Fluffy banana pancakes | Tesco with Jamie Oliver

Fluffy banana pancakes | Tesco with Jamie Oliver

Hi guys, hope you’re well. So I’m gonna
give you the most delicious pancake recipe that is guaranteed perfect every
single time. Me and Tesco, we’re committed to giving
you lovely people really delicious, healthier and affordable recipes, and
this one is a hit for the weekend – breakfast, brunch – and you’re gonna love
it. I’m gonna make banana pancakes that are fluffy American-style and you can
make them in literally 5, 10 minutes. Easy-peasy. So get a large non-stick pan
and put it on a medium heat and then on with the batter. It’s so simple. So get
yourself a regular builders mug and this is the measure that makes it so easy to
remember. So we’re gonna use self-raising flour, but the first healthy swap is
going from white flour to wholewheat flour, which has literally three times
the amount of fibre. It’s brilliant. You don’t just get health, you get
flavour, so this will give you a more tasty pancake. Trust me.
Fill the same cup with milk right to the top and then pour it in. Whatever milk
you use at home. We’re gonna go in with one egg, one beautiful free-range egg.
OK, so give that batter a nice little mix-up and then a little level teaspoon
of cinnamon for flavour. Whisk it up. That’s gonna be delicious. That’s it. That
is your batter. So simple, it couldn’t be easier.
You can see that the colour is darker and it’s gonna be more malty in flavour, so
really delicious. Next up, bananas. Three bananas is
what we’re gonna take and bananas, they’re a powerhouse of nutrition – fibre,
potassium, energy. Amazing. A great start to the day for sure. Peel those three
bananas, cut down the length of the banana. Get your knife in, carefully cut
it all the way down the length like that. So, I’m going to take a tiny bit of olive
oil and I’m gonna put the banana in that oil. Just move it around and for like one
and a half, two minutes we’re gonna get it just frying and caramelising and
getting it gooey and gorgeous. And then I’ll add the pancake batter and
this is enough for six. If you were to have any leftover batter, keep it. What
you could do and I love to do is make it savoury, so putting some chillies, some feta cheese, some sweetcorn, some chopped spinach with a salad. Amazing. If that’s
caramelising, we’re in a good place. Yes! And that’s guaranteeing you the most
gorgeous toffee banana flavour. You’re gonna love it.
So, take some of this batter. I’m gonna put three dessert spoons over the top of
the banana so it cooks into it. That’s the genius bit, right. It will start to
cook, about two minutes and you’ll get little bubbles appearing on the surface
and once you get two or three of those you know that it’s going to be nice and
golden on the other side and then we’ll simply, confidently flip it over. So, while
that’s cooking, let’s stack up our bananas. Then the little twist of the
story is a packet of fruit and nuts. Guys, this is gonna make all the difference.
Just get yourself a handful and in here we’ve got like the peanuts, we’ve got the
almonds. Now of course you can put it through the food processor, but just chop
it and just run the knife through it time and time again. And that pancake’s
had a couple of minutes now and you can either get under it or if you’re
confident… flip it and then give it about two minutes. Absolutely
beautiful. To go with that, some lovely yoghurt.
Pancakes are looking great. Get your pancake, plonk it right in the middle
and then we’re gonna go in with just a spoon of that Greek yoghurt. Look at that.
Then the fruit and nuts is just a wicked combo. Get some beautiful runny honey.
This is orange blossom honey. Give it a little drizzle over the pancake. Look at
that, so beautiful. Just a little shake of the cinnamon. So
there you go, lovely people, a brilliant breakfast or brunch. Banana
fluffy pancakes with yoghurt, fruit and nuts and honey. Delicious. Right, let’s try
some. Mmm So simple, so delicious, there’s nothing
to not love about this. That little kick of cinnamon, so good, and actually we’re
so used to eating bananas fresh and raw, when they’re cooked, another level. Another level. Mmm. Delicious, healthier and affordable. So, guys, next time you go to Tesco, have a look around, pick up the ingredients and have a little cook-up.

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  1. I love this! I eat fried bananas more than I can think of 😅 so combining it with pancake I know will come out perfect! Thanks Jamie!!!

  2. Hi Jamie I make the same pancake but i mash the bananas then add to the batter and eggless also try deep frying also delicious love all your rescipes

  3. Replace eggs with flax seeds (soak 1 teaspoon of flax seeds in 10 teaspoons of water overnight) and add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda for a healthier eggless version

  4. Doesn’t seem American style to me. American pancake almost always have some sort of leavening agent (baking powder, yeast, meringue, anything will work really) that’s what really make it fluffy and airy

  5. He said was healthy, i would argue with him. Far not healthy Just because he put whole wheat flour. Egg still there, milk is there, yoghurt is there also olive oil. So…… Yes.

  6. Not my favourite pancake…rather "robust." One is more than enough. Hiccup! I'm not a fan of most so called "celebrity chefs."

  7. Очень хорошо спасибо я теперь буду нетолько готовить но и заговорю по англиски

  8. I love your recepies Jamie!! You have make my life full of wonderful moments enjoying delicious foods with my family ! Love you!!

  9. Eggs? Cow’s milk? Yoghurt? Really?? You should really replace these with vegan alternatives 😊💪

  10. you make it so easy n delish maaan, but tried your recipe before and it doesnt taste good as it looks on the vid

  11. I prefer sunflower oil not oliva oil with bananas but your recipe is very delicious. Thank you very much. French fan

  12. I tried to make this and it came out so bad ugh (T_T) I suck…
    Cool recipe though Mr. Oliver! I really like watching your videos.


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