Golden retriever no one wants 😥( Jalapeno the dog )

Golden retriever no one wants 😥( Jalapeno the dog )

oh I have something to tell you guys all right let’s tell me I’ll tell you guys I tell you guys together don’t yawn that makes it look boring man it oh you kinda in my shot that’s the cameraman I’m trying to talk I’m trying to talk to them I have a really exciting announcement for you guys today we have our next dog flip come here there we go by the way if you’re new to this channel I’m rocky Kanaka this is my main man flip and my other main man Snoop right here and I have a show called dogs day out where I take dogs out on the best day they ever had and work to raise awareness so that we can get them into a forever loving home it’s been really cool it’s been a neat journey the last few months we were featured on the dodo just recently a lot of you are coming from channels like hope for paws and there’s a whole just fun-loving dog loving rescue loving pet loving community out there been a really neat journey and one of the rescues I do a lot of work with is Marley’s mutt and there’s a very special dog that I can’t wait to introduce you to and you’re gonna meet them really soon because we have an adoption event at my stores I have stores in Los Angeles called the dog bakery which is just head to the adoption event so that I can show you and it’s like it’s actually much bigger than an adoption event I’ll tell you about that – okay let’s jump in the car come I kind of gave him a highlight of what we’re doing but I didn’t I haven’t told him specifically about it’s a Golden Retriever puppy what’s the number one thing when I ever I say you know hey you should consider adopting or rescuing first well I want a puppy I want but I want a puppy this little puppy is six months old puppy so he’s not you know he’s not the size your hand or anything he’s six months old but he’s a six month old golden retriever and now that there’s one kind of dog that’s better than the next but golden retrievers are one of the top breeds in the United States a year after year for the year yeah so we’re getting a Golden Retriever puppy for our next dog’s day out candidate probably say well why you know it’s a golden retriever why do you need to want a Golden Retriever puppy get snapped up right away yes but there’s a catch we might keep them no don’t say that cuz now you know and now I can just see the comments coming in like you should keep him I’ve been wanting I grew up with the golden I’ve been wanting one see if I keep every dog that comes into our home that we take on dogs day-out obviously I would go to jail because I would we would be dog orders we can’t keep them all and it’s not even about that it actually though I’m glad you brought that up because it’s a community right if you can adopt jalapeno if you can foster if you can donate if you can even just sharing this makes such a big difference leaving a comment below liking it subscribing if you’re new to this channel subscribe this is like this is a good Golden Retriever puppy fix right there’s not a permanent Christmas morning I can’t wait to open up a present [Music] this day in her wheelchair day she’s doing good I like your pink wheelchair what’s up right what’s up buddy here give me a high five boom hey Joey what’s up Joey what do you do from our Li la coordinator and I’ve got Bella with me right now we just fold her or come from the harbor shelter not in good shape she was actually left there because her family went into her parent guardian when she does actually be discovered she had stones in her bladder so she just had surgery and she is healthy she’s ready to be adopted oh that looks good not a puppy are you jalapenos mom nice to meet you no blue water or treats [Music] so cute yeah I mean that’s a puppy energy right there anything and everything’s a toy right yeah already [Music] we’re gonna do a quick interview obviously can buy it my name is Lucy and I’m jalapeno as foster moms for Marley’s mutts dog rescue okay so tell us about jalapeno why cuz you think he’d be snapped up right away actually he was snatched up right away okay from a breeder at a gentlemen a young man by the 26 spent twenty five hundred dollars on him from a breeder he quickly came down with what they assumed was parvo wound up that he actually had pneumonia and it was congenital Meg esophagus so wait wait say that one more time congenital make esophagus what is that it is the muscles in their throat yeah function so with if you think about it is really tough for a dog when you swallow you have gravity working for you right you can’t take a drink of water you eat something you have gravity helping you and and your throat you have to you have to swallow now imagine you’re a dog and you’re eating from a bowl this way you have to have the right muscles in your throat to be able to pull that food against gravity right so how is he even living right now if you can’t if you can’t eat it it’s like a top out high chair for dogs so it uses the gravity of course system to sit in it with their little concept it’s really cute do you have idea muffin can we see it let’s go check it out okay let’s go check it out okay and then this goes right here there’s a it’s a little bit of a setup he eats a blended pate puppy food a little bit of pumpkin in it okay you ready you brought his blender and everything yeah man you’re prepared foster mom so what are you guys doing over here we’re doing some bandanas okay all right for us for the Marley’s much of donations donations what are you making everything for our animal sliders just like I was talking about with clustering guys Adam and Sarah and Doug right here which by the way is an awesome name for this little puppy there you’re gonna foster Doug and potentially adopt yeah so thanks so much for boss man thank you everybody okay you have to keep us updated if you end up adopting time you put it in can’t just do it till the kibble close okay [Music] good boy good boy yeah that’s that’s where the mega so that’s where his food is getting stuck yeah you can see it in his throat right yeah so you just kind of massage it I just kind of massage it okay so I think we have an adoption about that happen so let’s check it out presenting a go for this hi I’m rock I hope man she’s so pretty too huh that white coat you so much thanks for choosing this out thanks so much awesome what’s going on here Russell’s taking a little snooze [Music] he’s a great little dog he’s just looking for a special person I’m gonna link up dogs day out make sure you watch those episodes because he’s gonna be next on dog’s day out all right so comment let me know what you think we should do for his dogs day out and make sure you share this with everyone and tag all of your friends who might be interested in adopting Halloween

