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Gotta love being in a hammock **music playing** Hey everybody and welcome back to Cats and Pats Today we’re going to build ourselves a nice cat hammock. You know it’s like a hammock….for cats. And there’s actually a lot of designs out there on the internet, but I kind of brainstormed, and talked to a couple people and tried to figure out what was the simplest one I could make. That wouldn’t involve sewing. Because I’m not good a sewing and I don’t have a sewing machine on me. So I’ve got a solid idea to make a nice cat hammock with no sewing and actually just a couple of pieces and it should be pretty cheap. And I’m hoping it turns out awesome I haven’t actually made it before. Alright so what do we need. Well first I have cats playing with cat toys over here so if you hear lots of things running around, that’s not me. So, we’re going to need a frame for our hammock So what I got is actually two half inch bars of PVC pipe Like a half inch diameter here And these bars are like 5 feet and cost about $3. I’m not sure if I’ll need the full ten feet that I have, but I figure better safe than sorry. And when I run over the full design in a minute, you’ll get kind of an idea of how much you need. Trust me it’s simple math You’re good to go. Also I think half inch should be more than strong enough There should be no piece longer than 20 or 30 inches and this should be strong enough for that. (Cat making noise in background) This should be strong enough for that. But if you have a particularly large, large, heavy cat or maybe like a baby puma or something, you can three quarter inch or inch thick stuff if you want to. But you probably don’t need it. Alright coffee, coffees always good. So we got our big pieces and we also need our connectors. So we’re going to need four of these and actually let me show a sketch really quick so you have an idea of what I’m trying to do here. Art is not my forte by the way Basically we’re just trying to make a table So what we’re going to need here is pieces to connect the legs to like the square frame part. And also on the top of the legs you actually want something that sticks up a little bit. That way we can actually hold the material in place. So my idea here is This will be the corner of your table, so you’re going to have a leg here and part of the tabletop going this way. And then, you’re going to have another piece connecting it here and this will form the other piece of the table. Ideally if you could buy a piece where this is combined, so say you have something like this but it has another hole right here. That’d be ideal. But I couldn’t find that at my hardware store, but if you can find one, good luck to you. So you’ll need 4 of these 90 degree elbows and these are like, 75 cents each and you’ll need like 4 of these T’s, which are also like 75 cents each. Make sure these pieces fit this piece. So it should be able to just slide – right on. But still be kind of tight. And you’re also going to need a saw I said no sew, but I didnt say no saw. So something like this that has little fine teeth will work well and is probably a worth investment if you don’t have it. But also, power tools are where it’s at. According to my dad, he says you want to use really fine teeth and so he lent me this fine tooth blade, so preferably, I’m going to do all my cutting with this. Now depending on who you are, you may have PVC scraps just lying around in your house, if you’re that sort of person. If not, all the pipe and stuff that I bought totaled 9 dollars and 7 cents, which isn’t too bad. The saws are obviously more expensive but you don’t actually have to own those if you can borrow them. Although I think a good saw is always good to have. Actually if you know your dimensions ahead of time lots of times stores like Home Depot and stuff will cut it for you for free, that is, if you’re a nice customer and not like a total jerk who’s like, “WHERE IS THIS STUFF!?” So yeah, be friendly. I mean always be friendly, don’t just be friendly for your own means. You know what I’m saying. Alright so the last thing we gonna need is our material that will actually be the hammock itself. So my idea for this old pillowcase. So we essentially gonna make what my arms are now, with PVC pipe only with some legs. And your kitty cat should sleep here right in the middle. And the size of your pillowcase will matter how much pipe you actually need. So this is a queen size one, I think my dimensions are 20″ by 30″. So you might have a slightly smaller pillowcase and so you’ll make a slightly smaller frame. But remember you can always cut stuff shorter if you need to. Look at this This was actually going to be part of a halloween costume where I was a bank robber or something so it was like a bag of cash or.. whatever not important. Finally, you’re gonna need a pair of scissors to do your cutting on your pillowcase or just anything sharp you can cut a straight line with. So yeah I guess scissors. Alright let’s do this Alright so first thing, Luna I need this. Honey. Honey… I’m just gonna pullll this. Thanks honey Alright first thing I’m gonna do is actually build my frame for my pillowcase Can you see her? This is, this is the help I got. Don’t mind her. So I essentially want to build a rectangle that will perfectly fit this pillowcase. So I’m just going to toss one of these elbows on here And I’m going to want to cut this so I have just enough room to put another elbow inside of this pillowcase. So you can just try to line it up and eyeball it, Or if you want to use a measuring name, you can do that as well. **Music Playing** Luna you are not helping honey. You are not helping one bit. Alright right about there Alright so this going to be a little more complicated with her helping. So I made a little mark with a sharpie but you want this