Hello Kitty Squinkies Series 5 & Calico Critters Baby Party Series Blind Bags

Hello Kitty Squinkies Series 5 & Calico Critters Baby Party Series Blind Bags

Walk back to what Stacie’s to channel I guess this way. Okay. Let’s hair guys. So what are we going to open today Kate? Well, we’re gonna be opening up the Calico Critters and the Squinkie So what’s when you might open up first Kate lon squeaky? Yeah Okay, and it’s what? series 5 and we get 9 Squinkies characters and tiny toys. Okay, I’m gonna open up guys just a tiny little Hello Kitty Hey, I’m gonna put this on here, oh it’s so cute Spits eh here is okay. Oh She’s right pink dress So tiny And It’s this one Because the one will be put If it was poked, it is in here and we can swap the characters so doesn’t go in all scenes At the game the game is so cute. I like What Kalka critters baby party series, but all 9. Yep Oh We got the little bunnies. Yes little with in this one. Oh, that’s that one. Oh how cute Here’s the checklist Is robbing fluffy hamster. Yep, he’s just holding a little balloon they’re so adorable Jane Egret critter no brothers will see cancer and they got Jamie sweet pea rabbit That’s so cute alright guys comes up below What toy that you like the most out of this video Caitlin watch what did you like? The critters. Yeah Like that wet ground Well, I don’t like to scream keys – yeah, they’re cute I like all of them and I tried in this video I love Hello Kitty. He’ll accuse my favorite and of love baby bunny I Love the baby bunny means really cute oblem electable. Boom. Oh so adorable, so I hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope everybody has a great day or night. I remember Caitlin what?

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  1. Omg hello kitty is so cute and I absolutely love the calico critters, the bunny was my favorite but I love the hamster too cuz I have a hamster too 🙂

  2. OMG!! I will always love hello Kitty these are so adorable. So teeny-tiny I would lose them or step on them LOL barefoot that is 😆

  3. I never heard of Squinkies, but I LOVE Hello Kitty and ALL the Hello Kitties with the background and without the background were so super cute:)!! I also LOVE Jamie Bunny and Robin Fluffy Hamster Calico Critters because they are also so adorable:)!!! I can not pick a favorite because I LOVE them ALL:)!!!!! Thanks for sharing your awesome Toy Haul:)!!

  4. Guys, how can I pick a favorite when they're all so cute? (LOL) I love Hello Kitty, and the bunny Calico Critter is super cute! Great job, guys.

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