Cats React to FAKE Cats!

Cats React to FAKE Cats!

[Funky music] Hey Marm. Look at him go!
[Laughter] What’s that? What is it? [Laughter] Coco! Hey, Cole! Cole’s so brave. What is it? Rarr! Rarr! [laughter]
Marmalade! Marmalade! [comedic music throughout]
[laughter] Scaredy-cat. Big scaredy-cat! Coco… Hey. Who’s it? Who is it? Is that you? Meewww Mewwww Sniff sniff sniff Mew? Mew? Mewww

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  1. People have been asking about the Cuddle Clones of Cole and Marm, you can make clones of your pets here: — used code "CAMFAN" to get 10% OFF! 🙂

  2. How did I miss this the first time?! I'm subscribed! As always, hi-lar-i-ous!!!!OMG, I didn't need to know about cuddle clones. My DH is going to kill me, but not if I get him one too.

  3. I bet Enzo would be nice to them and make friends with them, given the chance (Enzo the tiger on Michael Jamison's channel).

  4. As usual that's funny as heck. If I got a large cat like that and brought in I'd love to see the look on my cat's face and it would be a great cat bed my cat's wood love it

  5. When my first cats were kittens we have them each a look alike (not perfect matches by pretty close). The didn't have much of a reaction. My next cat didn't like stuffed animals so I opted not to give her one, but with my newest cats I wanted to revive the tradition. My torti isn't big on stuffed animals but she does like a stuffed caterpillar she stole off a desk. My other cat is obsessed with grooming and being held like a baby; I have him an old stuffed lion (because he's a brown tabby and that was the closest match I had) and he absolutely loves it. He uses it as a pillow, holds it like a teddy bear, and grooms its mane.

  6. Once I was watching the live-action of Jungle Book, and it comes to the scene where the panther and the bear are climbing a cliff. My cat looks up at the screen and just freaks! Her tail is all fluffed out and she stalks toward the TV to watch their moves 😂 my poor cat

  7. Scaring the living shit out of your cat like some psychological torture. Then mental conditioning them not to be scared and run away from much larger predators….clever.

  8. dont get why some people think its funny to scare the crap out of an animal. can you imagine what it looks like from there position? only fun when you laugh with them not at them.

  9. You think that is good. Show them a video of you a them interacting. Make sure you are speaking in the video. Then record there reactions…

  10. Oh my freaking god Cole is just being too sweet with his fake friends <3
    I need a black cat so badly ;w;

  11. Marm has such distinguishable face features among other cats and makes him quite unique for not being a "special" cat.

  12. OMG OMG OMG!! Before this video played there was an ad! AND IT WAS ABOUT A KITTY BACK PACKKK!!!! 😻

  13. Cats reactions to things:
    Mister Cat, the enemy has launched his nukes against us. -> Cat stops moving and stares at you intensely.
    Mister Cat, there's a new toy in the room. -> Cat stops moving and stares at you intensely.

  14. Our white cat JR tore up the white stuffed cat that was his size. Attacked it, tore the ears, nose, eyes off and shredded it.

  15. I remember seeing a nature program years ago in which researchers put fake lions out on the Serengeti plain to see how real lions would react to them. It was hilarious!

  16. If you guys have a minute listen to this song. It kicks ass.

  17. While I love Marmalade's reactions, you can't help but realize that Cole is the smarter of the two cats. He rarely reacts to "fake" threats!

  18. Cole almost killed me with that, “ what the heck, what is that noise, NO MORe NEW cATs! What even is that wt*heck*

  19. You should get one of those talking hamster toys for your cats. It will repeat everything they say. I bet that would be fun. Here’s a link to a video:

  20. Why do people always feel the need to screw with their cats ? Just to hopefully freak em out and get some YouTube footage.maybe your cat will drag in a giant stuffed human to film your reaction and post it on YouTube, now that would be hilarious. Not trying to knock you,you obviously love your pets and treat them well and to be honest I have done similar things just to see how my cats would react.just wondering why we as humans enjoy this. We obviously like it much more than the cats do.cats don't really seem to have a sense of humour about this sort of thing.

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