CC by-Pratham What’s up, so I was on Youtube the other day And I saw a video from Jenna Marbles where she transformed a room into a dog room and that room? Was underneath her staircase, I don’t have any of those though underneath my staircase is another room in this room I use for storage okay check this out. So callie. This is oogy This is oogy by the way, and that’s callie seeing this up So this is the room a storage space is not really much. I just have a couch, boxes , chiars I have a dog crate right here, but I don’t really use this crate. It’s just chilling there We’re gonna Transform this whole room into the dogs room you guys ready for your room makeover you guys ready you want the room makeover All right, so we’re going to head over to the pet store. We’re going to make this room amazing So welcome to the EXTREME DOG ROOM MAKEOVER! guys stay here, okay? Yeah, you’re not allowed to see until the final product all right. Let’s go all right. We’re currently in the beanbag aisle How’s that one feels is it dog able? ruff oh Or is it? Woof? How’s that one? Do you think a dog would like that? No, yeah? I think oogy would like it. Oh sick. [it’s] kind of elevated I honestly think the dogs will like because sometimes they gotta watch TV. I’m feeling this one. This is This is.. I’m feelin’ this one I’m gonna get this one too because it’s a ball. I don’t know. I’m just gonna get it Don’t think I’m crazy, but I think the dogs Need weights they kind of work out to be healthy man You want them to live like 20 years hopefully 30 years so dressing up it this is for Callie This is for oogie all right so out of all the places the places I get stopped at target is the number one place hey guys. Oh, yeah Let’s look at how they enjoy staying with oh, yeah, we’re making it right now. Okay. I have a question for you what furniture would you want your dog to have Couch oh, I got you right here, buddy I’m here with Jasmine, Jonathan so guys how’d you guys find me I? Recognized you and I also they trust me. All right now We are at the light aisle we kind of want the umbeaonic Lights around the room to make you look super cute which light again. I don’t know I don’t know all right, so I think we’re going to go with this one It is like a little mason jar with lights inside, so it’s like a firefly inside a bottle hipster, bro All right, so we got to find them like a welcome mat because you want want to enter the dog room with good vibes so we got to get them a good welcome mat. This one really [liked] it none of the record Oh, this is for oogie? Aww they gave this to oogie oh, oh yeah for sure Target, it’s like the number one place. You can find me because I’m always here I’ll see you at target I got some frames because we’re going to print some pictures of the doggies now look so cool All right, we also got a rug [so] the dogs can play around it it also looks pretty cool, and we also got other stuff you guys? We’ll see you later I don’t want to reveal the whole thing right now, but we got some awesome This is the coolest thing an elevator for your carts all right here. We are in the car. It’s all packed up I think I think we did great. We did good, right? I think we did better than we thought we would do cuz we got a lot of cool stock So let’s go back home and uh that’s a symbol of the game. We’re back in the dog room Yeah, you know arrange everything this place is gonna look so cute. Let’s do this alright guys, you see the best way to get rid of things is to stuff it on your closet Okay What are you doing here, got to get out You you don’t want to spoil the surprise Callie come on I know you’re excited, but you gotta wait, you got to wait, okay? here go go I’ll get you when it’s done. She’s too excited right now All right, everybody after a couple of hours of setting up the room I am pleased to announce and to show you the new dog room makeover You’re free Let me show you around first, so let’s start right here. This is their kitchen and [slash] dining table We have their fancy bowls right here. We got some dog treats inside this little container We even got a placemat that says eat so the dogs know how to read. I’m pretty sure they all figure it out without the workout station right here [you] have to check yourself out to make sure your [games], okay right here oogie likes it a lot. We have the dog [TP] We have your fabulous dog mat so mason jar lights to add the accent to make everything look super cute And I got a little container for all their toys. Which is pretty awesome I’ve stored him all right here, and then callie she has a little villa I call this the little brown villa tent she loves it a lot of you like a lot. She darted straight here That’s amazing next up. We [have] the dog stair the stairs Are you so the dog can see outside the window come here come here? I’m sorry I get you his favorite thing to do is look outside the window [so] what better way to do that that to walk up these stairs? She doesn’t know they use it. [yeah] there you go It’s okay. There you go [oh] I’ll teach you later. [I] kept the large couch. Just because you know dogs little characters anyway I didn’t want to like carry this out of the room because it’s a hassle We got the accent [rug] where the [dog] can play around you can throw their toy here. They’re already super comfortable They want straight to their little teepees right here [callies’s] are there and I have your little doggie pillow, so the dog can like you know Sleep right here. This is a called a beanbag I don’t know I call it that pillow if the dogs want to ponder why they are Adopted they can go right [here], and their little dog couch sofa pretty awesome right not yet Let me show you the best and favorite part of this room. I’ll use for my case are these little frame pictures Signifying that this room is owned by these two dogs [Callie] follow her at [Pala] [Callie] the model Instagram [Louie] follow him at [Lukey] Monster on Instagram pretty awesome right wait Don’t wait you guys probably saw it already O stands for [Poochie] C stands for Callie and I have here Fake Callie [just] in case you know is there not in the room. We need a fake decoy the room from Evil Spirit Is the same right they look the same so callie? What do you think about your new room? Huh? Do you like it? It’s pretty tight right yo, will you want to work out [you] trying to work out right now? What’s your favorite [part] of the room? [uh-huh] me too me, too. All right. Let’s let’s see what who you says about this room, so Mr.. Boogie Uh, what do you think about this room? [Aha] fits pretty good right? Yeah, what’s your favorite part? Mmm, pretty good right me too. All right everybody I hope you enjoy today’s dog room makeover if you want some more makeovers of any kind comment down below by the way I forgot to mention. We got this welcome rug to signify. This is a very awesome and sweet place. Thank you See get out of here

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  1. Ffftfrt is the time of time to come home and get some sleep and I will let you know when I get home I will have to take him to the doctor tomorrow morning I will let you know when I get home thank you so much for the cleaning and thank you for taking him to the doctor today I will let you know when I get home thank you so much thank so much I plan for my birthday

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