Crash Tested Dog Crates- Check Out This VarioCage!

Crash Tested Dog Crates- Check Out This VarioCage!

– Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when I published this video? For me, this is a great
opportunity to speak my mind on a topic that I think
is really important to me. Well, today I have something really cool that I want to show you guys. (dog barking) Guys, today’s video is a sponsored post and it’s a sponsored post
because I’m so passionate about pet safety. You’ll know after watching the vlog and certainly after seeing that video that after 20 years as a
firefighter and a paramedic, it’s really important to me. So that’s why I’m gonna show you something pretty cool today. (uplifting music) Hey, how’s it going? – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, too. So, I want to introduce
you guys to Norm Lecouvie who is the owner of Bravepoint Kennels and Canada’s distributor
of VarioCage kennels. So Norm can you talk to
us a little bit today about your kennels that you sell. – Sure, and thanks for the
invitation to come in today. As Ken said, we’re the
distributor in Canda for the VarioCage product. This is a product that’s
been engineered, designed and manufactured in Sweden. It’s a lovely looking product, but more importantly
it’s a very safe product. And pet safety is the utmost in our minds. This is a product that
is actually crash tested. When I say crash tested,
it’s the only crash tested product in the world that’s
crash tested for front, rear collisions as well as roll overs. It’s tested in Sweden. The same types of facilities
that they crash test cars. In fact, when they crash
test these products, they actually do so with
simulated humans in the vehicle to see if the cage will have
any impact on the humans during a crash. The last thing we want to
do is keep the dog safe, which is great, only to
impact and hurt or injure the humans that are in the car as well. – So I think that’s a
really important point and it’s something that I
talk about in the videos. If your vehicle is involved in a collision anything that isn’t tied down is going to be moving inside that vehicle. And when Norm mentions talking about the safety of the humans that’s equally as important when we’re talking about a car crash. – First thing I want to point out is that you’ll notice in
the back of this vehicle, this is a Dodge Caravan
and the cage I have here is the Varicage Double Max, the largest one that’s made. If you notice that the angle of the cage, actually resembles the angle of the seat. And there’s a reason for that. The first reason from
the dog’s perspective is that most dogs will be lying down, hopefully lying down during transport. There’s a little more room on
the bottom than on the top. And that’s nice for the dog. The most important reason
is because of a crash, potential crash. If this cage is involved,
if this car is in a crash, and this cage moves up, then as you can see, because
of the angles are very similar than the force that’s
distributed by this cage moving against that back seat, the force is distributed evenly across the back seat. There are cages that offer, we’ll call them very, very
strong steel made cages. This is steel as well, I’ll
talk about that in a moment, in a more box like manner. Imagine if you will, if
this was a steel square, not an angle rectangle, if this was a square
and this point was where it hit in an accident, then all the energy and
force of the vehicle coming from behind or
the cage moving forward is centered and focused on one point. That’s a bad thing. That’s potentially, in an
accident of 50 kilometers an hour, 4,000 pound vehicle, is upwards
of 80,000 pounds of force. Imagine 80,000 pounds of force, imagine the force of
a straight steel cage, a rectangular cage, hitting the back here because if that was a person’s head, then this is where their
neck and vertebrae are. You’ll notice that there’s
knobs on the model cage, and I’ll talk about those later, but these three are important. And they’re different color, they’re red. In the event that this
vehicle is in an accident, and the back hatch is compromised and we can’t get in the back, the dogs are protected in here and they’re not going to run loose. And we’ll talk about that too, but all I have to do is
unscrew these three knobs, and this back piece falls out. It’s an emergency escape hatch for after the first
responders have dealt with the humans in the vehicle, they wish to remove the saved animals, the animals that have survived, that’s the way you would do it. You don’t have to go up in the front. You can actually use this as
an emergency escape hatch. – And I thought that
was really, really cool. It’s one of the features
that I thought was amazing about the Variocages. In my experience as a firefighter, there’s been lots of instances where you can’t get to a
certain part of a vehicle and you just never know
where that’s going to be. So having an alternative
means to get your pet out is really important in my mind. So a few of you might be thinking there’s no way I can use a crate. I can’t fit it in my car, or it just doesn’t work for me. Norm’s mentioned another
option for you guys that just can’t use the crate. – Yeah, or if you have a third dog. So you might have something
like this in the back but you have that smaller dog
or third dog in the vehicle. There is an AllSafe Harness, which has been on the market
now for about 20 years. Extremely safe unit product that comes in four or five sizes. Right down to something for
a 10 pound or nine pound dog up to the very large dogs. And it incorporates your
existing seat belt system in the back seats. – Oh that’s a good idea, yeah. – So the dog has full mobility. It goes on almost like a harness for the dog. And they’re kept very, very safe. – That’s what’s the most
important thing now. Because we touched on
it earlier a little bit about the crash testing
and the safety testing. That is of the upmost importance. That’s really why I reached out to Norm, because in our discussion
when I first saw this product and I reached out to him, that was the thing he
talked about right away. That’s something that we
talked about the most. I was so impressed with
some of the testing and the level of testing
that goes into these cages. So if you’re considering a crate and certainly you need to be
considering your pet’s safety as your traveling in your vehicle, in my opinion, this is the way to go, these VarioCage kennels. I’m actually going to drop a
link in the description below to Norm’s website, so that you guys can check them out yourselves. So guess who has joined us here. – Hello. – Kayl’s here and she wanted to check out some of the kennels, but Norm is just going to show us some of the features of
the front of the doors of the kennel and the crumple zones. – One of the things that sold me, and my wife in particular, on this product was that, and correct me if I’m wrong, when you get to a show, and Gail does agility, as you
teach agility and do agility, when Gail gets to shows, the first thing that she does is she opens up the back of her hatch because the dogs need air, but then she locks the doors. – Nice. – She can walk away, go
pick up her course map. Or if you’re doing confirmation, you go pick up your number excreta. If you’re really worried you can actually put on a pad lock as well. – Actually I’ve said this, I’m also thinking to myself, there’s lots of times like
after a show or whatever, where we want to go
for dinner or something and like they panic. It’s like, “Oh my god, what
do we do with the dogs.” Now you can park somewhere
where you can see them with the hatch up, open it and then you can not
have to stress at all. – That’s Monica, that was
going to be my next line. – I love how I’m not thinking very traily. I’m thinking about the food
