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  1. Im sure before this incident she told everybody that they’re nice dogs and good with people and great for family protection. Hmmmm

  2. The other guy in San Francisco got arrested with felony animal cruelty for kicking a dog who looked like was about to bite him. Fuckin twisted laws we have here America. Childish Gambino says This Is America. Hahaha don’t we live in a great country

  3. I wonder if it was a Bully Pitt. My neighbor used to raise them, & they looked like Pitts to the 3rd power. His were very sweet, but ya never know.

  4. So not a pit bull for once.
    At least they made that clear but guarantee people will still blame it on pit bulls in the comments 😔
    Also sounds like some sort of backyard dog breeder too

  5. I have to concur with most of the comments down here more bad reputation for the Pitbull.. instead of these people who had at least 20 of these animals on their property makes me think that they were fighting these dogs.
    I hope that they look into the other animals and see if they have wounds or sutures on them.
    Seen a lot of that in my young days in the dark side of town.
    (Mostly LaRaza..0r OTHERS)😁

  6. I have heard of plenty of dogs turning on their owners usually small bites to the face or fingers and toes. You just don't realize it's a big deal cause it's a chihuahua or other small breed but they do turn and they do bite. Then they act all cute and innocent after.

  7. I read elsewhere that they are Dogo Argentine. More like Presa Canarios than what we call pit bulls although they are all part of the gladiator breeds as Cesar Milan refers to them. The dogo needs rigorous training and early socialization to be any kind of companion dog. Left to their own devices they can display severe and unpredictable aggression.

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