Psychedelic Freak-out – Science on the Web #53

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  1. The first time my cat had it, I was worried.  He rolled around and went nuts for a while then I left to do something.  When I came back he was passed out in a puddle of his own drool. 

  2. i started growing it, and just gave it to my cat… not much going on with her, she just laying down.

    latter i put it in her water lol

  3. when my cats used catnip it first rolled around on the floor then went out to go raving and partying, after a few hours in a bar he grabbed a gun and started killed people on the streets. After that he passed out and I had to carry him home and never woke up again.

    Oh wait I don't have a cat

  4. I got regular catnip one time and my cat didn't show any interest. Then I got a free sample of this silver vine/catnip mix that i just left in the paper bag with groceries. My cat sniffed it out, pulled the plastic bag out of the paper sack and then tore apart the plastic bag by holding it between her little claws and tearing at it with her teeth, then obsessively ate it and rolled around in it.

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