ENG) 외계인 고양이  데본렉스를 아십니까? (Do you know Devon Rex?)

ENG) 외계인 고양이 데본렉스를 아십니까? (Do you know Devon Rex?)

A monkey dressed in cat’s mask
DEVON REX” Devon Rex has nicknames like Pixie Cats, Alien Cats, and Velvet Cat Their hair is triangular.
And it is round, wide, and has big ears Their necks are long and thin, and their legs are long and strong.
And their toes are big. They are slim and elongated. The biggest feature of Devon Rex is its smooth curly hair. They are weak against the cold.
That’s why you should keep your temperature well. Devon Rex is an active and energetic cat. They are loyal and intelligent.
That’s why we can train. They are very curious cats. The preceding content is what comes out when you search Devon Rex on the Internet. I’m going to talk about Hapumi’s cat ANNA from now on. She is Hapumi’s 12th cat.
Devon Rex. His name is ANNA. ANNA is registered with TICA(The International Cat Association) ANNA is a smart girl who imitates her sisters and brothers. ANNA has never been trained like this.
She just saw what other cats were doing and started copying.
Believe it or not it is true. ANNA began to imitate what KAMI did. ANNA has also begun to mimic what HAKU has done. ANNA also copies the behavior of many other cats. Devon Rex likes people and he likes to be with them. ANNA liked to be in HAPUMI’s arms from the time of the baby cat. She runs to her mother’s side whenever she calls. She will definitely go there even if the obstacle is blocked. ANNA still likes to fall asleep in HAPUMI’s arms these days. Devon Rex’s hair is very soft because it is formed by Down air. They are known as cats that do not lose their hair. I usually don’t feel much of ANNA’s hair falling off. But… After stroking her, some traces remain ANNA always enlivens the house with too much energy. ^^ Sometimes I get into trouble.
But, I feel cute. Please look forward to the new stories of Devon Rex ANNA.

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  1. 와우 안나 천젠데요 올때마다 느끼는데 냥이 한마리한마리 어쩜 그리 속속들이 잘 아시는지 냥이들 사랑이 대단하신게 느껴져요 저도 집사지만 존경심이 드네요👍👍

  2. 세~상에 말괄량이 막내아기씨인줄만 알았는데 우리 안나 너무 똑똑하네요 2:02왜 제가 영상 보면서 어머나~ 안나야~ 하고 있을까요? 3:42안나 자는 얼굴 자세히 보려고 저도 갸우뚱~ 아고~ 안나~ 이뽀라

  3. 안나의 귀여움과 미모, 똑똑함, 그리고 데본렉스 특유의 아기염소 같은 외모를 볼 수 있는 영상입니다.

    부제: 안나 최애이신 랜선집사님 필수로 봐야 하는 영상💕!!!

  4. *덤: 흰냥이 가족 중 막내인 안나는 특유의 함박눈같이 흰 털과 벨벳같이 부드러운 털, 데본렉스의 종특 외모가 합쳐져서 저에게 아기염소 냥이나 알프스 소녀라고 불려요.
    그래서 저는 안나를 통해 데본렉스의 특징을 알 수 있었고 안나 덕에 아기염소 고양이라는 새로운 별명도 붙일 수 있었어요.^^

  5. 전 털이 북실북실한걸 좋아해서 처음엔 안나를 그냥 고양이구나 그랬는데 보면볼수록 어쩜 이리도 사랑스러운 고양이가 있는지 너무좋아하게 된거같아요 안나짱^^

  6. 똑띠안나 영리함으로 하집사님 안나를 유학까지 보낼려고한 사막여우같이 귀여운 안나

  7. 아십니까?!시리즈 나왔구요!! 요번엔 안나네요!! 안나같은 껌딱지 개냥이 애기애기같은 냥은 정말 집사들에 로망이이져!!! 안나가 똑똑한건 유독13마리중 남달라보이긴했는데 대단하네요!!!😖👍🏻

  8. 아우 너무 매력적이야….이러면서 멍하니 있는데 마지막에 달이 멍때리는 모습에 또 심장폭행당하네요 ㅠㅠ

  9. 하푸미네는 다양한 품종묘들을 볼수있는게 매력인것 같아요^^데본렉스 안나 정말 똑똑하네요…귀만보면 사막여우를 연상하게 되요☺☺방묘문을 뚫고 지나가는건 안나만의 개인기인가요^^

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