Chonky Cat Visits A Stranger’s Home Every Night For Other Reason Besides Food | Kritter Klub

Chonky Cat Visits A Stranger’s Home Every Night For Other Reason Besides Food | Kritter Klub

A cat visitor..? Excuse meow~ Every 7 pm.. Visits our house every day.. You may open the door for meowjesty Henlo~ Lemmeow strech first~ Your meowjesty is hungry Sure. Your food is ready to be served I feed her as soon as she comes, cuz she might be hungry.. After eating.. she sleeps! Don’t judge meow Dunno where she’s been around.. At 8 am Ehem, ehem Let meow go out! Servants! Open the door! As soon as the door opens FREEDOM Your meowjesty is free!! At 7 pm again Meow~ Is the food ready for me? It’s not even her house… Yeah, because you can’t own meowjesty +_+ Gotta proceed investigation of who you are Instead of bread, just like Hensel and Gretel A bit old-fashioned, but.. Once we follow this thread Your secret life will be revealed finally..! Gimbab restaurant owner : She always comes here for lunch! When the door is slightly opened, she sneaks in Fried-chicken restaurant owner : Every other cat asks for chicken But she’s the only one who asks for (the best grade) tuna The cat has been visiting different restaurants for food at a certain time Been a busy day bruh But wait… You can’t have such a big belly from eating.. Perhaps.. Are you.. pregnant? Indeed.. Thankfully, kittens’ heartbeats and everything is fine So my house was a postnatal care center for you..? Prepare the delivery room and.. The camera’s installed for safety Hope you have a safe delivery But.. I already chose the place to give birth She’s only trying to get in there This fella wants to give birth to kittens in her ways Inside the rice jar is da best for delivery After a few hours of patience Omgah! Kittens are out maybe? Cutie-pie kittens One, two Kittens are out to the world! Thanks to you, I could safely come to this world~♡ Da best postnatal care center~ As a fringe benefit of the care service Seaweed soup is ready to be served YUM Guardian : I’ve grown fond of her, and since she has kittens now I’m going to raise her PD What is she delivers kittens again..? Guardian : Aw.. That’s not gonna happen Let’s live well together, my dear cats♥

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  1. Our neighborhood black cat does the same thing going from house to house getting food. She only eats Friskies chicken seafood she refuses to eat.

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  3. This cat is really lucky to get a beautifull owner and with an sweet and caring heart. This lady is really amazing human. So happy story.

  4. Omg seaweed soup that’s so cute. For non Koreans, women usually get given seaweed soup with their meals after giving birth because seaweed has a lot of nutrients. It’s also a very comforting, savoury taste.

  5. Naughty baby….nd i salute to that lady…….ull get new life baby with ur little babies…muahhhhh love mom babies….always stay blessed happy healthy😍😍🤗🤗

  6. With so many sad animal stories…it was a joy to watch this cat in her fun-filled journey and see a happy ending for ALL!
    I'm glad she was loved by so many people in the hood, and she returned the love 💞
    Maybe time to get this Lover spayed though! Lol 🤭

  7. Whoever did the translation for the cat's line is a genius. Lucky mummy cat found kind people who feed her good food and provide a safe place to deliver.

  8. So funny. I like the tracking to the different meals. Very cute kitties at the end. Great video. And great and funny captions.

  9. Hahaha omg and she chose a small place to deliver her babies. Tks god this woman has a good heart and treated her well

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  11. I love it somehow when I use earphones you can just hear music by removing one earphone and hear them talk by also removing one earphone

  12. Qué linda jajajaj, de todas formas si de verdad no quieres volver a tener gatitos, será mejor que castres a todos (los gatos porque se pelean con otros machos y tratan de matarse por las hormonas y las hembras porque las preñan), lo sé porque llevo toda la vida con gatitos😅

  13. Que simpatica esta gatita.La señora es buena y de gran corazón. Que bellos sus bebes.Dios bendiga a esta mujer.Es un ejemplo a seguir y la gata y sus hijitos son preciosos.💖💙🐱🐱🐈💚💟🐱🐈💙💖🐱🐈💚💟💝

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