to be as wide as possible so you have a nice tight fit for your hammock. ‘cuz if it’s too small, you’re hammock is just going to droop down to the floor and then it’s kinda like you’re lying on the floor and that’s not a fun cat hammock! Alright lets get this blade in here Good to go! **Saw noises** Quick and easy! You might have a little bit of mess from the PVC just keep that in mind. Alright guys lets not play in this. Keep in mind that your cats might want to try to play in it, sooooo… Maybe a broom nearby would be good? **Music playing** Alright I”m going to stick this other elbow on and see how it fits in the pillowcase. So (*sigh) Bugga Alright so I tried to eyeball this Clearly I was off by half an inch or so So I’m just going to saw off a little bit more to make sure it fits in there but it’s also nice and tight. Ideally if you have a twenty inch wide pillow, end to end it should be 20 inches, plus or minus a little bit for the stretching out of the fabric and the curving and stuff. So I’m not going to give you an exact number, ‘cuz it’ll probably matter on a case by case basis. But pretty close to 20 inches after you get your first one, it’ll be a lot easier for the second one. **saw noises** Alright so this is just what I want I have one end in, and the other end kind of barely slides in there and it’s pretty taut. So that’s really what I want, is that barely fit. So now I’m going to build the corresponding piece for the bottom here and then I’ll worry about the sides. So if you got one you like, take the elbows off and then line it up with your other big scrap piece and use it as a guide **music plays** The nice thing about PVC is that it’s pretty flexible and forgiving. **more sawing** Alright you can go ahead and sticks your elbows on if you want to. Try to make sure they line up nice with each other. By which I mean these two holes are facing approximately the same way. Alright so next step is to build the outer frame for the long edge. Once again, this is going to matter the size of your pillow. And actually right now I’m going to get my scissors and trim off this edge of the pillow case. Like this solid edge. ‘Cuz in the end I’m going to want this pillowcase to slide onto the frame and it can serve as a nice hammock. But then it can also slide off and throw in the washing machine if I want to. So if you have a really long pillowcase and you want a smaller cat hammock you can actually shave down several inches. But I think I’m going to try to make a long hammock? So we’ll see how that goes. **music plays** That was a little bit harder to cut than I thought. Alright so for your far edge, you’re going to have to switch to your other 5 foot piece. Chances are, its going to take the majority of that piece just for these two long legs. So I’m actually going to throw one of these T’s on here Hold my pillow case right at the end of the T stretch all the way over and mark right about here is where I need to cut. ** Saw noises ** Alrighttttt So if I get one of my other T’s Stick it right about on here The frames starting to come out So thats going to be lengthwise. And these are going to be the two edge pieces. And we’re going to have another frame that will go over here. Once again, I’m going to use one leg as a guide for cutting the other piece. Line up the edges. And mark it. The easiest way is probably just to sit it on the ground, and mark it across. Alright so I got the 4 edges for my frame. and this next part is just a little bonus work If you managed to find the piece that kind of combines these two so it’s kind of a 4 hole piece, you won’t have to do this. For those of you working with the elbow and the 3 T piece you’re going to have to do this. So I have my length frame and I have my width frame. So I need to connect these two together. So what means is I need 4 short PVC pieces. About 1 and half to two inches That way I can slide them in here, slide em in here, and connect em. And if you have a power tool, it’s not a problem. If you doing stuff by hand, I’m sorry for the extra 4 cuts. Just be careful not to cut the old hand off. There you goes, 4 guys, roughly inch and a half maybe a little bit less, inch and a quarter long. Just so both sides have a good thing to grab onto whoop Alright so, cutting those 4 pieces. And I have PVC dust everywhere. Luckily, my wife’s out working right now. You know what they say “Cats away the mice will play” right kitties? Eh? Eh? I’m just gonna use this piece to mark me there… there… about there… Once again, watch your fingers **saw noises** Alright let’s put this frame together. Uh-oh I lost an elbow. Kitties? Oh there we go. Let’s get our 4 elbows on. And we’ll use the floor to make sure they’re kind of level. And then we’re gonna get our…I need to sweep this place. Alright got all my T’s on, got all my elbows on. Now I just want to *click* – put this all together **music plays** Boom there’s our frame And I think one piece might be a little longer than the other Ultimately that does matter too too much And you can try to flex it a little bit to try to line things up. But if you want to, do a quick little saw. Shrink it up. Actually you know what, I think it’s pretty close. Alright so original idea here, it still kind of works, but maybe is just a little more effort than you actually need to do. Is that your pillow case will actually slide over the feet and come across. But if you want to make it even easier to get on pop these guys off And then your feet kind of come together And you got your pillow case, you can just slide em right on. And then after you get the pillow case on there stick your other cross piece back. OK Luna it’s not ready yet honey. So you get the idea we have a frame, pillowcase stretched taut, and so it’s nice and hammock-y. Only thing is, we don’t have any legs. But all you need to do for that is cut 4 