and the beer after the trial. – This exactly what we do. When the young lady in the front says, “Do you want to sit over here?” “No, put me next to the
window so I can see my car.” – Absolutely. – And we do just this. Very strong, all hydraulics to mange them. You can slam them, they’re
not going to break. A couple of interesting points, or one interesting point, is you’ll notice this bar
is shorter than the rest. – I did notice that. – And there’s a reason for that in that in a vehicle this is the crumple zone. Now you’ll see a lot
of cages, steel cages, that are square again. Back to my point when we were looking at the back of the cage. The challenge is if we
put a solid steel cage with a point here then we actually compromise the rollover crumple zone
capability of this vehicle and other vehicles. And so in fact, what this cage has, is it’s own crumple zone. So once the vehicle has rolled, hopefully just the one time, and everyone is fine, but if it compromises
this crumple zone space, then it will start to make use of it’s own
crumple capability as well. – It’s a great idea. – All the cages are
strapped in and tied down in four points. Customers often ask, “Should
I put something stronger in “than these thinner straps?” There’s no need. The reason is, one, we
want them to break away. And number two, these load
hooks would break away before the strap anyways. So that doesn’t even matter. – Absolutely, I was just
thinking the same thing. – You just want to keep this
thing from moving around in the car while your driving. And you also want it to
be in the right position for an impact. You don’t want it to be
sideways during an impact. You want it to be just like as it is now. They’re all made of steel,
powder coated so they won’t rust. What’s interesting about this is that the steel is malleable, in that it isn’t tubular
steel that not forgiving. You want it to be forgiving so that the dog has a chance. And all of the cages are extendable, whether there six versions or
six sizes of the double cage. There’s five sizes of the single cage, and there’s even four smaller cages. But they’re all extendable
just by moving those, undoing those black knobs. You can stretch them
out and bring them back. – [Kayl] I was wondering, because
I was looking at this here and thinking, “I feel like
that goes out and in.” – It does. So a couple of reasons why you do it, if you had a small dog now, you don’t want a lot of space. – No. Because the dog would be shot three feet to the end of the cage in an accident. But as the dog grows you can extend it. – Another great idea why your crate should be properly sized. – Absolutely. – Not just because we talk about that for our house training often. But another reference
would be car for sure. – Absolutely, the other
reason why they’re extendable is because there are
such a variety of cars. And we have one that will fit in, we have a device that
will fit in any vehicle on the market today. And also, what happens in a crash, is that’s actually
compressing first as well. And it will get to the end, which is steal even about
this big a cage inside. So would the dog be kind of like this, for a second sure, but the dogs alive, which is what we really want. – Yeah, absolutely. – Because what we have, one of the biggest challenges, and we talk about with, every summer we talk about how people are leaving dogs in
cars and they’re dying. That’s a tragedy and we have
a lot of education around it, but we don’t have any education on restraining your dog in cars. It’s super important, because one of the biggest challenges, with Ken being a first responder, is that dogs, if they
survive in a car crash in any cage other than this one, they’re generally loose in the vehicle. So the first responder comes to the car, needs to address and treat the human, often breaking open the doors, the dog bails. The dogs either lost or
killed on the highway. – I know way to many
stories of that happening. – And that happens far more often than dogs overheating in a car. So we need to spend some
time on education on that. Currently in the United States, nine of the 51 states have legislation that dogs need to be
restrained in vehicles. – Really? – [Ken] That’s good to know. That’s really great. – I had no idea. – We don’t have that in
Canada yet to my knowledge. In Ontario, there’s three
things the police can do. Correct me if I’m wrong, sections 162, which is crowded driver, section 130, which is careless driving, and of course our new
distracted driving act law, which is mostly around
cell phones and texting, but it’s really distracted by anything. – Sometimes you see people
driving with their little bichon on their lap or up over their shoulder. – Incredible. – And not be safe and perfect. – [Ken] So unsafe. – So dangerous for the dog. When you drive around and you see the car, the dogs loose in the back of the truck. Ken knows, I go ballistic in the car. Because it just makes
me so angry and so sad that people would put their
dog at risk like that. – I think when you spend
more time on education of consumers, of the drivers because even though the police
may have the ability to enforce certain things
like the distracted driver or crowded driver, it doesn’t have the same
affect on the average consumer. the average person who’s driving, not the way when we have
all the campaigns about, “Don’t leave dog in your
car in the summertime “with the windows up.” – I would like to ask you about what this fancy dancy thing is. – It is a fancy dancy thing. Serves two purposes, this is a brand you product from MIM. The first one is to protect your bumper. While you can paint your
car when you get scratches it’s really hard, you
can’t repaint your bumper. – Just the dirt alone as well. – Exactly, but more importantly, this new one is which that you can actually in the winter time you can actually bring this straight up and help protect from the elements. – Nice. – Yeah, works well. And provides the dog with some privacy. – Absolutely, I was
thinking the same thing. Especially if you’re at a busy place. You don’t want people sticking their hands in your crate door or walking too close. – Like when you’re at the restaurant. – Like when you’re at the restaurant having your nice meal, absolutely. – After the event. – Yup, after the event. – After the successful event. – Or maybe halfway through the event. Who knows? – [Ken] Yeah, depends how your days going. – No I like that. – So I want to thank Norm
from Bravepoint Kennels for coming out today. As I said, I’m going to
droop a link to his website in the description below. So definitely check that out. And as you know by now, keeping your pet safe is
so important in my mind. Especially when you’re
transporting them in a vehicle. They’re our family members and you wouldn’t let one
of your kids wonder around in the backseat of your vehicle as you are traveling. I don’t know why people
do it with their dogs. And those kennels are really cool. – So cool. – Yeah, there’s all
sorts of great features that I hadn’t even thought about when I just sort of
thinking about their safety. But all kind so niceties in those crates that would make them a lot easier to use especially, for like an agility handler. – Oh absolutely. Yup, there’s lots of fabulous things and different size options and one big section versus
individual sections. It really allows people
to have a ton of options, depending on what size vehicle they have and what types of dog, breeds of dogs, and also the number of dogs. – Yes, absolutely. – Which can vary sometimes. – Yeah, especially if you have seven. So if this is your first time with us make sure you hit that subscribe button. We publish new videos every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help you do something
awesome with your dog. Next to me is a video that YouTube will think you want to watch next. On that note happy training. (upbeat music)

