Cats Cry Out For An Escape From The Puppy Mill | Animal in Crisis EP24

Please watch this video So many cats are locked up in wire cages Visit the place in the video with staffs from the city hall Staff : Anyone here? Staff : Hello lady, we’re from the city hall Dogs’ barking sound over the entrance This place is an illegal puppy mill PD : How long have you run the mill? Lady : For 20 years PD : For 20 years..? How many pets do you have? Lady : I have about more than 60 pets? Horrifying scene of the puppy mill with lots of dogs locked up inside of the small and dirty cage.. A tent located inside the mill Cats are inside, not dogs A cat is grooming matted dirty hair.. Lady : Nowadays, Dogs and cats are all become low-priced It’s hard to make enough revenue by selling dogs But cats are different. They make enough money After animal protection groups’ advocacy were shown on TV Dogs were priced down from $200-300 to $20-30 I can’t even afford dog food with this price, but cats make money The farm owner says she can’t make money with dogs The Farm Owner : 4 dogs are on sale for $100 and it becomes $90 after admission fee is deducted According to her, cats are on sale for good price But they aren’t properly cared PD : What do you do when they become sick? Lady : I treat them on my own I do the treatment but when they get really sick, then I visit the vet PD : Such as giving an injection? Lady : Yeah I do everything I learned how to give an injection to pets so that I can save money by not going to the vet In other cages.. We found highly priced cats cost more than hundreds of dollars, such as Turkish Angora Siamese Cat Persian Chinchilla and Russian blue. Both female and male cats are raised in the same cage Lady : Cats breed once or twice a year Some do 3 times a year Just like dogs. Dogs breed once in 6 months People goes inside the breeder cats’ room Kittens that are born in this room.. are sold in less than a month, being apart from their mom PD : Where do you sell these kittens?
Lady : At pet auction houses Lady : the auction house? Lady : Yeah, or on online. Selling pets on online is now permitted PD : Which auction house do you go? Lady : Auction houses in Seoul, Eonyang and Daejeon city Almost every auction places i went I’m registered as a seller in every auction houses PD : How did you register in the auction without obtaining manufacturing business license? Lady : Only few people are licensed in the auction place about less than 10% of 3,000 sellers Which means 90% are not licensed For the sake of money.. lives are treated as money-making machines For them, the basic rights to live are completely ignored PD : Any plans to sell them all? Lady : Not at all. I’m not gonna close the mill because the money I make by selling cats is my income Lady : Do whatever you want, impose penalty fee or arrest me Staff : Don’t you pity them? Staff : I pity myself more than animals. Humans are more pityful Staff : Accordance to Animal Protection Act, she’ll be sentenced a penalty fee of 1000$ For unregistered as manufacturing business Since the owner insist resuming the mill despite the penalty fee There’s nothing we can do to close it Under the current act, no other penalties can be imposed other than fining As if she’s giving a gift, she gets us a cat PD : Are you giving us 15 year old cat with no charge? Lady : Why would I ask for money with this I’m just giving you a useless cat What, I’ve lived my life like this giving things to others that I don’t need anymore The cat could finally escape the mill after being old and sick The cat has done nothing but breeding Vet : It has been stuck in her legs Vet : There there, almost done A claw deeply embedded in her leg shows how painful her life was in the mill After shaving her dirty hair Her life as a breeder cat for 15 years, reveals The scar on the lower abdomen indicates that she had a caesarean operation before Seeing her nipples, I guess she’s given birth to lots of kittens The cat couldn’t resist forced breeding and human’s cruelty of cutting her belly just to get kittens out not even once in her life Miserable life as a breeder dog or cat… or someone else’s money making method How long are we going to stand by and just watch these animals being abused?

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