Giant Fluffy Pancakes | DIY How to Make Giant Fluffy Pancakes

Giant Fluffy Pancakes | DIY How to Make Giant Fluffy Pancakes

hey everyone it’s james from fun foods and today i’m gonna show you how to make these giant fluffy pancakes these were so good and if you love pancakes you want to keep watching our show you step-by-step how to make these now the first you want to do is start off with a medium bowl and I just want to take 2 eggs 2 large eggs on a crack them i don’t want the whole egg in there so I’m going to open this up and i just want the egg whites for this and then put your yolks into a large bowl now what we’re going to do is move over to just our large bowl here with the yolks we’re going to come back to the egg whites in a minute but we’ll start off with this and to that i want to add one fourth cup of sugar 1 cup of butter milk and this is a half a teaspoon of vanilla extract you just want to whisk this up we just set this aside now I have another medium bowl here and to that I’m gonna add 1 cup of flour all purpose flour i want to add two teaspoons of baking powder 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a half teaspoon of salt you just want to whisk this up and get all those ingredients combined and we’ll put this aside we’ll come right back to it now we have our wet ingredients here that’s what we just mixed up with the egg and the buttermilk and we’re going to start doing now is adding our dry ingredients which is our flour to our wet ingredients so i added in there and mix it up a little bit at a time add more you don’t want to overmix this just mix it until it’s all combined and it’s okay when it still has some lumps in there now that’s good leave it sit and let it sit for about 10 minutes while waiting for our batter to rest what we’re going to do is go back to our egg whites these are just two egg whites and we’re gonna whisk this up you can do it by hand but it’s gonna take a little bit more effort so with this up really good until it’s nice and fluffy and it form stiff peaks ok so when its formed stiff peaks like this and holds its shape that’s when it’s done so now we’re gonna wait a few minutes for batter to form and then we’re going to mix this into our batter now what I’m going to do is I have my batter here and it’s rested for about 10 minutes and i have my fluffy egg whites what I’m gonna do is fold it into my batter again be careful not to overmix this just gonna pop it in here we just want to fold it in ok so now that that’s folded in we’ll move on to the next step now the secret to this recipe is i’m using a rice cooker and this is going to make those pancakes nice and fluffy now want to use the inner tray here not the round tray that has holes in it but the inner tray like this now the first thing I’m gonna do is spray the inside of this with some cooking spray not too much then I want to scoop out some of my batter i’m just using about a cup worth we’re right in the center and you’re going to need at least two to three cups and that used my entire recipe just for one pancake so now we’re going to put this in our rice cooker and we’re gonna cook it now that rice cooker is here i’m going to turn it on and i’m going to take my batter inside my pan just plop it in here make sure it’s nice and even and then close it down and then I’m just going to hit the white rice and then when it’s all done take a look and it’s not quite done yet so we’re gonna put that down and we’re going to hit the rice cycle again when there’s only five minutes left on the second cycle open the lid and flip pancakes so that the bottom can cook ok so now pop that open and what I’m going to do is actually remove this is what I’m wearing gloves from the steamer now what we do is try to remove my pancake from this to try to keep it in shape so i have a serving dish right here and I want to just move this away and i’m gonna see if i could just turn this over and see if it falls out and it does so that’s one pancake nice and fluffy i’m gonna make more of the same way i did this time so now it’s time for the taste test I want to cut into this and show you the inside of it what it looks like and then i’m going to try it out its gonna cut this open i’m going to cut it right down it is a lot of pancakes and now i’m going to bite into this and try it out for the first time ever this is so good if you like fluffy pancakes you’re going to love these well thanks everyone for watching I hope you enjoyed watching you make these giant fluffy pancakes these are so much fun to make and if you enjoyed this video please hit that like button also hit that big red subscribe button if you’re not already subscribe to get new videos every week and be sure to check out some of the videos i have off to the side as well as a pancake playlist has all my favorite pancakes in that playlist so check it out and you won’t be disappointed and until then i’ll see you next week

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  1. Hi, James. Those pancakes look simply delish. What's the best way to cook chicken to a certain degree? Have a good day, James. I hope you make a 3 Musketeers cake soon. 🙂

  2. Just recently found your channel and subscribed. I love your videos and creative, delicious ideas 🙂

  3. Whow so big! And using the rice cooker came totally unexpected. You surprise me with every new video, James! But we don't have a rice cooker. Mrs Flush makes her pancakes in the frying pan. Do you think these giant pancakes would turn out well in the frying pan as well, or would the heat have too much difficulty to penetrate these giants?

  4. I'm an old school cook ,I could have made that on top of the stove in my Dutch oven pot covered.But a great idea,just look like too much trouble.

  5. I was wondering if you would serve this like a cake. It looks delicious! But I'd use way more syrup and butter. 😊

  6. Hey just a suggestion FunFoods can you put a ingredient list in the description, so that I know what to buy before watching. Like I said just a suggestion.

  7. HEY! Enjoyed your video:) Thanks for sharing with us. I visited Our Twin Life Family and saw your comment so i decided to check your channel out. Subbed to show my support, hopefully you can take some time to visit my vlogging channel too! Hope to see you there:)

  8. wow.. these look incredible.. Pancakes are always a hit in our house.. I would love to put my rice cooker to good use and make these..Delish

  9. Wow these look amazing. All I can think of is the movie Mr. Buck with the huge pancakes. I wonder if big French Toast can be done similarly? I love your channel. I'm so glad I have time away from College to catch up on your content. I also posted a new video if you have time please check it out. 🙂

  10. These would be a great menu item for restaurants. When I saw the video thumbnail, I thought the indented looking surface on the top of the pancakes would be a great place to put cheese filling or fruit preserves.

  11. You sir are a saviour my kids saw some massive pancakes online and have been harassing me to make them and you have helped me to be super dad thanks

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