Gentle cat and bird

Gentle cat and bird

Gentle cat and bird

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  1. That is so sweet! But I'm not surprised, my cat tries to pet my face sometimes, same way, very gently, but usually his claws come out and I have to gently push him away.

  2. Sorry to be that person, but this is not funny or cute. The bird is a wild greenfinch, is breathing heavily and is obviously very distressed. God knows why it is in someone's house, but if it's recuperating, then it should be kept in a warm dark place away from people and pets. Shame on the person who subjected this wild animal to this.

  3. I love the look on the cat's face, as he regards the bird after the two pettings. It's like the bird is James Bond and the cat is the villain. "So, Mr. Bird, we meet at last!" (James Bird sneers.) "Do you expect me to talk?" "NO, Mr. Bird, I expect you to die!"

  4. I feel like it should start with a human saying "cat, don't you touch that bird!" And then the cat is like (touch touch touch).

  5. Cat saliva and human saliva will infect or kill a budgie or any other bird I suggest you do your research cause it's on Google and I'm bun 4th grade 9 years old turn in 10 in November on the 17 and I already know to not do that

  6. Sorry I'm not hating because this video is adorbs but I'm just stating my facts so that no one is left dead or infected in the end

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