Cougar vs Cheetah | ANIMAL BATTLE (+Grey wolf vs Spotted hyena winner)

Cougar vs Cheetah | ANIMAL BATTLE (+Grey wolf vs Spotted hyena winner)

I love cheetahs! But some might say that they are not that
good compared to other big cats. So today we are going to find out how good
they are comparing them with another impressive felid: the Cougar. I know that I have already presented the fifth
episode’s candidates for the title “The Best Animal in the World”, but just to make
the intro cooler, I will announce them one more time. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to present
you our two competitors: The Cougar
Vs The Cheetah
This is definetely cooler. Also stick until the end of the video for
an interesting offer and to find out who is the winner of the last battle beetwen the
Grey Wolf and the Spotted Hyena. Let’s do it! I’m Mario and this is Animal Battle! Before we start you should know that I am
not going to favor the cheetah, because we are going to evaluate both of them objectively
based on 6 different caracteristics: Agility, Attack, Defense, Inteligence, Bonus Skill
and Survival. Also, even though cheetahs and cougars are
pretty large felids, they are not considered as big cats because they don’t have the
ability to roar. So let’s beggin with agility. Cougars, also named Mountain Lions or Pumas,
are pretty good climbers, being able to climb trees and steep mountains. They can reach impressive speeds of up to
64-80 km/h and can jump for more than 10 m in lengh and 5.5 m in height. I’m pretty sure I can’t jump this far. And they can also swim. Cheetahs can also climb trees if they need
to, but what makes them have maximum agility stats is their incredible speed. In a couple of seconds they can reach speeds
of up to 110 – 120 km/h. That is deffinetely faster than our hero Usain
Bolt and most of the time you aren’t allowed to drive with such a speed. So how do they do this? It all comes down to their design. They have a long and very flexible spine wich
bends so much that they can cover big distances in each jump. A car would’t outspeed them in a savanah
terrain because, beside having a flexible spine, cheetahs have a long tail for fast
turns and don’t have retractable claws for a better grip. But, in order to reach such impressive speeds
cheetah also need to be lighter and smaller than other felids, which is going to affect
its attack and defence stats. Now we are going to talk about that. So cheetahs have a head and body length of
112-150 cm plus a 80 cm tail. They can weight from 21 -72 kg. The cheetah is still the 6th largest cat. Cougars are the 4th largest cats. Males can weight from 53-100 kg while females
wheight 29-64 kg. Mountain lions can have a head to tail legth
150 – 275 cm, but their tail is 63-95 cm long so their head and body length is smaller. The cougar can eat any animal it catches:
from insects to large ungulates. The biggest part of its diet is represented
by deers, elks, javelina, hogs and coyotes, but sometimes they are not strong enough to
kill the prey without the risk of getting injured. Cheetahs usualy hunt medium sized prey like
blesboks, impalas and gazzeles. Here they use their speed, put even though
it is good against specific types of prey, they can’t kill larger species of ungulates. Also because they are smaller, their kill
can be stolen by leopards, lions and hyenas. Also it is harder to protect their cubs. If a lion is nearby the cheetah will try to
distract it, being faster, because there is no way it will be able to fight the lion. Cheetah cubs have a special adaptation for
defence: they have a gray back to look like the aggresive honey badgers which are usualy
avoided by larger predators, but lions, jaguars and hyenas still manage to kill cheetah cubs
sometimes. Cougars have competitors too. Most of the time their kill can be stolen
by bears, jaguars or packs of wolves, but sometimes they can try to defend their kill. So it looks like they have pretty good atack
stats, but are not as good at defence as other felids. Also the Mountain lion is winning at both
the attack and defence stats. Are we going to talk about intelligence stats? Yes we are. So it is pretty obvious that they are quite
smart, because they are predators and hunting requires a higher level of intelligence. Arguing that one is smarter due to it having
la larger brain is pointless, as our existance, because an animal having a larger brain isn’t
necesarily smarter. Ok, let’s go now to bonus skills. So cougars aren’t that special, having just
a good night vision and a troll potential. Trying to roar it can make you think that
someone is being murdered. Just listen to it. And the cheetah’s attempt is even more pathetic. Yet cheetahs stiil have some other bonus skills. One of them is the cubs camouflage which is
pretty smart. But when they grow up they have a yellow fur
with 2000 black spots which is perfect for camoflage in the tall savanah grass. Also their patern is unique. It has the best vision from all the terrestrial
animals, being able to spot the prey from up to 5 km away. Now I feel unconfortable knowing that there
might be a cheetah staring at me at 5 km away. So having high bonus skill stats cheetahs
are back into the game. And last, but not least let’s talk about
survival. Cougars are listed as a least concern species. They had a way bigger range in North America
but it has shrunk due to excessive hunting. Now there are around 15 000 of them in North
America and the populations of Central and South America are likely much higher. They can usualy give birth to 2 cubs wich
have a life expectancy of up o 8-13 years. Cheetahs are listed as a Vulnerable Species
having lost 89% of their historical range. Curently there are around 6700 of them in
the wild. They can give birth to 3-5 cubs which will
live around 10-15 years. So overall we can observe that their stats
are still pretty good, cheetahs having maximum agility stats and higher bonus skill stats,
while cougars are winning at attack, defence and survival. Who is the winner? It is up to you because you can vote the winner
right there and write your opinions in the comments down bellow. Also Share this video with your friends, family
and babushka so that more people can see how amazing these animals are. Remember I wanted to tell you about an offer? Here it is: Would you like to have your name
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the winners of the last animal battle between the Grey Wolf and The Spotted Hyena. So, after counting the votes, the winner is
… the Grey Wolf – an amazing animal with high stats overall. Hyena fans shouldn’t be upset, because even
though the Grey Wolf is the one going further, Spotted Hyenas are still impressive animals
and we should understand that all animals are amazing. So once again don’t forget to vote for this
episode’s winner in the top right corner and take advantage of the offer by becoming
a patron. Respect Animals.

