Doja Cat Reacts To Adults React To Doja Cat (I’m a Cow, Tia Tamera)

Doja Cat Reacts To Adults React To Doja Cat (I’m a Cow, Tia Tamera)

♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (Sergio) Oh my God. – (Sharon) What in God’s name
is this? – (Brandon) Yes! – He’s my favorite. – (Labib) Oh my God,
Doja Cat. – (Brianna) I don’t know
what I’m watching. This is so weird.
– It’s okay. Yo.
– (Michelle) The anime [bleep] are freaking me out.
– The [bleep] are great. – (Sharon) What in the [bleep]?
– She’s one of my favorites, too. – (Daniel) Why am I wearing
this shirt today? – Yeah, why is he–
everyone’s matching. – (Labib) Oh, it’s a mood. – (Michelle) I kinda like it,
but I also really hate it. – As you should.
I’m not really looking for anything other than
people to laugh at it and enjoy it.
Some people kinda over analyzed it and I do that too, myself.
That’s gonna happen naturally, so I understand why
people do that. – (Labib) This [bleep] is deep.
It’s a political message. – Like what he’s just said.
Some people think– I know he was joking,
but some people think it’s some political [bleep]
message. – (Sergio) This is the weird
good [bleep]. I wasn’t expecting this
to just be weird [bleep]. – That’s what I’m saying.
I want it to be weird and good. – (Brianna) I don’t understand
if this is a veganist statement. – It’s not.
It’s about the government. It’s about the Illuminati. – (Brianna) She’s taking pieces
from other songs. – Yeah.
– (Ary) ♪ But I have to charge ♪ – ♪ My milkshake ♪ – (Daniel) How long is
this video? – Forever. – (Brandon) This is so good, dude.
– He’s so cute. – (Brandon) It’s just such
meme music. – (Faith) This is dumb
and sometimes dumb things are funny. – Yes.
– (Sergio) It’s really good. From beginning to the end,
everything, the lyrics, the outfit, the visuals.
– Thanks. Thank you.
Thanks. Thanks, babe. – (Past FBE) So, that was
the viral hit, Mooo! – Was that you saying that?
– (FBE) Yes, that was me. – Mooo!
I love the enthusiasm. She looks so–
yes. – (Brandon) She did it
on Genius. The second that dropped,
I had to watch. – (Doja Cat) This top was
a huge distraction for me. I would go to hit the keys
on the keyboard and I have [bleep] in my way.
I literally can’t function with this and I’m just hitting the keys
and I’m like– – (Michelle) She’s so cute.
– Thanks, you too. – (Doja Cat) It’s kind of a break
for everybody. I feel like artists have been
taking themselves really seriously. – (Labib) I agree with this, too.
Everything’s very sensitive. – I will say, the whole people–
I’ma get a little bit in trouble, but I don’t really care.
There’s been this trend of putting a throne
and sitting on a throne in music videos
and it’s so tacky to me. It just shows the whole
narcissism of it all. How much people are
obsessed with themselves and their music and that’s
what I wanted with this. I just wanted people to know,
“Hey, you don’t have to make [bleep] music about how you
the best.” It doesn’t matter.
Have fun. – (Doja Cat) The climate
right now is kinda– it’s kinda uptight,
everyone’s pretty– – (Faith) Yeah. – (Doja Cat) I think people
do need humor. – (Brianna) That’s true.
– I love how she comes to her senses.
Don’t give in. It’s true. – (Michelle) Can she do some
ASMR vidoes please? Her voice is so soothing.
– (FBE) What do you think of that? – I’ve felt that before.
I feel like I should maybe do some sort of radio talk
type thing, but ehh. I’ll get bored. – (Daniel) I love that she has
an In-N-Out burger in her hand. – I didn’t even eat it.
It got cold. That burger was stale as [bleep]
by the end of that interview. – (Doja Cat) I got a cheeseburger.
[Bleep] you, vegan. I don’t hate vegans.
I just don’t give a [bleep] that you’re vegan.
– (Ary) Oh my God. – Why is that funny to me?
Oh my God. – (Sharon) As stupid as
this whole thing was, is there a brilliance to it?
Yeah because do you have any idea how much money she made
from this stupid thing and she’s like this.
“I’m off to the bank.” – Yeah.
She’s so– the way she talks,
it’s profound. I just like the things
that she has to say that hit me right here.
They were so cute and so fun to watch.
Some of them will stick with me for a while.
It’s just nice to see people relate or kinda get it.
You can read Instagram comments all day and it’s kind of
all the same thing. It’s different when you see
someone react, someone emote and open up
in that way. – (FBE) Doja Cat, first of all,
it’s great to have you here. What was it like taking a trip
down memory lane to see the adults reacting
to Bitch, I’m a Cow? – I’ve seen it a couple times.
I love that video and I just think it’s
