Devon Rex: carattere, aspetto e prezzo raccontati dall’allevamento degli Elfi e i suoi cuccioli

Devon Rex: carattere, aspetto e prezzo raccontati dall’allevamento degli Elfi e i suoi cuccioli

Hi Micigatti!
we are here with a lot of cats details that are of the Devon Rex,
quite right? can you tell us a little? Well meanwhile the name of the breeding?
breeding of the Elves and I am Cristiana Marangoni,
I will tell you about their history: it is practically in the sixties in
devonshire in england by one litter of common kittens was born a
black puppy all curly. The Lady who was in charge of this community, of
this cat, decided to take it from one geneticist because they had already appeared in
cornwall of other curly cats and he thought it was the same mutation
genetic, but it was a mutation completely different and so it is
decided to breed this cat coupling it first with some common cats
and then just to increase the number of colors. The legend instead
he says that this cat has lived near a mine has developed
these ears so big to hear al dark, these eyes so big to see
in the dark and a short mustache and hair hedgehog so that the soot of the mine
do not stick to the hair, though obviously it is a legend. What are the main features of
these cats? then the characteristic main of the breed is to have the
wavy hair, but must be unkempt, decomposed, not like the other rex that
they must have the wavy hair composed, then having bigger ears and
as low as possible and this nose a heart shape and these eyes like that
smart, with this look like this acute. It is a slender, muscular, medium-sized cat, in fact females reach 3 kg, males 4 kilos and
they are extremely affectionate cats, sticky, right now she is
purring. I have seen them very calmly
even before with the judges … I am do not worry because they are confident,
because we bring them on display and they are also selected for their own
character, if we have specimens that they suffer a lot from exposure or they do not love
get them touched, we keep them at home, in short it is important that it is also for
them a moment of fun, in short that is not a stressful event. TO
home are a little more lively, because I’m in their environment,
he likes to play with mice to some people of them you throw the ball and you
they’re like little dogs they love to jump, they are curious, they are gods
active cats. Here on display i cats seem calm, but because they are
even bored, I’m another at home what, it’s not a cat to keep in
armchair, it is a cat that lives instead actively your life, play and
It interacts. The growth of fur so special
must it be in these areas here? The head,
the skull is generally a bit hairless, like the neck and the belly and the hair grows
on the back, it is wavy, she has recently had a litter, she is a cat
young, so he has not developed yet completely the adult hair. So as adults, they have a little more hair? you have more wavy hair though
not a long hair or just to lose on clothes, on carpets, a short coat,
corrugated. What are the colors of these cats? Devon rrex is from
all colors are divided by groups, but they range from black, to white, to
color point, the color of the Siamese, al tricolor,
with or without white, to the brindle, so there is a whole variety of colors.
How many do you have in breeding? I’m not different because I have ours
veteran who is twenty, then his daughter who is 18 and away all
other cats right now I have 10 of them, more puppies than I am
just passing through. This told me how old is he?
This almost two years is called Ripley, like Alien’s astronaut. In fact
they look like some little aliens! Exactly, then my breeding
being of the Elves I always try to give him names of fairies or characters
fantasy or science fiction movies etc. I confirm that it is purring.
Do we show others too? This is Ripley’s daughter, yes he calls Donna Summer, who was doing the
that we have disturbed, today I am you were both named, then then
they will go to the best. She is a bit more timid, is one of his first releases e
then… Mustache among others
they are short because they have the same characteristic of the hair so I’m not
it is not we who cut them, it is not a question of grooming, it is so right, they are short. And then there are
the bianchini, they are wonderful I’m in love! This is white and pink,
practically it looks like a piglet, It’s a
female and this has four months, five months because anyway before four
months we can not bring them on display, it is born in September. What did the judges say? Liked,
but she was beaten by a Sphynx, from a naked cat, from the naked cousin, in short
it happens! One can know one indicative price for the Devon Rex? let’s say it is
very indicative because there are many variations, depends on if you want it from
company, exhibit, reproduction, let’s say that they range from 800 euros, obviously with pedigree because
we insist on the fact that cats from breed must be sold with Pedigree. Exactly if not not
they are purebred cats and it is not true rumor that if you want it with pedigree
it costs a lot, if you want it without it pedigree….
actually the document itself in the our association costs 13 euros,
so it does not make a difference on the price Pure cats must
have the pedigree or certificate geneological, because it is the guarantee that
that animal is of race, they must obviously have vaccinations, and
all the tests of good health. We must take an animal that
give joy, not a creature that has problems, true
piccollina? fine, thanks

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  1. Ciao Elisa,sono dei tesori grandi,simpaticissimi!!!!!Io, però carissima,devo dirti, che non sono d'accordo,nel comprare gli animali.

  2. Non bisogna prendere un. Essere che bisogna curare?. È chi lo fa?. Tutto il contrario, si debe adottare, e prendersi cura di tantti ché finiscono male per le strade. O solo sei buona per che ti pagano.? Per questo motivo vado contro a le allevamenti. Per che a la fine è solo commercio.

  3. AMORIIII~I! ma son bellissimi! ❤️ Grazie Ely per averci fatto conoscere questa simpaticissima razza 🐾💕😍

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