Champion Hunting Dog Kennel Tour

Champion Hunting Dog Kennel Tour

hey welcome back to another accidentally
video as Taylor and I are here volunteering a lot of the staff have
gone home for Thanksgiving we’re doing a couple different things while they’re
gone to take care of the place and they have a dog kennel with a number of
different hunting dogs they have pointers and setters and retrievers in
here and my job today and tomorrow is to take care of the dogs and so I thought
it would be cool to show you guys the kennel so that’s barking right now but the
first thing I’m doing is putting three of the dogs outside to get some exercise Oh Oh
well alright now that we have them exercising
we’ll go feed the retrievers in the morning the labs get fed but the
pointers don’t and then in the evening the pointers and the labs get everybody
gets fed in the evening this little dot here is a terrier and
she’s used for tracking blood like a blood tracking dog so if you get like a
down dear like you’d be wounded deer and it’s
going down but you need to track it you can use this dog to help find the deer a
sit stay stay okay similar to chief gets a lot quieter once
they have food so I’m just reading they have like a list right here at checklist
so everything you got to do I’m just reading over it making sure they have
automatic water feeders so that is they each have a ball in their kennel and it
automatically fills itself with water you just double checking to make sure
that they all have water still going now I need to spray out all
the kennels so there’s a drain system as you spray out the kennels there’s a
trough here and then the drains all go down into a septic field oh these hooks along the wall so when
you’re moving the hose and dragging the hose the hose stays out of the way and
it slides back and forth really easily and then when you go inside the kennel supposed to put the hose up over the top
of the door that way it’ll slide easy so they have a long history of dog
training here and competing with the dogs for different trials and right here
to have an award for Grandmaster pointing retriever and his name’s Cody a
lot of the dogs that have come through here have been really excellent hunting
dogs and they’ve been really well trained and competed won a lot of awards
and just cool to kind of see the history that has gone through this gentleman
there’s six dogs here right now but in the past and they said that they would
have almost all these kennels full the dogs and that’s that’s a lot of dogs to
take care of and that’s a lot of the dogs to train I want to show you a
little bit more of the inside setup here a lot of this I’m documenting just for
my sake because I want to see it there are water lines that come in to the
building so this is a hot line this is a cold line so these valves go outside
which cleans the outdoor section of the kennel and then the water lines go
across the top of all the kennels and on each kennel there’s a pipe that comes
down with the ball valve and then it goes down to an automatic water feeder
which I’ll show you on this one it’s a little bit easier to see with the
lighting this one it’s turned off right now because there isn’t a dog in this
kennel but this is what fills up with water turn this valve to on you can see
it’s starting to fill up with water and it only fills to a certain level that
way the dogs will always have water it won’t overflow and then as they drink it
it refills itself this is what the inside of the kennel looks like there’s
the doghouse here that’s lifted up off the floor and then there’s the door the
swinging door that swings out so the dogs can go outside go to the bathroom
whatever so from the inside they just push it out and then on the outside
there’s a little lip that they can put their nose in and open the door if the
dog decides to poop or pee on the inside or if they’re sick or something there’s
a little lip right here you could spray out the inside into this trough and then
spray it down to the and this is roper coon dog no no I just want to clear out before
them alright time to bring the dogs back in yeah you ready huh man they’re excited
to go back in this evening I’ll come back and I’ll do
close to the same thing I don’t think the pointers get exercised in the
evening but they do get fed in the evening let me just double check yep
I’ll come back in the evening the guy that’s been working here for a long time
taking care of all these dogs I asked him there was something different about
this kennel that you would change as far as design goes what would he do
differently and he said that the building was already built when he got
here and so there are definitely some changes that he would have done he said
the ceilings are too tall in the winter they heat the building but all the heat
just sits up at the ceiling and also outside where the dogs go to the
bathroom then he would have that cement at a slope right now it’s flat so the
water kind of stays stagnant it would definitely be good to have heat inside
the cement I outside you know during the winter if you’re spraying down it would
freeze it was about 20 degrees this morning when I woke up that’s just
pretty cold out there by having heat under the cement just to keep it warm
outside and then on the inside rather than heating the cement floor just have
the dog boxes heated because he said the floor is heated on the inside here and
the dogs end up just sleeping on the floor instead of in the in the doghouse
and that gives them some calluses on the elbows and stuff push the subscribe
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  1. Beautiful dogs, my dog is a mix but looks like a hound, she caught and killed lots of squirrels at my backyard

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