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  1. Hi there DailyBigCat !! Those kittys look like they are enjoying all that fresh meat.Thanks for the video Lol from Denise in the uk.🐯🐆😊👍❤

  2. how do u clean the food plates/around the blocks the animals eat off of? say if there're left-overs because they suddenly became unable/unwilling to finish, and to prevent mould and pest issues? from what i can tell the only 'opening' is where the cats enter/exit..?

  3. As entertaining the videos of the cats being adorable, regal, funny or fierce (yeah I'm thinking of you Amanda) are, these glimpses into how it all works at BCR is fascinating. I'd love to see some overnight hidden footage of what they do but I think I'd end up on their bad list for suggesting it. After all they'd rather not have videos of them kicking back with the hidden TVs, computers and iPhones on YouTube, it'd ruin the wild cat mystique and get a whole lot of pilfering Raccoons in trouble.

  4. The T.rex may only be fed one live pig per 2 days, the inclosure is to be cleaned during the creatures dormency using a strong pressure hose.

  5. How many people are usually involved in feeding the cats? How long does it take usually? I enjoyed seeing this video and the care you take in giving the cats their diets and meds. It was eye opening. Thank you for all you do.

  6. This is so interesting to watch. Why doesn't this channel get as much attention as your main one? What you guys do is incredible! I would definitely volunteer if I lived nearby.

  7. I had no idea this channel existed. This video is great and answered some questions i had that was not covered by the main channel.

  8. I tell you what………………one does NOT want to pick a fight with any of these ladies………..they feed lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, cervals, caracals, sand cats, bobcats and other wild cats…………..

  9. Im not asking this to be cruel or crude. But is the feeding of already dead rabbits,rats,chicks a benefit for the public not the cats?

  10. How do you take volunteers? I would love to do so and don't know who to ask….I live in California and have been following your site for a couple of years now.

  11. I want to learn more cause decided to help support the big cats at big cat rescue I'm only 10 yrs old but I keep on watching your videos.

  12. I didn’t know big cats eat fish meat?
    I congratulate to all the Big Cats Rescue staff who provide their dedication to help save our near endangered majestically beautiful animals. From me to the wonderful BCR staff, thank you 🙏

  13. The sanctuary deserves more money because of how much they care about the cats and their diets.
    Specific meals and diets and Hell! Even meds for them!

  14. I've never understood the need for fasting days. OK, I realise that a cat in the wild may not always manage to catch something when it's hungry, and therefore may have to go days without eating, but that won't necessarily happen, much less happen at regular intervals. Is there any evidence that this practice is good for them?

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