HAIRY LEGS – Songify Joe Biden getting fired up about legs and the hairiness thereof, launching int

HAIRY LEGS – Songify Joe Biden getting fired up about legs and the hairiness thereof, launching int

And it is time for a President, who understands:
Coldplay is the best band in the world. That’s wrong! You got that wrong. No! Look – I… I got hairy legs! I’m best equipped to beat Donald Trump. That’s what YOUR poll says! Vice President Biden, why are you a better
choice than your opponents? [drum fill that recalls a 1972 Wilmington
Delaware July heat wave] I got hairy legs. Hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun [deep exhale] In the sun Come rub my legs From the morning Until the day is done Til the day is done ––We are at the end here… I GOT HAIRY LEGS (hairy legs) Yeah! Ahhh! That’s right, you heard what I said You heard what I said. I GOT HAIRY LEGS (hairy legs) Yeah, man––WHOO! Watch the hair come back up again I’m the guy the best chance to win! Time is up, thank you… It’s only 60 seconds, it’s not up yet. And Corn Pop was a bad dude And he ran a bunch of bad boys, a bad crew It’s my turn, yeah? Yes sir. / Okay… I really was the only white guy they really
knew He said I’ll meet you outside, and I said
what am I gonna do? CORN POP, HE CAN’T STOP, ahhhh! CORN POP HE WON’T STOP, yeah! Gee Whiz! That’s time thank you. [thunderous applause] Why? Senator Warren? / So, um, I’d like to talk about who we’re running against: A billionaire who calls women “horse-faced
lesbians” You could release women from those agreements
immediately. Uhhhm… Maybe they didn’t like a joke I told Are you willing to release them? Release them These agreements were made, um, consensually [audience groans] And–– / ––I’m the only person on this stage that’s Got hairy legs! SERIOUSLY? Hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun! We got other issues we’re trying to get to– –Here’s the last point I wanna, I–my time is
gonna run out, here’s the last point I wanna make to you: I GOT HAIRY LEGS [sound system begins to shatter under the stress of overpowering vocals and bass] Yeah! Ahhh! Uh, [unintelligible], we, we are a country where there are too many people that are obese. I am SCARED. [thunderous applause] Vice President Biden, I want to start with you. Why should anyone have faith that you’re the
one who can get this done now? Cuz I’m the only one that NO, NO, STOP!! Let’s talk about math Let’s talk about math indeed! – Let’s talk about math–
– Okay, so here’s the math – Coldplay is the best band––
– WRONG! Can I respond to the attack? Why am I stopping? No one else stops. – Okay…
– Joe said it right Here’s the deal. Here’s the deal, look! I think it’s important that on Day 1… [tension rises, cellos play tremolo to build suspense] Day 1, I have more hair than anyone else I GOT HAIRY LEGS – I don’t care!
– Yeah! Ahhh! That’s right, you heard what I said You heard what I said I was a pretty darn good life guard, I learned a lot We let this get out of control. Lived out in Mayfield with my Grandpop (grandpop) We used to play basketball with Corn Pop And he sank every single shot CORN POP, HE CAN’T STOP, ahhh! CORN POP, HE WON’T STOP, yeah! CORN POP, HE SANK EVERY SHOT!! – Time is up, thank you–
– I’m not out of time! He spoke over time and I’m gonna talk! Here’s the deal! I GOT HAIRY LEGS! SONGIFY 2020! Everybody vote if you can
For your favorite woman or man You can stream this track from Japan to Finland Get the song here Have a great day and a great life, and don’t
forget to wear a life jacket and play zone defense against Corn Pop! I GOT HAIRY LEGS

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  1. the track is everywhere for your dance parties in Finland:

    can't believe that all the candidates who liked Coldplay had to drop out already 😱

  2. What terrifies me is this will help elect him just as all the Trump joke vids ultimately helped him too.

  3. Sorry Bernie I'm voting for Biden after hearing this raging banger.

    Jk, we all know Bernie is the only candidate that can beat Trump.Bernie2020

  4. OMG!!!! Lololololololol…….I know she dropped out but you all should have done one for Elizabeth Warren!

  5. I think it will be a month or so til I don't watch this video at least 5 times a day…. cuz right now the last point I want to make is: I GOT HAIRY LEGS!!!!!! BOOM BOOM BOOM

  6. I keep coming back to this video, it’s really catchy, and why wouldn’t it be? Hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun is an all-time classic line.

  7. I’ve played this four separate times and now my husband and I keep putting it on at random times and having a dance party with the dogs.

  8. @schmoyoho please do a song about the Dr. Phil Cyborg Kid. Perfect material…

  9. HELP, I need help remembering a video. It was the one where the boys did a Glenn Beck rap at the end. I can't remember the name of the guy Glenn Beck was interviewing, but the guy basically admitted to harassing his male interns at parties or something? Anybody remember???

  10. I love Bernie and his never changing message, but the others ……I still can’t believe this is the best we can do.

  11. This video is funny, having biden as the democratic nominee is not funny. Trump would absolutely destroy him

  12. I get why people want him as president now. His policies are shit but he is sooooo memeable.

  13. Usually these are just fun parodies, but sadly, in 2020, this is just how the debates look naturally. Rip.

  14. This is the only video of Biden from the last 12 months where he's sounding coherent. He should thanks you guys.

  15. Glorifying a dementia patient? Truly a good source of wholesomeness, but some don’t realise how unstable he’d be as a president.

  16. I wish the debates were more like this. It would show who is actually capable of creative thinking or has the best group of people to support them behind the scenes.

    You'd learn a lot more about the candidates this way. And people may actually watch because it'd be entertaining.

  17. His brain is melting 😂😂😂 trump would destroy this man. Let hope Bernie gets the nomination! Holy shit 😂😂😂😂

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