Giant Gingerbread House (dog kennel) | Super Size Guys

Giant Gingerbread House (dog kennel) | Super Size Guys

Hi, alright guys Merry Christmas i’m back
and James house, welcome Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas to you James oh thankyou Barry
cheers mate, yeah…. what did you get me? Uh didn’t know we are doing gifts this year,
that’s fine sorry mate um i’ve got 99 problems but a bitch aint one and i’ve got a problem
and my bitch is one. What do I do with Her? You know Christmas I can’t put Her outside
that’s mean a bit cold what do you reckon, yeah so we’re gonna make a kennel for his
bitch out of gingerbread. Right folks we have got our mixing bowl here
and we are sifting right? sifting gad damn it we sifting flour in there right there lots
of flour we’re getting all our dry ingredients in first. Good sifting man it’s like a snow
blizzard going on in there in that bowl oh yeah so thats just plain flour sifting in
there theres gonna be some extra dry ingredients going in there to make it magical like a gingerbread
paradise place, sounds lovely I wanna be there, yeah? I’m gonna take you there.
Right folks we’ve moved on from our flour it was a little emotional we’re now putting
4 teaspoons of ginger in ginger ground ginger and then we’re gonna but 2 tablespoons of
Barry’s favourite dancer cinnamon, oh yeah – everyone knows a dancer called cinnamon
right we’ve all been there. Uh right, so anyhow the cinnamon is going in there it’s gonna
give it a real nice twang that ginger as obviously gingerbread is made with ginger – shocking,
good times. Here’s some fresh bicarbonate of soda going
in there a bit of white on brown action loving that? Just like cinnamon, look at that James
is just breaking that apart he’s so strong we haven’t cut it already no i’ve not cut
it literally I can tear butter in straight pieces straight into slices uh so strong oh
my god so butch only works with dairy products. Ok so we’re just gonna knead that in working
it all in with your fingers and thumbs makes them feel kind of tingly little bit emotional
kind of like when you’re having a bath and you’re cold and you get into a warm bath yeah?
i’m just gonna make breadcrumbs. So James is working on his crumbs right now
and it reminds me of that song ‘crumb baby, crumb baby, baby crumb crumb, you gotta give
me lovin’ then you gonna give me some (crumbs)’ …. crumbs.
Right just finishing off adding some sugar in there we should of filmed that step but
were too busy laughing it’s all mixed and incorporated in there right mate? Yep it’s
all good just mixing it all through ready to add the syrup goodness oh yeah baby let
me see you face when you say syrupy goodness…… syrupy goodness.
Oh yeah guys that’s the money shot we have got 8 tablespoons this is approximate of golden
syrup going in a bowl we’re gonna mix this together with 2 eggs while James is working
on his crumbs i’m pretending he’s there but really he’s behind the camera. Alright James?
alright. Right folks just adding the eggs into the
bowl doesn’t really help to have any egg shell in there but if you wanna add a little extra
crunch to you gingerbread house do you like a little bit of crunch in your house mate?
i’m all about it being smooth – oh yeah! smooth as a babies bum.
Just mix that all in, its a bit sticky at first then work it like a golden syrup omelette
– if it sounds like this you are at the right consistency.
Now with the dry ingredients together you just wanna make a little well…… you know
you know you make me wanna shout, put your hands up, shout, come on now, shout. Sorry
guys we’re just making a little well there look at that doesn’t that look good oh my
god you just wanna jump in there so the syrup is going in there you wanna mix it together
until it’s nice and firm yeah use a spoon first then get your hands in.
James has been working that dough like a little beast it’s now in a nice ball look at that
man it looks amazing just wanna slap it it’s good you’ve worked it hard it’s now gonna
be wrapped in clingfilm then put in the fridge and it should look like this, so that’s been
in the fridge for 20 minutes slap that now slap that now bit firmer oh it’s got some
spank on it and it’s ready to roll. Guys this is our makeshift foil shelf it’s
gonna go in the oven just gonna give it a dusting of flour slam it down on there roll
it out on there to see if we can make it fit that as best we can and that’ll be one of
our panels. It looks like you’ve got a nice firm dough
there man it’s good it doesn’t wobble when you slap it and we’re rolling out and it’s
getting there it will expand slightly in the oven.
So we’ve put a nice little rim on it and as it is for the dog it needs to have it’s own
impression in there amazing it’s kind of like the walk of fame in LA except we’re doing
it with a dog ok so yeah a nice little rim around there the dogs loving it already. It’s
now in the oven 180 degrees for 25 minutes oh yeah better shut the door.
After 25 minutes you are left with a panel of gingerbread like that how you feeling man?
confident me too, the boring thing is we’ve gotta do this like 7 or 8 times now yeah at
least it’s looking good though you got the dog paw print in there we’re excited, we won’t
show you all those steps that’d be kinda boring yeah so we’re just gonna jump to the bit where
we build it. Yeah decorating a giant ginger kennel.
Right folks it’s been a massive number of hours probably over 6 which is a long time
and a lot longer than we anticipated it’s now pitch black outside James and I called
in the services of arts and crafts frank hi and what have we made we’ve made a dog kennel
out of cardboard just to help us as a little mould and what we’re doing is these panels
that we’ve got made we’re getting icing sugar and it’s acting as a cool glue right? It’s
working it’s all good so we’ve got two stuck on the sides here and all we’ve got to do
is keep sticking the others on, decorating it and then we’re gonna stick a dog in it
– yeah! Here we go this is the back panel going on
which we probably could get away with not showing you but we’re just putting 100% effort
into all this think the dog will like the wallpaper in there it’s pumpkin themed she
loves pumpkins yeah in it goes we’ll then trim these bits off for the roof to go on
and then the decorating. Right we’ve got the sweets on it’s looking
pretty sexy mate this has been intense right it’s now 5 past seven barry was here at half
past nine ten hours of fun but what’s a house without snow oh yeah. it’s looking good, it’s
amazing what icing sugar can do that whole christmas scene thing this is actually quite
satisfying. We’ve got a kennel fit for a bitch…. *Frank
falls over* oh that’s a wet floor! Righty ho then folks we have made a kennel
that is fit for a bitch but does Daisy like it? She’s not even looking, ah think that’s
a no, that’s definitely a no but there’s a fluffy bitch in there that’s loving it and
having the time of Her life dirty dancing style if you will. That’s it then guys if
you enjoyed this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, share, subscribe, comment
and all that stuff and we’ll see you again at the next giant food – Merry Christmas!

