Fluffy Eyebrow Tutorial | Haley Kim

Fluffy Eyebrow Tutorial | Haley Kim

Hello guys, Today I am going to show my brow tutorial -from how to shape to how to draw. So I am gonna show 3 different eyebrow looks with different products. This is my before look. I have quite thick and arched shape eyebrows. I do not change my eyebrow shape but I will just make clear around the original shape. At first starting off shaping I am going to use a tweezer to tweeze unwanted brow hairs. I am going to tweeze all of hairs between eyebrows. And then I have some unwanted hair underneath my eyebrows so I am just gonna tweeze them. For top brows I am just maintaining my original shape. But I am just gonna clear my skin on the top of my brows. I finished shaping my brows and now it’s time to trim. I am gonna trim my some long hairs at the end of my brows just a tiny bit. At first, I am going to use this eyebrow powder and pick this ash brown shade with a flat brush. This is a little bit thick brush so it is easy to fill in roughly and easily when I just go quick. And then I am moving back and forth to fill the brown shade in all of my brows. After that, to get a natural look I am going to brush my brows. There are some empty part of my brows where I need to fill in. So I am going to use this deep brown eyebrow pencil from NYX. It is very important to not to fill in much with deep shade. Otherwise it looks very unnatural especially at the beginning of the brows. And then I am going to brush my brows with a brow gel. I’m using this one by NYX because it has light wax and not too intense so it is good to use for daily brow look. I am going to brush my brow hair upwards in the direction of hair growth. Yeah this is my daily brow look with using eyebrow powder and pencil. Now I am going to show my brown bushy eyebrow look. To draw naturally I am going to use the medium brown shade even though my hair colour is black. This product has a thin point so it is very precise. I wanna get fluffy eyebrows so I am going to fill in my brows with creating brow hairs. And then I am going to use this brow primer. It makes your brows hair stiff and sets the base shape in place Even it makes my brows very thicker. This product is meant to be used before you do brow makeup. But I like using this product as like brow gel so I am applying primer after I finish to set my brows. Next after fixing my brows, I am going to apply brown brow mascara by NYX to change the brow colour. If I wear this product after I use the brow primer it makes my brows very fluffy so I like this for that look. This is finished look and when I do soft shade makeup I usually go for this brow look. Next I am going to show my black boy brow look with using the brow pencil as well. I’m going to use this black brow pencil and do the same as previous look – creating brow hairs with the black pencil. As my hair colour is more like black so when I want to go for just original colour I do this black brow look. And then again I am using the brow primer to set the brows. To get thick feathered brows I am using brow gel by Glossier again and brush them up. So this is my boy brow look! I showed my 3 brow looks with using different brow products. I hope you like this tutorial and find it helpful. And see you in the next one soon. Bye!

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  1. This is my brow tutorial -natural, brown fluffy and black boy brow. I hope you find it helpful xx
    + English subs are available! 한국어 자막도 보실 수 있어요!

  2. I really love that you always provide natural, simple and straightforward tutorials! And they are also absolutely stunning too! You are one of the best natural beauty Youtubers here! 😀 Thank you so much for the quality content!

  3. i love you i love your videos i love the vibe of the music you use, i just… love it, keep going girl you're original !

  4. 아ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 언니 넘 예뽀요 ㅠㅠ 진짜 눈매랑 눈썹 언니 이미지랑 착붙이에요,,💕

  5. Do you think the Glossier Boy Brow is significantly better than other brow products? I can't make my mind up on whether or not I like it.

  6. I love this! I recently modified my brow shape a little bit, and they look exactly like yours. I almost have to do nothing to them when I do my makeup… It's the best.

  7. so real, i have never ever seen youtuber video their skin clear like this. I love this video so much, Haley u have a pretty face and eyebrow

  8. My brow hairs are thin, sparse but thick like yours. I tried to thin out my natural thick brows a long time ago; now I don’t have time to maintain the thin shape. Your brows are nice & full…thank goodness you don’t need to fill them in like most people✌🏼😉

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