Dark Ginger: I overanalyze one Warrior Cat color

Dark Ginger: I overanalyze one Warrior Cat color

Hi. It’s Moonkitti with an I as in, I’m sick. I can’t really work on much right now, but I figured I’d put out a video anyways because I want to try uploading more often. So what do you think about cat colors? I mean very specifically, Warrior Cat colors. I’ve noticed recently that my favorite cat, Squirrelflight, is drawn with a very wild variety of colors in comparison to a lot of other characters. These colors range from a very light yellow color, all the way to a dark brown color. And it’s strange to me because… she’s described as being a “dark ginger” cat. Now before I start here, this is how I drew Squirrelflight before I started going into this. … and this is how I drew Squirrelflight seven years ago, in 2009. Oh, geez. So what color is “dark ginger”? So we’ve got five main cats that are ginger. And those are Squirrelflight, her son Alderpaw, Rowanstar, his son Flametail, and the former deputy of ShadowClan, Russetfur. When looking through designs for these cats, the most consistent is when it’s Russetfur. Flametail and Rowanstar are in about the same position as Squirrelflight where their designs vary from a light yellow to a dark brown again. Meanwhile, everyone else seems to think that Alderpaw is brown, even if their Squirrelflight design is red or orange. So we’ve got a lot of different ideas on what dark ginger is supposed to mean. What do actual “dark ginger” cats in real life look like? I assumed a Google search would help, but as it turns out, when I googled “dark ginger cat”, you get almost entirely Warrior Cat roleplay site images. But there is definitely a general consensus on what dark ginger means to the… Warrior Cats “faceclaim a real cat” roleplay community… and that is a ginger cat with a darker, more saturated color than a normal ginger cat. (that may or may not have been photoshopped) Now that I have this important, real-life angle I’m going to throw it in the trash because these are fantasy books about cats. The authors don’t care about cat genetics. So what color with these cats intended to be in a universe where nobody has hazel eyes and cats can be the color of fire? We do have some official art. We’ve got three pictures of Squirrelflight, one of Alderpaw, and two of Flametail. The cover of “The Apprentice’s Quest” is a little hard to work with, so let’s stick to Flametail and Squirrelflight. A picture of Squirrelflight appears on the Warrior Cats website, in the book “Cats of the Clans”, and on the new cover of “Dawn”. In the first early picture, she’s a lighter color than Firestar. In the second picture she’s a normal ginger color and is missing her bushy tail, and in the third picture she’s a dark red. Meanwhile, Flametail on both versions of “Night Whispers” is pretty similar, but the newer one is clearly more vibrant. And what I didn’t know five minutes ago is that there’s actually a third picture of Flametail from the Warrior Cats ultimate guide. And not only that, the ultimate guide included pictures of two more “dark ginger” cats – Russetfur and Sharpclaw from SkyClan. So it seems in the official art, “dark ginger” doesn’t mean much of anything either. But we’ve got… one last clue. In Warrior Cats, cats are very frequently named after their pelt color – initially. So what color is “dark ginger” supposed to be based on these cats’ names? Thanks to the Warrior Cats Wiki, I found about fifteen cats that are described as “dark ginger” in the books. In alphabetical order those cats are: Alderpaw, Copperpaw Flamepelt, Flametail, Flashnose, Maplestar, Red, Redclaw, Redstar, Redthistle, Rowanstar, Russetfur, Sharpclaw Squirrelflight, and Swoop of Chestnut Hawk. These cats are pretty much overwhelmingly described as being red or reddish colors. Maplestar and Rowanstar in specific are interesting, because they’re both named after something that’s bright red in nature. Also interesting even though cats wouldn’t know about it – alder bark is used in red and orange dyes. So from here I think it’s safe to say that “dark ginger” cats are supposed to be some form of red in color, but leave a comment and tell me what color you thought “dark ginger” was, and what color you think it is now! Thank you!

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  1. u literally made a 4 minute video about the colour dark ginger. it's rly not that important what dark ginger looks like – if ppl wanna think of it differently it should be fine and everyone should respect that. but I guess my opinion is that dark ginger is just a reddish ginger. I mean, when ppl just make cats described as 'dark ginger' a normal ginger, brownish ginger or just brown, I really don't mind, because making them those colours is understandable. hope u get better moonkitti

  2. Personally because Squirrelflight is called "squirrel" I'd assume it's similar to you know… A red squirrel. Reddish, but not bright. Sandstorm is also mistakenly called dark ginger I think in the earlier books (into the wild or fire and ice). Which is confusing when a red cat is called foxheart or foxleap. Foxes aren't completely red red… They're orange or tawny golden.