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  1. What about those of us that drive cars and put the crate on the back seat? Also, Would you consider doing a video on how to find the right size crate for your dog?

  2. I think this is a great idea but is there padding or anything inside the crate to help cushion the dog if it were to get into an accident? I currently use the dog harness and seatbelt method to transport our dogs only because I have been worried that even in a kennel they will just be thrown hard against the sides. I definitely think more people need to be aware of proper dog travel. Great video as always!🐶

  3. How do you guys feel about the All Safe Harness? I have a small car, so a crate isn't the best option. Have you seen an All Safe Harness in action/in an accident? I'm wondering if it will actually hold with impact.

  4. My friend bought a couple crates from Norm while he was on the way to see you guys! 🙂 She loves them! This is so important! The current cultural norm in North America amongst pet owners for how dogs are transported in cars makes me cringe. I got the TransK9 box about a year ago when I got my new car, couldn't be happier with it!

  5. A friend had her 2 dogs in properly installed variocages in the back of her BMW SUV. She lost consciousness while driving and rolled her vehicle. The crates collapsed causing one dog to lose a leg and an eye. The other dog was loose on the road because the cages opened on impact. There are good features of this crate, but I don't think this is exceptionally safe.

  6. All very good………… but………… if the vehicle is hit from behind and you can't get the dogs out from the back, to get to the dogs from the inside of the vehicle through the so-called safety hatches, those knobs are twiddly, plastic and could so easily be damaged and safety hatch unable to be opened. I've seen these cages in the UK and they've never been tested with models of dogs, only with models of humans, but these are cages for DOGS!!!!!! I have fitted cages in my van with rapid back and inside safety hatches to allow the dogs to get out from inside the vehicle, which I've had to use once, and they worked. I wouldn't trust those indoor twiddly screws inside the vehicle to allow dogs to get out very quickly and safely. JMVHO

  7. No one in new zealand pet shops have them 🙁 but I like my cage in back seat as I travel and need the boot for luggage.

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  9. wood + steel bars seems better for smaller dog.heat,freeze less problem..softer more bend and lighter weight for transport.

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