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  1. Could you make a giant marshmallow I'm new to the channel but you could like put some melted chocolate in the middle or something

  2. Each time he said "worked it like a -" I always thought "treat" like tge Kasabian song but that didn't come out until a year later.

  3. Is it potentially the most random comment ever but what's the name of that pipe music at the end of this video? When I was a little kid I used to hear that song all the time in a video that we used to watch! it was one of my favorite songs but I had no idea with the Name is!

  4. That was 2 months ago. an are you guys. always making
    BIG FOOD😡😄☺😡😄☺😡😄☺😡😄☺😄☺

  5. That was 2 months ago. an are you guys. always making
    BIG FOOD😡😄☺😡😄☺😡😄☺😡😄☺😄☺

  6. Wait so you call your female dogs bitches just because cause in America, we can't saw that because some people think it is offensive.🙁

  7. For anybody ever wondering, golden syrup is just cane sugar in a syrup form. That's why it's almost interchangeable with corn syrup– nutritionally, corn sugar and cane sugar are practically the same.

  8. OUR gingerbread are made with a small bit of pepper, hence the name "pepperkaker" which translates to "peppercake" the more you know! (Rainbow)

  9. Wait so they made the gingerbread kennel for Daisy and then Daisy didn't even go in it what the hell😂😂😂😂

  10. You are a blot on creation! I'm not sure if you realise that kids watch your channel and you are swearing at the start of your video! wow.

  11. Accidentally found one of these vids and it led me totally wasting my two precious day offs this week by watching you guys and nothing NOTHING else!! ! No regrets! 😉

  12. I have no idea how you had energy after this, like, to be fair i was on my own doing this all so that's probably why, but there have been numerous times i was in the kitchen and been in there for 6 or so hours, no breaks, i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO miserable and exhausted by the end of it XD

    For instance, the most recent time i made 32 mini chocolate cakes (made in cupcake trays), but it was 64 individual cakes all together, an oven trays worth of rocky road which made 18 big pieces, and 24 mini dog cakes (yet again cupcake tray), which obviously yes, was 48 individual cakes, the year before that i can't say how many there were, but i made rocky road, butter biscuits, dog biscuits, and i feel like one other thing but i can't remember haha

    Anywho, I'm a dog walkers assistant and once i got into baking, well not only do the owners give us Christmas gifts every year, but they're the greatest people and we love their dogs (I've personally known some of them for about 6 years now, so i knew some as puppies), and as exhausting and stressful as it is, it's so nice to do! And they absolute love it, like Kirsty told me whenever i wasn't around a few seperate owners said "Is he doing bakes again this year?", or, more commonly "Will there be more rocky road?", seriously like, 4 people asked for the rocky road recipe last year! Plus, the first year i did it, as i never did anything before i got a few gifts but not much, the past year however, i got SOOOOOOOOOOO many gifts and i even made £40 in tips XD

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