Dwarf Dog MikeyGus Will Melt Your Heart

Dwarf Dog MikeyGus Will Melt Your Heart

SAMANTHA CARKUFF: MikeyGus feels like he is my best buddy. He is part of the family. COMM: MikeyGus lives with the Carkuff family and his two parents Spartacus and Temperance,
and he is just like any other puppy, except that he was born with dwarfism. COMM: MikeyGus appeared to be a normal puppy until a vet visited the family when he was
just 10 weeks old and noticed some abnormalities. COMM: Six weeks later, he was officially diagnosed with dwarfism. AMY CARKUFF: Spartacus and Temperance treat MikeyGus pretty much like they would any other
dog. Temperance does tend to be a little more motherly towards MikeyGus, Spartacus is a
little more indifferent. AMY CARKUFF: When they play, and MikeyGus is playing with them, they are a lot more careful. COMM: His condition caused his growth to be stunted, which stopped this puppy from being
able to walk at just six months old. But owners Amy and Heath worked to rehabilitate him until
he was able to walk again. AMY CARKUFF: MikeyGus has taught me a lot about determination, ambition and not giving up. SAMANTHA CARKUFF: MikeyGus is always very
cuddly and lovely. I don’t know who could not love MikeyGus.
AMY CARKUFF: My favourite thing about MikeyGus is that he is just absolutely loving, loves to play. AMY CARKUFF: He never gives up, he thinks he is like everybody else. COMM: It’s likely that this form of dwarfism was caused by a defect in his pituitary gland
which amongst other symptoms can mean a decreased life expectancy. However, to be sure it wasn’t
a genetic issue, they have also stopped breeding with MikeyGus’ parents. Despite this, the
family are embracing all the time they have with their unusual, but loving pet. SAMANTHA CARKUFF: MikeyGus thinks he is a normal dog and his disability doesn’t stop
him from walking and running.

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  1. I thought it was a corgi which is hybreed of a german sheperd but not……😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Thats just too cute.

    I will not be surprised if someone would pay a fortune for him.

  3. People seem to be uneducated about what a good breeder is and the german shepherd breed. Around 11% of gsd's are carriers of the gene which also means you can genetically test your breeding stock before you breed them to see if they have the gene or not, and it only takes one parent. Good breeders know the importance of genetic testing because not only are gsd's prone to dwarfism they have a multitude of health issues that should be ruled out like hip and elbow dysplasia. But instead of doing the right thing and genetically testing their dogs, they breed them anyways and make a poor dog suffer it's whole life because the owners didn't buy good breeding stock, didn't educate themselves on the risk of breeding gsd and on top of that didn't do any genetic testing. Im sorry but this is not the definition of a good breeder because good breeders breed dogs in order to better the breed not make it worse.

  4. i would not get the most beautiful dog..i would not get the most expencive dog just to impress..i would get the most happy and healthy dog with any condision it has..cuz they are important..and they are dogs too

  5. I’m a special needs person who is humbled by this precious little special needs puppy… 🎵…and I think to myself… what a wonderful world… 🎶 thank you for sharing😂

  6. I want one so bad, I took the time to read articles and info about them for the past 3 months 💝 hope I get one for my 15th birthday! I'm planning on naming my puppy Morty, you know, like from Rick and Morty. But that might change. I specifically like males, but no hate to females

  7. There is a certain Corgi breed called a Cardigan that looks like this . Look it up . I don t think he's a dwarf , but a mix

  8. Quasi {the short spine syndrome GSD} and Mikey are suffering these deformities because of looks and arched back❤️

  9. For the people who dislikes this video , will get punched in their face bc the dog is SOOO CUTE AND ADORABLE and I just WISH I had Mikeygus

  10. I wish people won’t try to change normal German Shepherds to dwarf ones
    Because it will greatly diminish the capabilities of a normal German Shepherd because in my opinion we should just let dog on what they are now and not forcefully breed just to make them “cute” because in my opinion the best dog is one that has “functionality” meaning dog with normal features that are not far from their wolf ancestors

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