DIY Cat Foraging Toys (and will our cat use them?)

DIY Cat Foraging Toys (and will our cat use them?)

Yeah, I have like a cat hair mustache now. It’s everywhere. Are you happy? Hey guys, we’re Evan and Katelyn, and today,
we’re gonna be doing a project for the hardest working member of our team. KATELYN: The Supurrvisor. We’re gonna be making a cat foraging toy. Basically, you hide food in it, and they have
to knock it around. They have to kind of work for it and that
kind of like, let’s their instincts out. Well, and you hide them around the house. Oh, yeah. So they can kind of like hunt for it. ‘Cause she is a little predator. She loves– Destroying things. Yes, yeah. So I think we should do maybe two different
designs so we can kind of explore different ways to do this. Do you have anything in mind? Yeah, sorry, I have a lot of cat hair like,
on my face now. My gosh, there’s so much. I know, it’s stuck in my ChapStick. Yeah, no, I wanna do like a very DIY-friendly
one using some PVC parts that I saw online, but make it like a cute version. Yeah, but do yours first because I have something
secret. Potentially, high-tech and potentially, over-engineered
in mind. Of course, you do. Hey, baby! You having a good time? We bribed her in here, we sprayed catnip on
her bed. Yeah, you having a party? And if our cat toys don’t work, we’re gonna
cheat, and do the same on them. Yeah. Okay, so for mine, I’m basically, we have
some two-inch clear PVC, but I can show you what I’m gonna do with this as an example. I’m gonna cut it off, drill holes through
it, and then cap it on the ends, and then she should be able to like bat it around. On these end caps, I’m actually gonna try
to wrap them with some twine ’cause we have this around her scratching post, and she really
likes it, and I think it would give her something to like grab at so she can manipulate it. Here’s the clear PVC that we already have
that I’m gonna use. You could just cut this with a hand-held hacksaw,
but I’m going to use the miter saw. Did you use them the wrong way? EVAN: Yes. Do you wanna do it again? I got it. Done! So, now we need to drill holes through this
that are just barely big enough for them to fall out of, I guess. Just barely big enough. So bigger than that. Should I get some calipers? I should get some calipers. Okay. Trying to get it to focus on this cat treat
with my nose. All right, so we should probably measure at
least three to five depending on like the variance in their size. Like the average. Do we need our science robes right now? EVAN: Yeah, these are pretty big boy right
here. Measure it diagonally. That’s gonna be its widest point. So, we’re using treats. People do this for like all their food. I think that’s– Oh, wow. Like next level, maybe. I think we’ll get her used to doing it for
treats first. Yeah, and then, if she really likes it, we
can put more of her food in there. Yeah, like a bigger proportion of her daily
food. Yeah, all right. Okay! Time to go! Will it even fit in here? Oh, barely. I’m kind of worried about this like squirreling
all over the place and not biting ’cause it’s round and smooth. Do you wanna do the starter hole first? Yes. You could just try it for us or you can go
the safe way. Just go the safe way, just go the safe way. I know that’s your preference. Do you want to see me fail? Oh my gosh, are you okay? Ha, yeah. Big boy. Look at this thing! I can’t, like it’s so far above my center
of gravity. Where am I? It’s going. It’s chonkin’, baby. It’s going, yeah. Oh. So at the end, it does kick, almost always. Sorry for not warning you. Almost whacked myself in the face with that
one. EVAN: Hey, that’s pretty. Ow. Oh, ho, ho, no! It bit again when it exited. Maybe you can do it, do it in the vise. Do it in the vise. The vise is secured. Ah, I’m bleeding! You’re bleeding? Lemme see. Now, I get demonetized. It’s too gruesome. I’m kind of worried. Just brace it. Here, I’ll show you how to brace it. Here’s the hard thing ’cause- stop stop STAHP
Here’s the hard thing. The vise is this tall. How am I supposed to do this and like, do
I just like hold onto it, and take my feet off ground? Wait, wait, wait, wait, a booster, a booster. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Just go a little bit slower at first if you
want. Okay. So nervous, this is gonna punch me in the
face, okay. It’s like coming loose from the grips. See it’s just me! EVAN: Easy assemble DIY! Well, okay, I will say this is really thick
PVC. It’s really thick. This is thicker than like what you would buy
at the store. Go for it. All right, you just, okay. Well, it’s through. That would’ve been a lot easier. I don’t remember how to do things at times- KATELYN: How many casualties must the PVC
take? I hope, Joobie appreciates her toy. Okay, so now we gotta do a bunch of little
ones like the false holes. I think we’ll just time-lapse through that. Yes. So you guys, not watch us struggle. Oh, easy peasy. Confidence restored? Confidence restored. So my plan for the twine is to like create
a little spiral first, glue that on, and then just continue wrapping. At least your weenus isn’t gonna get injured. I don’t know if my weenus can take another
injury. Get in. Tighter. Yes. No, stop. Soak into the fibers, yes. Is this good content? This video is brought to you by our supporters
over at With all of the YouTube things going up and
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it, all of our extra thoughts, all of the like secrets from the episode that we couldn’t
share on YouTube. Aftershow! Aftershow! Aftershow! It’s the Aftershow. It’s the Aftershow. Aftershowwwww! So if that sounds interesting to you guys
you can check that out again at Thanks! Thanks! (beep) I finished my nubs. EVAN: Is it time to assemble? Yeah. EVAN: Well, it looks cute. It looks like a legit thing that you might
buy. KATELYN: That looks super cute! The clear with the twine. Lemme drop one in. Let me put me a few in and then we can kind
