Dog Haircut – Pet grooming at home – Zombie loves haircuts

Wifey what are we going to do this?
What happened what do you guys do – zombie where did Zombie go? What happened
to him? What did you do to the dog? Zombie! What’d you do this homie zombie
dies oh gosh so we don’t get lucky so fun fast if you
have a dog with a dual coat and you want to keep that dual coat cuz it looks cute
do not have your groomer do this because a lot of times it does not go back for
instance I used to groom a Pomeranian named folks bubbles was the cutest thing
and love to have her coat done shoe stop which is like asymmetrical like a
perfect fluffy little snowball or I guess you look like an orange she look
like a fluffy lunch like I’m a snowball in an orange how to baby that’s why she
look like anyways went to the bed mom tried to
take the cheap way out one time came back for the bed they shaped her down
and left her head fluffy she had to go through a hair treatment with a specific
shampoo and a specific diet just to get her hair to grow back and to this day
she still has a shave back because your phone on Roback the same
thing with Huskies Malamutes anything like that
also if you live in Oklahoma and you have whether Starbucks like that you
probably have an inground pool because it’s too damn hot it’s just to our okay
but look how chills on be is he is such a good boy heat his ladies in there and
hold still while he gets his hair cut yeah Mugi zombie dog he’s so chill oh he
likes to get his hair cut also this floor is really really cool linked to the touch now like super cold
but you feel it it’s nice so me
zombie zombie though zombies that go good buddy huh oh that’s
only one side we got to roll you over that looks so weird
looky zombie dog old zombie oh look a zombie you said your cute puppy round 2 buddy I really think some bees enjoying this
and look at that face onami Zombies almost like a long
zombie Lama don’t want no drama nobody you look so silly right now buddy borders only though
that’s good to get finished up he’s gonna look nice too right now that is
really kind of inter team chords on D look at all that hair oh so zombies
haircut is all done now he looks like a completely different animal to be
expected it was big and fluffy and well now he’s not right up here maybe this
one this side is a cardboard zombie got his haircut last time but Cindy did a
fantastic job but now that they’re all done we put all the doggies outside
let’s go watch him play somebody’s just over here chillin like
nothing’s going on all right so that was super fun to make this video anyway God
if I could talk to be fantastic so it was a great day
my friend Sydney right here got to come over and cut zombies hair force
she brought her puppy Kenwood over zombie and Kenwood have played together
before it’s a big deal for us to introduce Cortana to other animals you
know get her socialize and whatnot and of course her friends we got to hang out
in the puppies got to play what do you think Sydney I think it’s great I like
being able to take my dog places and you should always socialize your animals
especially if you want them to leave a happy and fulfilled life
so let’s look at Cortona also don’t forget be the biggest and best you can
be and make someone else feel great today
this is she knows what else oh god it’s awesome she knows about the whole big
biggest thing she’s absolutely right be the biggest the best you could possibly
be and do something every day to make somebody else’s day great see you guys you

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