Gravity Rush 2 | Gravity Cat Live Action Trailer | PS4

Gravity Rush 2 | Gravity Cat Live Action Trailer | PS4

NEWTON CREATES THE THEORY OF GRAVITY 350 YEARS LATER. TOKYO. GRADUATION THESIS Can’t think of anything… NEWTON’S LAW OF GRAVITY I can’t do this. Don’t do that. What do you think you’re doing? Sis! Sis! You left your door open again! Oh, did I? How’s your thesis going? – Not at all.
– Really? What a mess! Have you been inside the whole time? With Newton. I think you might be stuck in a box. I am not. What was…? No, no, no! I stepped in it!
Can you clean this up? It’s everywhere! No, leave that alone. It’s all over your face!
That’s very naughty! Just stay… What…! It’s even on my coat! Look! What is happening here? What?! Where’d he go? He’s gone up! Sis, get your camera! Right, my camera. Okay, um… Quick, quick! Where’s the video? Are you trying to touch him? Come here! What’s…? What is this? This is… This is amazing! Grab him! Did you get him? He’s gone. Where’d he go? I can hear him. Under there! There you are! How did you…? That was so crazy! Are you alright? Can you smell that? – Is that smoke?
– Oh, no! – That’s cold! What’s going on?
– I got it! The air ship…. Um…? OK… Quick, do something! No, cut it out! It’s out. Enough already! Not again! Is gravity shifting? Sis! Help! If I can…just… Wait! Sis! I’m falling into the sky! Just what is going on here? REALIGN YOUR REALITY
“NEWTON’S LAW OF GRAVITY” You want some attention, eh? Alright then. “MEWTON’S LAW”

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  1. Song is apparently called "Mewton" by Yuma Yamaguchi feat. Dialuck

  2. Wow just wow,Greatest trailer/Ad.i fell in love with the game the moment my friend gave it to me(gravity rush1) can't wait to get gravity Rush 2!

  3. this is cool and all, but they're freaking out way too much, the cats climbing on walls and the ceiling(which is tbf a normal thing, just give em catnip), I understand that's weird and such, but there's a difference between a fluffy kitten climbing on the walls and a monster trying to break into your bed room, they're treating this as the ladder, that is until the whole world turns upside-down of which should call for freaking out, but then they keep their attention on the cat and not the fact that THE WORLD IS UPSIDE DOWN and even calm down from it, even as they fall to their death they're like "KitTy!", the acting makes me feel weird and I don't think this should have been a "live action" trailer, keep your anime *anime*, nice effects tho. :p

  4. Alt version: tts voice Gravity Cat Not Amused starts spinning, farting gas, dropping exploding watermelons everything explodes

  5. I finished Gravity Daze 2 recently.
    Incredible game, Better than the first.

    This ad is better than the first occidental ad.

  6. Thank you Japan Studio.

    You bring me, the game of my life Gravity rush 1 and More Gravity rush 2.

    I will remember the experience and i considered the best Game that i have the pleasure to play in my life, with Zelda Ocarina of time and Chrono Trigger.

    Gravity rush 2 forever!

    Thank you Project Siren People

  7. Fun, cats, gravity-shifting, mild ho-yay… yep, that's a pretty good description of Gravity Rush. Gotta love creative ads like this, especially when the game is actually great. 🙂

  8. Cool ad. Good game. Though it is a shame there isn't really any interior locations that could provide gameplay similar to the scenario in this ad.

  9. Gravity cat not amused

    Alot of people wont get that reference because they only recently joined youtube, but if you remember that then you know youtube back then was actual quality when people spent alot of time making videos, man those were the days.

  10. Best video game ad EVER! Nice use of angle choreography and the kitten is so cute! I love Gravity Rush, it's very fun game. I want to know how they made the angle choreography and CGI!

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