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  1. Love he is finally really showing his love for the Mexicans off. He now is a part owner of the Codigo Tequila brand. Glad he helped co-write this song as well.

  2. I really hope the crime culture in Mexico dies so they can become like Texas. We know Texas and Mexico have close roots but the only thing is separating us is crime and our rights to own guns

  3. The only thing about not following current music is missing out on songs like this. Great job George! Reminds me a lot of 1994 Strait. The song would’ve fit in nicely on the “Lead On” album and that’s a compliment ✌🏻

  4. The king mr strait my fav. Country singer. This place kind of looks like Vicente Fernandez place but I might be wrong 🇱🇷🇲🇽

  5. This man is an example of what diversity should be. He paved his way through hard work and dedication and still puts an effort forth in today's world to show how you don't need to be a certain race nor religion for the world to come together at peace! This man is someone I gladly look up to and always will! He is a great representative for young adults and adults period! I will always look up and admire you Mr. Straight!!!!

  6. Great song! You are my favorite country singer!Especially the song "Give it all that you got! Love you George Strait!

  7. Parabéns belíssimo seu canal 🌷 obrigada por compartilhar ótimos vídeos 👍
    Uma super abençoado sexta-feira 🙏 beijos com carinho 😘

  8. Esoooo!!!!!
    Al fondo de se ve el volcán de Tequila.
    That mountain is the Tequila’s volcano

  9. Love country love Texas swing George strait Love tequila Democrats are bad bad bad !!! Understand!!!! Love trump he not pussy understand!!!

  10. I wish I could meet you it would be my dream come true you are the best you are the true king of country my name is Alex this is my mom account

  11. One thing hasn't changed, I still find him the most attractive country singer and one of the best alongside Alan Jackson. It's just pure country. I wish him great health and happiness. But wow. I never searched for country songs for a very long time, and I thought he's in his 50 something.

  12. Makes me smile big time, and puts a little strut in my walk! Love seeing his wife and family! Way to go King George❤️

  13. This is why he is the King, a perfect fusion of Mexico & The USA…The Codigo tequila is just as perfect as George himself 💕

  14. I listen to George strait when I'm happy or sad, and I listen to Eminem when I'm mad. Am I bipolar or can I just not resist the very best of music from every genre?

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