Dog Living Inside The Grave Is Hiding ‘This’ From People | Kritter Klub

Dog Living Inside The Grave Is Hiding ‘This’ From People | Kritter Klub

Spooky grave.. Watchu guys up to? It’s not a mole or a cat.. How can a hole be dug like this.. A grave belongs to no one.. But one day, someone dug a big hole on it..! *scurred* What could live inside of it..? Silence.. But then!! ?????? What are you looking at, huh! What are you doing there, doggo?! Mind your business! Bbobbi~ The owner of the dog?! Owner/ She lives in the house down there, but starting from a few days ago She’s lived in the hole she dug I SAID MIND YOUR BUSINESS Don’t come closer! The owner’s sidekick, Bbobbi Owner/ She looks at me while moving ahead keeps looking back at me on when heading out Follow me pls Bbobbi, why are you going up to someone else’s grave Bye~ Bbobbi disappeared into the grave.. The owner tried to stop her by leashing her How rude Lemme gooo! Wait, are you hiding something inside the grave? Shush! FREEDOM BBOBBI IS FREE Bbobbi goes inside again.. Gotta check.. Bbobbi~ What do you want Oh wait, sausage? Man.. That’s rooooode I am no fool. Don’t trick me, hooman Come out, hurry~ I can’t work without you Raise my pay then It ain’t no joke. Need a good pay raise Ain’t no joke man Bbobbi’s private life.. is finally revealed..! Found something.. Kiwi?! Jk, a doggie! Found a newborn puppy! Let da party begin! Looks exactly the same! Bbobbi secretly gave birth and raised her puppy Are you happy now? Jeez…. The owner sorry that she didn’t notice it in advance.. I gotta raise her well now that she has a puppy It’s not the first time she had a puppy, but.. She’s sorry for not understanding her Due to the loud noise from heavy equipment passing by.. Bbobbi had a miscarriage.. She didn’t want to lose her puppy anymore and chose the most quiet place in the village She dug a hole in the grave and gave birth.. Bbobbi thinks it’s the safest place to keep her puppy So it’s best to leave her here But the problem is that the breastfeeding period overlaps with the rainy season The grave might collapse by the heavy rain For Bbobbi and her puppy’s safety Make a safe and quiet house Put boxes and a blackout curtain on top of the house to make it look similar to the hole she used to live While Bbobbi’s watching Rescue the puppy I got this! For the first time, The puppy sees the light of the world So bright and shine! The puppy’s in good health The puppy had it all What are these creatures! Seems like they’re good ones tho.. Time to go back to your mama’s embrace! Hope you guys are happy in peace..!

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  1. Mamma mia poverino io adoro gli animali sono tutti bello non preferisco nessuno sono tutti belli like se la pensate così

  2. Magnífica idea porque si colapsa la tierra por las aguas los dos perritos podrían sufrir. Gracias a todos por ayudarla y hacerle una casita igualmente al hueco. Saludos

  3. thank god she got back to her baby this woman straping her up like that without knowing why she was in the hole if it wasn't for the media that puppy would be dead

  4. How wonderful ! My wife was crying when the poor dog miscarried. 😢 But happier now the little dog had the sense to shield her puppy in the grave. Animals can teach us so much !

  5. i always watch the kritter club,may god bless you for taking such good care of our fur babies thanks to the vets espcially,but the translater has me in,in stiches,bless him tho.job well done guys

  6. Q hermosa perrita como cuida d su cachorrito..y la dueña gracias por hacerlas una casita para estar protegidas y amadas…los animalitos solo saben dar amor….
    Q bien q puedan vivir juntas….💕🐕💕

  7. 感激涙が止まらない



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  9. I would’ve shove a water hose in that hole and flood it lol. Drown that stupid pup and the mom. Better run out of the hole you stupid stray dog.

  10. I LOVE these stories that show how you love Dogs!!! This shows how world media tries to show only the dark side of humans by showing only stories of how the east eats them or worse treats them harshly…

    Well please PLEASE PLEASE continue showing these beautiful loving stories of how many Asians are loving people to animals!!! I love these stories They are the REAL you

  11. Give a man a fish and you'll feed for a day, give him a fishing net and you'll feed him for life, give a dog a bone and he thinks he's in paradise 🙂

  12. What a beautiful and beautiful dog is to see and know that there are people so good that they do their best to help the animals 💕

  13. UKrtter Club Gracias a la familia de Cuba q tuvo el generoso corazón de ayudar a aquella Perea y su cachorro 🐶 🙏🙏🙏🌹🙋🏻‍♀️

  14. Ma ci rendiamo conto l'istinto di una mamma non ha limiti,neppure x questa dolce canina.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  15. Save lives of these creaturs 🐕 🐱 any lives I wish all people around the 🌎 do that but not at all not many country or people ….in some country No love No compassion over these creaturs only killing wish they swallow up by disasters 😠😡

  16. Хозяйка аж заплакала … когда узнала , что щеночка родила её собачка .

  17. "come out, hurry. i cant work without you!"
    "raise my pay then… i aint no joke. need a good pay raise" I DIED LAUGHING SKJHFSDGFHSDGHFGHFS

  18. В каждом вашем видео я плачу. Как жаль животных. Они добрее, чище и беззащитнее человека.

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