Free Spirited Mother Dog Is Never Too Far Away From Her Puppies (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Free Spirited Mother Dog Is Never Too Far Away From Her Puppies (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

“The seven are San’s puppies, and five are Gum’s” San who’s exhausted from puppy care.. took it out on Gum’s puppies T – T And Gum who saw it all went to punish San, but Surrendered.. and left “Uh, uh!! Over there” The puppies have decided to follow after their mom! “These scoundrels!! Let’s go!” Only took 2 minutes for them to go back home ^-^ We are waiting for Mom~! “She’s probably watching from somewhere.” You betcha : P It’s Mommy♡ A bit clumsy.. and she’s not entirely sure how to do a good job at this;;; and anywho she breastfeeds her babies ^-^ For the two mothers “(Beef bone seaweed soup) is good for their body.. So we make it once a week for them.” “Oh~ She came here after smelling it” The smell’s irresistible, k Mmm, smells gooood PD: Ah, it’s hot! Ah it’s hot hot hot haha Young pup learning from experience “You’re thankful~? Eat!” Muchas gracias~~^-^ The pups also share the yummy soup ^-^ ~Time for some ASMR~ Hey y’all, don’t forget about meh Of course. We’d never. Walk coolly (?) away but actually spying lol Being hyper careful “She should build her physical strength and take care of her puppies better.. But she’s always out and about..” Even though she seems rebellious, she even cleans the dish ^-^ And.. If there’s no one around.. She gives love and breastfeeds her pups Gum did her best to raise the puppies Lookit how plump they are ^-^ “The puppies are growing every day.. (Their area of activity has widened so)I think they need to be brought in now..” “But if the puppies are brought in, it might be separating them (from Gum),” “(Gum) isn’t easy to catch.. That’s the biggest problem.” ‘There’re no dogs on Earth who can’t be caught’ Animal Behavior Expert: First, I think setting up (a large cage) inside the space that Gum stays in.. and making it so that the dog can go in comfortably and then rescuing her would be a good idea. All ready~ come in~ Gum standing in the back Animal protection group: I predict capturing would be difficult (seeing Gum).. If so Animal Behavior Expert: If you put in those that she’s comfortable with into the cage with her I think she will be more easily able to go inside it. Let’s do this! When people disappear.. First gets suspicious and gets more suspicious and once more.. While on this side, waiting continues.. Animal protection group: It’s going to take a while it seems haha.. Just then!! Going in, going in Please go in.. ☆Gum enters☆ “It’s okay” “Gum, let’s see you face~” So this is what you look like 🙂 PD: How long has it been since you last touched Gum? I think it’s been 2 years.. After 2 years.. Animal Behavior Expert: I understand that you want to keep patting (Gum). But, to Gum, that can be.. she might feel a bit burdened by that. Just act like she’s not here, If you care just for San and the puppies, Gum will come on her own and get closer So, until then you have to wait for a bit. We’ll wait for you “Now we’ll go on walks and we’ll live well.” San, you’ve been through a lot and ♡Kiss♡ you…let’s live happily together from now on, ‘kay?

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  1. Hihi All those puppies is so fluffy 😵 shoo cuteeee 😻 i love kritter club my dream is to be like them to help all stray cats in my village 😊 i'm waiting for support buddies 🐾

  2. Animal behavior i admire Alot 😍😍😍❤️❤️iam so happy he had helps to gum. Now she is with the owners and the puppies so cute ending 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘

  3. I hope she stays around, I was so sorry for her little puppy that was being mistreated by the other dog. Not I can blame her, since she ended up having to take care for so many puppies.

  4. God bless your family San and Gum..Mom&Dad love both of you very much..stay happy and healthy now..sending love from the 🇵🇭..thank you Kritter Klub..❤🐈🐕🐩❤

  5. Eu assisto pq quando eu crescer quero ser veterinária e eu quero aprender sobre o animais e o meu sonho e eu vou conseguir chegar lá se deus quiser

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