Get Stuffed: Sandwich

Get Stuffed: Sandwich

Hey, it’s me, Mr. Food Man.
Today I’m here to talk to you about sandwiches Sandwiches were invented by a rabbi but named after an addict Rabbi Hillel created the sandwich out of matzo, bitter herbs
and a clay-like paste to represent the slave labor
that the Jews performed to construct Egyptian buildings It tastes like a long history of pain Hundreds of years later,
at the Earl of the town of Sandwich requested a food that he could eat
while compulsively gambling He needed something
that would keep his cards from getting food all over them In America, anything that’s made
from less than two pieces of bread is not legally a sandwich but I don’t believe that Sandwiches can be made
of pretty much anything including people Oh! And that rumor about Mama Cass,
from the Mamas and the Papas dying after choking on a ham sandwich? Totally not true She died of a heart attack! What are emotions?

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  1. This character is awful!! I love many of the high quality films featured on NOWNESS, but if this guy pops up again when I hit play I will unsubscribe! He is that bad!!

  2. I can see some people in the comments do not appreciate this program, but I personally love it. Keep it up nowness.

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