Dogs Rescue Veterans (UMTV)

Dogs Rescue Veterans (UMTV)

[narrator] Mya is more than just
a pet to Chicago’s Jacob Hyde, a veteran at the age of 26. [Jacob Hyde] In the Marine
Corps you have what’s called a battle buddy and you’re never
without another person. You never do anything alone. Since I’ve gotten Mya,
she’s my battle buddy. I’ve constantly got
someone watching my back. [narrator] Jacob struggles
to function in civilian life, diagnosed with PTSD…
post-traumatic stress disorder. [Jacob] It’s hard, it’s an
everyday struggle, sitting on the floor thinking
about cutting myself or wondering how I
can kill myself. [narrator] Mya was trained by
an inmate thru a ground-breaking program called
Puppies Behind Bars. Jacob found the program
online, applied, and was chosen to receive a dog. [Jacob] It was the happiest
I’ve ever felt in my life. That night when I found out
she was going to be my dog. [narrator] Mya learned to do
everything from opening and closing doors to putting
groceries in a basket, even putting laundry
in the washer. [Jacob] If I feel really bad
and I’m having one of those bad panic attacks on the floor ,
Mya goes to the bathroom and gets my pills that are in
a bag and she drags them
in here on the floor. She lays there, puts her paw in
my face and licks me and just licks me until I come out
of it and stop shaking. There’s no limit to what
she can do for me, [Jacob] Over one million
people have served in Iraq or Afghanistan by the
end of this war. Organizations like Puppies
Behind Bars support our troops by putting service dogs in their
hands and allowing veterans to get thru their lives and allowing veterans to
want to stay alive. [narrator] Donations
help cover the $30,000 cost to train the dogs. One strong supporter has been
the Rocky Mountain Conference of The United Methodist Church. Now, with Mya’s help, Jacob
is pursuing a doctorate in psychology, aiming to
help others like him. [Jacob] She’s the only way I
can get around in public now, because of her. And if I didn’t have
her, I wouldn’t survive.

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  1. that is wonderful. I am so glad he has his buddy. In a very miniscule way, I understand. I've suffered from major depression for a long time and just battled thru it (with pills) as best I could. Then a Staffordshire Bull Terrier came into my life and I wouldn't go so far as to say he has saved my life but he makes me want to get up in the mornings. Bless you for providing dogs for these veterans.

  2. Beautiful thing. There's a reason why they call them man's best friend. Some real friends give dogs a bad name, but dogs always speak well about friendship.

  3. Zeus is my Service Dog and helps me with PTSD as well as simply being my Buddy. He understands me. A 4-yr.old Rottweiler, I found him in a no-kill shelter after he'd been there only two weeks.

  4. This is just one more reason to love dogs…. They are such amazing creatures!!!! This is such an awesome story ….. GOD Bless these two !!!!!

  5. Try that with a cat and you will fail… dogs will always be our best friends. The amount of love and loyalty a dog can give a man is insane. If I ever see anyone harassing a dog I swear I'll make him suffer

  6. As an owner of several dogs that I had for their entire lives, and knowing what it's like when it's time for them to pass on, it might be particularly traumatic for Jacob when that happens.

  7. Love the Puppies Behind Bars paring prisoners with puppies and then paying it forward to our wounded warriors! Much love to the prisoners and veterans!!

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