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  1. I would love to adopt him, but sadly I have cats and plan to work with them for at least most of my life.

  2. WHY!!!! HES SO CUTE THOUGH 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  3. To those saying he should adopt the dog, what happens when she gets into one of the other dog’s food bowls and chokes on their food? This beauty needs to be in a single pet home just to be safe.


  5. My dog is a Germad shepherd and my dad says if I clean my room for six months I get a golden ratreaver yayayayaya

  6. I have a sad story about my he is a Great Dane cross with a mastiff, in his old home he was 4 months old a and he got abused he got kicked for a slight mistake and his sister was there too the owners had a little girl and whenever he wanted to pay with her he would get pulled away by his collar and this was the man the girl loved him but one day the man threaten to kill him if she didn’t take him somewhere else. She took him to a shelter and he was there for a while then one day my mum was on there website and she saw him on there, then she was joking about going to get him and then we all agreed we actually are going to get him we already had 2 dogs but this dog needed us to take him because in 2 weeks time he would get put down for not getting adopted. It was about 2 hours in the car to go get him but we did it anyway. When we got there he got frightened of my dad because he was scared of men thanks to that other guy but as soon as he saw my mum he jumped up the bench and then put his head on her shoulder they both loved so we got him and took him back to our house. The next day we took him back to the vet that was there but as soon as he saw the shelter he wouldn’t get out the car but we only took him to vets he is now 3 years old and his name is Monty we love him so much

  7. I have to dogs one is 2 and her age in dogs years is 14 and Tara is 12 or 11 and she is 77 in dog years and I hope there on your show they haven't be out the house for a while well they go outside my backyard 🐶

  8. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  9. Sorry for this but…

    Please please please please please please please please 2 hours later…

    Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase keep him! I’m begging you please!

  10. please please keep him or her pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse

  11. Y am I so emoshinal !!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  12. Wye do people keep returning him it’s so sad it’s not so hard to help a dog eat and get the food down so sad😓😭

  13. I just think that it is great to know the dogs in the shelter. And you really deserve all the love from the dogs. And you are really like giving me an idea because I adore dogs and I always thought about what can I do for dogs and how can I help them and last thing how did you feel when you sed I am going to the shelter was it sad to see them in the cage? And thank you for helping the dogs and keep on making dogs day out because it puts up a big smile on my face.

  14. I will beg my mom for Christmas I will get very good grades so I can adopt this dog I’ll save up my money to adopt it too

  15. I actually did come from for paws 🐾 because I was watching a video on their channel and then I saw a video from your channel so I watched it and then I subscribe to you and hope for paws that’s why my family is HOPEFULLY doing a and Rescue team 🙂

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