legs out of this last piece stake em on the corners and you got yourself a hammock. And you can really make your legs as big as you want them to be. I was just thinking a couple inches off the ground But in all honesty, you can have it really tall or even double or triple stack em. So I’ve got about 21 inches left on my pipe. So I’m going to try to do 4 five-inch legs. And then throw the other inch away. And the legs are the things you’re going to want to make sure you get as flat as possible because you don’t want all wobbily of a hammock. **saw noises** Two of these guys are looking golden These guys have a little bit of an angle on them I don’t want. So you might be able to either handsaw that really fine or maybe use some sandpaper I think? I have had to grind down PVC before. Maybe a rasp? Although if it’s small enough, your cat might really not notice a difference. So I’m going to try that now. ** music playing ** Boom! Golden! 5 inches seems like a pretty solid height. Though you may need taller depending on how much your pillowcase stretches out. Or if your frame is slightly tighter than mine, your pillowcase might not stretch as much. I’m feeling pretty pleased with this! PVC is usually made for gluing, so if you want to you can glue your connectors, but if you don’t want to keep this forever, you may not want to. On the one upside, if you glue these top elbows here, so like here and down here, You could actually pick this whole thing up and carry your cat around on it. If you have to do that for some reason… Right now if a cat was on here and I picked it up though, it would just pop right out. In an ideal world, if this was actually loose enough, you could take your pillowcase, slide it up and over, and slide the whole thing off the top, and slide it back on as you need. Mine might be loose enough to do that if I stretch it a little bit, but I don’t want to rip my pillow case mid video so I’ll probably try that later. Also I dont plan on gluing mine because I dont plan on picking up my cat in it so the easiest thing is just to pop it open and slide the pillowcase off. Alright kitties you’ve been here the whole time, I need somebody to try this thing out. Seriously, they’ve been here the past hour and now they’re gone? I’m gonna find somebody. Alright tell me what you think. Let’s see what you think. **chuckes** Seem kinda nice? Ok! Also I kept this one kind of double wide, I thought maybe two cat could get in here and they’ll definitely fit, I’m just worried the pillowcase might just sag a little bit and they’ll be hitting the ground. Who knows, they might still find it comfy. I could always try to find an older, smaller pillow case. Or if you have extra PVC pipe, all you really have to do is make these slightly longer. Whatcha think? Like it? One more thing If I were to do this again, I might try to figure out how to put a cross piece in here Or maybe even another bar down the middle, although that would kind of segment it in half. But that wouldn’t be bad for a two-cat hammock. The reason I want a cross-piece is kind of like in scaffolding, I don’t want this to happen. Which a cats not going to get injured or anything But these cats are kind of crazy and they run and jump on these things and slide around. So eventually it might just collapse to the side and won’t be usable until I come by to fix it again. But I’d rather not have that happen But who knows maybe that will be revision 2 of cat hammock. Also you can decorate this thing and fancy it up however you want. I just happen to have this old, kind of dirty old pillowcase. But if you want to, you can make this some sort of crazy leopard print thing. Or just whatever design you happen to like. And even the PVC itself could even be painted, although if you do something like that, make sure you have non-toxic animal paint or something. I really don’t know anything about that so make sure you do your own research before like, coloring this thing. But yeah you can prettify it up. Also if you don’t glue it, it’s really compact. You can break it down and put it in a box about this big, and throw it in the corner of the room. And one more thing, I keep remember things I want to say. This whole project took me like an hour. And that includes the whole filming time thing, so lots of time I’ll mess up when I’m saying something, or start doing something then move forward so you can see it in the camera. And that also includes heating up my coffee again. So it’s a really quick project. Obviously power tools made it a lot faster. But even so, there’s only 10ish cuts and you can go through that plastic pretty fast. So it’s kind of a quick, fun, project. Just for reference, I thought I’d show long it takes with a handsaw and the PVC. So that didn’t take that long, but it take a little bit of time and a little bit of effort. Although I will say the hardest part was actually just getting started. So your saw is just going in one spot. So easily doable, just a little bit longer. And one more quick note, I’m actually editing this video right now, but something my dad brought up, you can actually buy little rubber feet that will fit on the bottom of PVC. And this foot can actually fit snug on this pipe, I just happen to have too big of one. But you can have 4 rubber feet that will actually hold your hammock more in place. And it will make that one sharp edge that you actually have left nice and smooth. Alright back to this video And back to Moo! So there you go, that’s my DIY Cat Hammock. And if you have other ideas about how to make a simpler hammock that your cats will like, leave them down in the comments below. And if you’re new here and you like DIYs and just random cat videos, make sure you subscribe. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time! **Music playing**

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