really cool to see people’s reactions.
I think I’ve watched probably every single reaction
to that video. Some of them are really bad.
– (FBE) When you first released Mooo!, it quickly went viral,
was everywhere online, a lot of people talking
about it, there was a lot of buzz. What were you thinking
when this started to go viral, when you started to see
the numbers tick up? – It was wild.
I thought it was really cool, ’cause it felt like,
“Okay, people are on board with my sense of humor.”
There was some interesting remakes.
There were some really good ones. There were some really,
really cute ones on Instagram, too and I made sure I’d repost
most of them. – (FBE) What’s something
that people tend to not know or realize when you go
viral in this way? What do you think is something
that people miss? – A lot of people don’t prepare
for negative stuff, negative feedback.
I strongly recommend it, ’cause it is hard.
It does hurt. There’s people out there
who just don’t– they don’t really–
they use it as a weapon instead of a tool.
– (FBE) In general, how do you see social media
and meme culture affecting the music industry
moving forward? – I feel like it is so big
right now and people like to write about their lives
and reference things that they know.
A lot of people my age just know memes,
so I think, yeah, there’s gonna be a lot more
meme music coming out for sure.
– (FBE) We actually have a new song of yours,
so we would love to have you listen to it here
and talk us through some of it.
– So I’m reacting to my video? – (FBE) Yeah.
– Sick. Ooh, look at all that.
I never seen this before. Holy [bleep].
I love this video. Shoutout to Roxana. ♪ Tia, Tamera, oh wait
Tia, Tamera ♪ – Such a cool shot. ♪ Pizzeria
Have a seat, bitch, please ♪ – I love it.
I feel like nobody’s ever really done the Lisa Frank
vibe and I feel like we killed it. ♪ I’m on the wall at Genius
I am the wiz, the teacher ♪ – It’s crazy how fast
we did this, too. It was like, bang.
Next look, next look. “Take your nails off.
Put your nails on.” So many things flying around
all the time. We had nails falling off.
It was just crazy. We did all this in one day
and there were three or four other looks that we didn’t use. ♪ They said “Rico you so nasty”
I said, “Thank you very much” ♪ ♪ He just wanna eat me
like some candy ♪ ♪ But I’m not his Buttercup
These hoes swear ♪ ♪ That they can’t stand me ♪
– She killed this verse. I had people who knew
other people and just they linked us through
that way and I didn’t know Rico or anything like that
personally, but we just knew she was the perfect person
for this. ♪ And when we hop out ♪
– Here I go. ♪ My chopper sing like Sia
Make a bitch sick, diarrhea ♪ – Ugh. ♪ Don’t act like you can’t see us
Riding in a foreign, no Prius ♪ – But the girl in the front
driving the lift is the director.
That’s Roxana. ♪ My twins big like Tia ♪
– And those wigs were crazy. I wanted to move more,
but I didn’t want to mess up the wigs,
’cause they were so beautiful. So I get a lot of comparisons
to Tamera Mowry, more so than Tia.
I would just get it so much that I’m like,
“[Bleep] it, why not? I’m gonna use that.
I’m gonna use that to my advantage.” They have heard it.
They commented on my Instagram, both of them.
Tia commented first. She said, “I listen to this–
I’m listening to this while pumping.”
And at first I didn’t know what that meant.
I’m like, “Oh, you’re at the gym?
Like you’re pumping iron?” But she was talking about
pumping her breast for her baby.
That’s so tight, but yeah, I got that and then
I didn’t know what to say, so I was like,
“I’m basically crying right now” is what I said back to her.
– (FBE) So finally, you were able to hear
what the adults thought about you and your music,
so we wanted to see if there was anything you wanted
to say back to them. – I think you guys are really sweet
and really cute and I love you
and I appreciate your reaction and I’m gonna keep watching
that video from time to time. Thanks. Thanks FBE for having me.
Check out my music and check me out on tour. ♪ (upbeat outro) ♪

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  3. Woulda been cool to let her watch the whole thing and also coment about the twitter drama and how she felt about it. Good video tho, love her.

  4. Such a great video! Watching her react to people reacting to her videos…. You have to make a follow up with people reacting to her Tia/Tamera video! Doja, if you read this, I had NO IDEA what to make of you. I LOVE your creativity, your uniqueness. That beat for Tia/Tamera, are you fucking serious? Brilliant.



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