of like… Might have to put more in. Oh, interesting. KATELYN: Oh, they get stuck in the cap! Yeah, ’cause there’s like a little– Oh. EVAN: There’s a little pocket at the end. Should I like fill the cap? I was trying to do mine without any 3D printing. Yeah, it looks so simple online, but it’s
not. I know, right? Another thing we can do. You know, what? We just push it in. I wonder if you really push it, well then
it might get permanently stuck? Oh, no. Oh, oh, oh, no. You can unstick it? Oh, you think I can do it? No, no, no, I got it, I got it, I got it,
I got it. Well, is it okay? This is what happens when I had over my project. Oh, hey! Okay, you’re forgiven. EVAN: Okay, let’s go back to the original
plan. KATELYN: Okay, yeah, now they don’t get stuck. They can move freely. Yay! Yeah. So, you see ’em tumbling in there? So she can roll it around until one comes
out. Oh, look, there you go. Yeah. Yay! And here’s another, yeah. It took a few tries. Yeah, it takes a few tries. Yeah. But you can get it just by rolling it back
and forth. EVAN: Yeah. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yes! Yeah, that’s awesome! Yay! Okay, I think the hole size is good. I think the hole amount is good. Yeah. I feel like mine’s ready. Okay. You know what else is ready? Mine. Because I have prepared and I have stashed
it away right here. Ha, ha! Oh, it’s like a wiffle ball. But, there’s a security feature in there. So– So, she doesn’t break in? So instead of just having a ball with like
a hole in the bottom, there’s a special feature. Watch this. Okay. If you put the piece in here, and tilt it,
it won’t fall out. How’s she supposed to get it out? Because she has to like bat it and everything. Have you tried it? Does it work? I don’t know– Or is it too hard for a cat? It just came off the 3D. All right, hey, hey, hey. Oh, hey, hey, hey. Oh, that’s awesome! Hey, it did it! It did it. So it takes a little bit of rolling and I
thought– That’s good! I thought a ball shape would be perfect because
then she can bat it in any direction, but instead of just like, I’ll show you a cross
section right now to show you what I’m talking about. But if you look in there, you see that there’s
like a raised portion right where the hole is. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s like a little pyramid,
like a little volcano inside. Like a little volcano inside ’cause normally,
if I went like this, it’d fall out. It will just fall out, yeah. Yeah! But, the volcano prevents it from just falling
out so she has to like bat it and play with it. Also, special features about this design right
here. It’s all parametric so if you wanna change
the size of the ball, whoop, whoop, you just change the little number. If you wanna change the size of the opening,
whoop, whoop, this changes, the radius changes, the volcano height changes. Are you saying that because we’re gonna have
a link to the design in the description? Link in the description. Well, before we get too excited, I think we
should maybe see if she likes these or if she completely ignores us. Okay, I guess it’s time for the final test. Shh! So to tilt the odds slightly into my favor,
I’m gonna go ahead and pre-add a secret ingredient to my toy to make sure that Mochi likes my
creation. Is this gonna fit? That should help. Okay. Should we call her over? Yeah. Joob, Joob! Where are you? Joob, Joob! EVAN: Oh! KATELYN: Hi! Oh, okay, here. Oh, she went to mine first. Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho! KATELYN: Joobie! What’s that? There’s more. EVAN: Oh, a toy over here too. So I hear when you do this, you need to give
them like easy wins in the beginning, is what people online say ’cause if they get too frustrated,
they won’t learn, and they’ll just give up on it. EVAN: She’s intrigued. She’s- why is she so intrigued by yours? Hey! You already got from feom mine. Look, there’s one like already out, c’mon. I might’ve stacked the odds in my favor a
tiny bit. I put a basket of catnip inside of mine. Joobie, where you? Wait, is she losing interest already? KATELYN: Oh, she’s rubbing on it. Oh! She likes the toy. EVAN: Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Oh, my gosh. I swear, there’s no catnip. It’s adorable. Oh, oh, oh, oh! She got one! Oh, she did it by herself. And it worked! Good job, baby! Good job! It’s so exciting. The tension. The suspense. The distraction. Oh, oh, oh. Did she get one? Oh, she got some! KATELYN: Oh, good job, baby! Yeah! Yeah! That’s what these are for! Wow, she’s actually doing it. I kind of worried that like she would be super
disinterested. EVAN: We know how to bribe. KATELYN: Yeah, food and catnip. Yeah, works for cats and teenagers. And college students. Food and catnip? No, no, no, no, no, just food. I definitely think that this might be the
easier toy ’cause it dispenses like– Oh, what the heck! Really? It tickles, it tickles, it tickles! I think she did a really good job. I think she did really good. Look, she’s still playing. She’s still going. She’s still interested. Yeah! She really is interested in these objects
and I think there are like, with more training and more exposure, she could get better and
better and better. Is it like when you like the things we make
for you, baby. Yeah, you’re, oh. Oh, my gosh! There’s so many treats. Oh, gosh! so many treats! Yeah, this is, this is a fun day for her. This is a lot of treats! Okay, might be enough for now. Might be enough, might be enough. I might need to cut her off. It’s a fun first experience. She’s so smart! She’s so smart, She’s so smart that- What’s that you’re saying Joobie? That everyone watching should go check out
our gaming channel over at Evan and Katelyn Gaming? Oh, that would be a smart thing to do. Yeah, that is really smart. Thanks for the reminder. ‘Kay, thanks, bye! Bye! Evan and Katelyn Gaming, bye! Wanna start a band? He’s got two coconuts and he’s banging them

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