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  2. Pumas have stronger jaws + taller and sharper claws, cheetahs are super underrated and I know but really puma is gonna take the victory

  3. Puma takes on ungulates member of deer family over 1000lbs,to Cows,Adult bull mooses 1000-1500lbs. to Elk mountain sheep they take on wolf pack and bear it will plain outright kill the cheetah easily it leaps 20-40ft horizontal and 15-20ft vertical jump high highest jumping mammal and cat

  4. I don’t care is the cheetah is not better then a puma, a cheetah is my most favourite animal. So come on cheetah lovers

  5. Also the black stripes on a cheetahs face that run down until the nose helps them see into the sun and far away. It’s like baseball grease.

  6. Leopards kill cheetahs in Africa but a leopard would have trouble beating a puma. Needless to say, the cheetah would too.

  7. dude the cougar would win easily cheetahs are the weakest cat predators cougars are op cougar vs leopard is a better match

  8. Why wasn’t it cheetah vs wolf and spotted hyena vs cougar?

    Hyena beats cougar, wolf beats cheetah but it’s decisive with the cougar some may disagree

    Hyena vs wolf is a mismatch, hyena wins
    Cougar obliterates cheetah

  9. This is how it may go the cougar sneaks up on the cheetah and then he jumps on the cheetah scratching hard the cheetah quickly ran in circles around the cougar and took small bits out of the cougar the cougar grabbed the cheetah and thrown it the cheetah got up and ran away cougar wins

  10. liger 1st biggest cat tiger 2nd biggest cat
    lion 3rd biggest cat jagaur 4th biggest cat
    leopard 5th biggest

  11. This is no contest, cougar wins every time…. a cheetah is only built for speed, a cougar is a jack of all trades

  12. Cougars are also called Panthers mountain lions and cheetahs are faster than cougars cougars because they they all run up to 90 miles per hour but the fastest animal to be know when is the Falcon when it Dives and go 260 miles are cougars are very good climbers

  13. I love cheetahs it are m'y preference cats. But male cheetahs length of 1,8 m – 2 m the largest lenght 2,4 meters females length of 1,1 m – 1,6 m it largest lenght 1,78 m males weight of 34 – 90 kg females of 27 – 64 kg the largest weight 103 kg and run 130 km/h the fastest run 190 km/h .Male mountain lions lenght 2,7 m females 1,9 m males weight 110 kg females 70 kg .

  14. Am enjoying it programme buh my issue is , you have to get video clip of them fighting that all be very better and interesting

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