  3. Wait about mapleshade if you look at her book she’s almost red and not white and black it doesn’t make sense

  4. To me, dark ginger is like. A slightly lighter Firestar in many pictures, and Alderkit is slightly darker than Firestar, kind of a natural maroon, russet I guess.

    Honestly, the Erin Hunters dont care about genetics and only very really keep signifigant features, such as Squirrelfliguts paw. But, gray for example could be many different shades before being considered light or dark gray, and those are still gray. So having a red pelt, could be from a natural maroon, to a unnatural highlighter orange

  5. I always thought of it as a dark orange almost dulled red color. I still feel the same.

    -Sophie talking about Warrior Cats’ dark ginger

  6. One of my best friends has a cat who is literally the colour of very vibrant ginger hair- that's how I always think of it.

  7. I always thought Sharp claw was a grey color since Hawk wing was gray guess not and for some reason I always thought Cherry tail as a brown with a light brown belly and chest with dark brown stripes XD

  8. When I read ginger I think red with a bit of brown. So when I read dark ginger I think red with a bit more brown than ginger.

  9. When I hear "dark ginger" my mind just immediately thinks of a plan orange cat with a darker orange back ;-; idk why

  10. Flametail was also described with blue eyes which in my opinion is a little weird for a ginger cat green is usually the eye color for ginger cats also accepting Amber in my opinion to

  11. You could’ve taken each dark ginger color for every cat and blended it together to get the ultimate color.

  12. I draw Squirrelflight with kind of the same color as firestar

    I also draw Alderheart as a dark maroon color

  13. How the heck do you get yellow from dark ginger? How the flipping heck is ginger anywhere related to yellow? Please explain someone…..

  14. I have an orange tabby boy with dark ginger stripes and beautiful orange eyes.
    Dark ginger is a variety of things in the books, but in real life they are really not that red


  16. I thought it was something like squrriel. I can't imagine warrior cats in real life. When I try I will always imagine some artstyle.

  17. There is two kinds of ginger in my eyes ginger as in the hair color or ginger as in the vegetable root thingie

  18. But… In one of the New Prophecy books, Brambleclaw is watching Squirrelpaw and Firestar fight and the author writes it as them looking exact, dark ginger pelts, green eyes etc. So apperently Squirrelpaw is a split image of Firestar and Jake cuz….. So wouldnt that make Squirrelpaw look orange like firestar or is firestar and jake dark ginger?… I figure dark ginger because the paperback of Last Hope, Firestar IS a dark ginger, like Squirrelpaw on the cover of DAWN. please tell me what you think, moonkitti

  19. I honestly think Squirrel Flight is a ginger cat, like Fire Star

    Leaf Pool is suspiciously brown 🤔

  20. I always think cats are green because of their name (Leafpool, Iypool, Alderheart, Hollyleaf etc.) because plants are mostly green lol

  21. as a cat nerd, I can safely tell you that "dark ginger" IS actually a cat with a red coat, according to TICA's official coat colors.
    also, did you know that there is no such thing as a gray cat? all cats who look gray are either silver or blue.

  22. Another thing, about Firestar, hes described as a 'solid ginger tom'. This is physically impossible, as all ginger cats have done from of markings. My thought on this was that he has markings, but they are very faint, or something like that.

    As for the dark ginger, I always just thought of it being basically the color of a Somali or Abissiyan (probably misspelled that ) cat. I used to have a half Somali, and she was pretty close to what I pictured Squirrelflight as, although she was missing the white paw and green eyes.

  23. Your basing it off of human sight, cats have different colors they can see so ginger would be red for them just like how Russian blue is blue to them

  24. Oh i just assumed she was the color of red velvet cake but with a more orange tone
    Like a rich red orange kind of

  25. I,
    1. Am weird for commenting this a few years after this video was posted ( don't judge me)

    2. Thought dark ginger was what Firestar is 😛

  26. In one of the books it says that squirreflight and firestar have matching pelts, so that leads me to believe that dark ginger is somewhat close to flame-colored.

  27. time for me to also overanalyze dark ginger too but in the comments and 3 years laterr

    SO, I always imagined dark ginger as a dark version of reddish-orange or darker alder bark. Pretty much the cover of Dawn. BUT, Dawn's front cover was set AT DAWN, meaning Squirrelflight's pelt is likely darker than it actually is. But since it's at dawn, it wouldn't be much darker than its actual colour.
    Other people say that in the books it says she looked like Firestar, but as we all know, the Erins never know what any of the cats actually look like xD. But, I feel like this wasn't just a mistake, and it may have been the lighting. But I don't know.
    So, my conclusion:

    The fur is the colour of Dovewing's eyes. Non-existant.
    Or green, that works too.

  28. I think of the color of ginger as slightly darker than a pumpkin so dark ginger is slightly darker than a pumpkin but darker.

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