Feral Cat HD Documentary

Feral Cat HD Documentary

Crouched between the branches, a wildcat waits for the right moment to launch its lethal attack. In the most isolated mountain forests lives one of the last wildcats in Europe. Wildcats feed on small mammals and birds which they hunt in the early hours of the evening. This tired pigeon is looking for a quiet place to roost for the night, and is unaware of the discreet presence of the feline. With the utmost stealth, it finds a blind spot from which to approach without detection: the least noise or sudden movement would betray its presence. It advances in stages, until it close enough to reach its prey in a final, explosive sprint. Sadly for this species, crossbreeding and hybridization with domestic cats is undermining the purity of this extraordinary wild feline.

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  1. I lived in the country in the US for many years and in all that time, I only saw one wild cat.  It was the size of a house cat, gray but with a bob tail.  It jumped out of a tree as I was walking under it and sped away.  I never saw it again or another.  vary rare!

  2. This is not a feral cat, it is a European Wild Cat (Felis Sylvester is). A feral cat is a domestic cat (Felis catus) that has reverted to a wild state. The Wild Cat is ancestral to the domestic cat.

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