Does Anyone Know Why This Chow Chow Dog’s Abandoned On The Street? (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

Does Anyone Know Why This Chow Chow Dog’s Abandoned On The Street? (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

On a dangerous road A Chow Chow dog wanders around..? Look, over there Found the dog in the middle of the street! The Chow Chow dog has been back and forth for a month Why us this dog left in an extremely dangerous situation? Local/ The dog’s not afraid of cars, and almost got into an accident We almost collided Perhaps the dog’s waiting for someone else on a lonely, dangerous street.. Upon approaching Don’t come closer! The dog avoids.. However.. The dog doesn’t leave the street.. Soon after PD/ The dog came back! Local/ The dog always returns to this spot PD/ Doesn’t go anywhere else? / Yes The dog leaves to avoid people But soon after, he always comes back to his spot and roams around the street But why..? Eat this~ Prepare food for the dog who must have starved for days When no one’s around Heads to the food Eats only a bit Goes back to where the dog was.. Sadly.. Watches the cars passing by.. Are you looking for someone else? What happened to you? Local/ Must’ve had an owner, which is why the dog’s clothed.. The dog has an owner..? Asking around to see if anyone Knows about the dog Guess the dog has an owner I’ve seen the owner many times before She’s seen the dog’s owner?! Can the Chow Chow dog be able to meet the owner? Stay tuned for part 2!

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  1. Este pobre perrito esta abandonado porque un hijo de puta humano no tiene compacion y paciencia de cuidar a una criatura indefensa que solo quiere amor y atencion y un poco de comida.y a cambio el debuelve cariño y afecto incondicional….a mi me gustaria encontrar ese hijo de PUTA que lo abandono para dale una buena paliza y sacarle la mierda por el culo con la verga.👊👊👊☺☺

  2. Wow!! and some say dogs are smart(rhetorical question). If they're that smart, they'd know their owner no longer wants them. Move on and find a new owner. Feel for the dog and yet, it's the dog's own doings that's keeping itself there. Like a repeating bad dream that one has no conscious/control over.

  3. This is sad….these animals are soo loyal to their owners….why don't we also as humans be loyal to them,if u can't finish what u started why even start?

  4. Так жалко породистый пёс он просто напросто не выжевет на улице ему нужен дом и хозяин. Его наверное потеряли

  5. Chow chows are one of my favorite breeds! They are good at guarding their humans and great pets They are also incredibly adorable I had a chow chow once:) But sadly he passed away at the age of 3😭

  6. What a face on that dog, so beautiful. Never surprises me how heartless people can be. I hope they got this guy, before he got hit by a car.

  7. Автор рас пишешь по русски названия видео переводи по русски так не интересно смотреть видео ?

  8. Oui moi je sais , tout simplement parce que sur ceux qu'on nomme humains , hé bien parmi eux certains ne le sont vraiment pas , honte à vous bande de crapules

  9. Me parece que lo abandonaron ahí me disculpan sí me equivocó pero su forma de actuar indica éso. Gracias por rescatarlo. Es un HERMOSO perro pero no podía seguir ahí en ésa carretera tan peligrosa. Saludos

  10. 這隻鬆獅不是已經有人收養了嗎?為什麼一直重覆播放,到底是真的還是假的?狗狗真實狀況是怎麼樣?

  11. 제발 함부로 키우고 버리지 말아라 … 쟤들한텐 주인이 세상의 전부이고 유일한 존재란 말이다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  12. Find out if this Chow Chow dog can find his owner in part 2 below!
    (Part 2 :

  13. Don't buy a pet if you can't take the responsibilities to it. Animals are not a toy they're angels, they needs love and care.

  14. I'm scared some evil person will hit him with their car. He's been abandoned there and he's waiting for owner to come back.

  15. Где бросили там и ждёт. Как в тех трогательные фильмах, когда собачка ждала хозяина до конца своей жизни. И ни единичный случай им памятники поставили а ты подонок бросаеш, даже не задумываешься, что с ним произойдёт на такой оживленной трассе..? Что ещё добавить…

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