Fox And The Goat – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

Fox And The Goat – Aesop’s Fables – Animated/Cartoon Tales For Kids

A hot sunny day, a thirsty fox was walking on a desert. On the way, he saw a well and on trying to look into the well, he fell in. Ahhh ahh u uh uhh hhh uhh oh Oh God ! This well is very deep. How will I get out again? I can’t jump very high. All I wanted was some water, but not this much. As soon as he fell, there passed by a thirsty goat. And it heard the noise of the fox into the well. What are you doing down there fox? Did you lose something? No, my dear friend. I just wanted to drink some water. I was so thirsty and this water is so refreshing Come down here and taste it for yourself. On seeing the fox, the goat also jumped into the well. You were right. This water is so sweet and fresh; but, how are we going to get out from here? Well, the top of the well is high, but if you stand still, I can climb on your back and jump to the top. As soon as I am out, I will help you to get out too. Climbing on to the goat, the fox went out of the well. And looked down at the goat. Thanks for your help friend. See you soon. Ah huh My dear friend, please listen to me. Don’t leave me here. How I’m going to get out? You should have thought about that before going into the well. Do you remember the saying? Look before you leap. This is what it means. And the Fox left the place. So children, here is moral behind the story. Think twice or thrice before you do anything. That is, look before you leap.

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  1. Is it me or why does it look like the fox ran into the rock and kept walking then stopped and put his paws on the rock. Yea and you KNOW you cant reach dat water its too deep.

  2. I meant to say his or her but anyway, the water shouldn't be that cold  you're in the desert. :I Ya'll also need better voices for the animals. :I Dumb goat.

  3. If you get on my back that's the only try you gonna have because if you jump that high you're not finna land on me that hard. I neva trust a blue-eyed fox. :I

  4. These are the worst YouTube videos I have seen. The dubbing is pathetic, it's ridiculous. It gives me a good laugh though.

  5. English needs work. "on hot-sunny day." "heard the fox into the well" lol. very crappy animation. also I'm not sure that's the moral of the story.

  6. The animation is horrible…I could do something better with Go!Animate…and they got the narrator to voice the fox and the goat TOO? Even Text to Speech voices have better emotion.

    Moral makes sense though. To those complaining about the fox, foxes are usually depicted as sly and scheming in these stories.

  7. On a sunny d? What the hell? It took me a while to realize she said sunny day cause it sounded like thst gross sunny d orange juice. Her accent….. I'm sorry but if you're going to speak another language for children's educational crap, learn words better. My 5 yr old cuzy watches this crap and she thinks this accent is how we talk. God. Blah.

  8. jesus christ animations like this are the reason why i think my profession actually takes fucking skill to make something look nice

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