DNA Test To Find Out The Father Dog Of 50 Puppies (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

DNA Test To Find Out The Father Dog Of 50 Puppies (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Welcome to Maury (dog edition) Who is the father of these 50 puppies Is it Daehan or Neoguri Took a DNA test And the results..? DNA researcher: Both Daehan and Neoguri Are not the father (slo mo) You are..not the father! Who’s your baby daddy Looking for the father of these 50 dogs.. Ddol’s owner: Since it’s not Neoguri or Daehan We should find the 3rd candidate “Looking for Ddol’s husband! Honey! Dad! Where are you?” Dog gets around so we needed to install a tracking device Ddol’s owner: Find your hubby this time, got it? Leggo~ Meanwhile, tracking her every move.. PD: Uh, she stopped here 3km away Uh over there Caught in the act The secret life of Ddol Ddol’s owner: How did you get all the way here.. Ddol’s owner: What in the world.. Sorry for introducing him now, but this is the dog who I luv mum I wag my tail back and forth 3rd candidate, Ari ‘Cause his name is Ari
And I’m so good with that Ddol’s owner: He sits just like Ddol’s daughter does Ddol’s husband(?), Ari | Ddol’s daughter, Jjang Ari’s owner (possible father-in-law) PD: If he is the father, what will you do? Ddol’s owner: We’ll hold a wedding ceremony! The suspense is real.. PD: Did the results come out? Yes, the results are in. Upon genetic comparison of Ari and Ddol’s puppies And the results..? Ari is NOT the father So he’s not the father? No, he’s not. So the baby daddy is.. Not Daehan Not Neoguri Not Ari An infinite loop.. All the searching.. All the tracking.. We should hold a wedding ceremony! “Looking for Ddol’s husband! Honey! Dad! Where are you?” One thing’s for sure.. Ddol has a better love life than I do😂 TEEHEE

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  1. Don't miss out on the beginning story of the great mom, Ddol ↓↓↓
    (Part 1:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlL4IgOBIVQ)

  2. Doggo's Love story is much more complicated than the philosophical question "Which came first? Chicken or Egg"

  3. SPAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEUTER That’s what FIFTY exclamation marks look like. Imagine each one a DOG.One year of FIFTY breeders would yield how many? Couldn’t make that many marks, Because my battery would DIE before I could finish posting them

  4. That b|+€h is wild. She needs to be kept in when shes in heat. Her health will suffer for having all those puppies.

  5. His manhood has to be very sore by now. I mean after 50 kids I am assuming it's gone from 8 inches to 000000000000.1 of an inch by now

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  7. I don't understand their language, what they were talking, but just watching the video and watch the title , watching these cutest dogs I fall in love with their videos.

  8. Hope more and more asian people now start realizing these dogs and cats are our pets, mean the same as our children, our members of families and not their food , do not look at them as food, but look at them as their members of families. To be honest if my dog or my cat die I feel more pain than anyone else in my family die.

  9. what race is daehan? I adopt 1 who looks exactly like daehan. And she is the sweetest dog ever. So im just curious

  10. Father of 50 puppies, get ready to go to court for not paying child suppport.

    Child Support

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    So cute and very funny 😗😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  14. How come in Korea so many dogs are not desexed? Not just this video but many other videos I've watched are about pregnant dogs. What about all the puppies?? Who will look after them all if this continues??

  15. Şimdi olay kesin şöyle karı köpek hamile kalır ve sonra çocuk doğar ve sonra çocuk aneesini siker ve böyle devam eder

  16. Waste so much money on resources to find father dog; cannot spay and nueter dog? Problems. At this point I feel like they are mocking the animals and their viewers.

  17. While he was rescuing the puppies I wasn’t looking at the puppies I was looking at the bugs like I would never go in there 01:32 ❥🎸😂

  18. Did they test (dna test) all of the puppy??? I think they have different mother and father because my dog also have one father but when my dog grow and knows that thing (s**) i saw a puppies (different owner) looks like my dog but when i asked them some says the father is my dog and some says that he is not the father (looks like my dog) . It means, the father of my dog is also a father to other puppies that looks like my dog!

  19. Fix the male dog so it will stop mating. You can't take proper care of so many dogs. I know they have puppy mills in and about your country. Stop the cruelness. Dogs are God's creatures too.

  20. You are a hero man, the claustrophobia would get to me bigtime if I tried to crawl into a drain like that. 02:23 😍🔊😂

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