Hidden Japanese Fluffy Pancakes in Tokyo Shibuya

Hidden Japanese Fluffy Pancakes in Tokyo Shibuya

hey also in this video I’m going to show you one of my secret pancake spots in Shibuya so I’m going to take you inside to this like hidden basement restaurant it’s called espresso D works not a lot of people know about it it has some lumpy ass pancakes and it also has a special surprise which I’ll show you at the end of this video because always have to share this piece of it Oh before we go if you want to help support the channel check out the Tokyo merch and if you want to see what I’m doing on a daily then definitely check out my Instagram account alright let’s go inside so I recently stumbled across this hidden basement cafe across the street from Shibuya 109 I live here and I didn’t even know it existed for such a long time but they serve the most amazing souffle pancakes they whip the batter after the order to create this feathery weight cloudy texture so here in Shibuya look no further for a pancake spot oh it has English menus so you won’t have trouble ordering all right so let me share with you some of them matheus pancakes in Shibuya oh and before we start let me know in the comments whether or not you like these kind of you can spot videos or if you like and would rather me wait a year in my pilot hot ribbon into one video hey guys I mean it’s just easier for me to make these two kind of like one-off ones and share with you guys right away especially when one of these places comes out or it’s a new spot yeah anyways let me know in the comments so I ordered the monthly special pie on great pancakes with a healthy helping of plump grapes grape sauce a grape I sorbet all over a mountain of whipped cream and fluffy souffle pancakes but just look at this delight this is actually their September special stuff you guys aren’t here have like these monthly specials it has some whipped cream on top it has some grapes it has us or baby right there it’s such a nice refreshing sorbet but let’s take the first part look at that fluffy a sensation you can almost see like the layers of fluffiness right there oh that is just so airy just love how it’s paired with a cream and the sorbet it’s just like nice and the tardies it but it’s light and it’s so easy to eat just can’t get enough with this place even has it some grapes look at these like nice Swami grapes and what’s nice about these pancakes is that they are quite fluffy and airy but at the same time they do have some like density to it they have some weight it has like a nice how do you say like a wavy texture to it but it’s still fluffy and airy on inside one of a kind I’m almost like done with this it’s that good so fast eating it looks like this is like a kind of refreshing menu let me try Mike goes real quick though Michael heard of the caramel nuts pancakes served with vanilla ice cream and this one is like their standards actually have several standard pancake that they serve all the time this one is their caramel nut and it looks like it hasn’t crushed almonds some shaved almonds it is to die for look at that [Music] definitely taste the caramel good cream is on point and the pancakes are actually the same right across the board nice fluffy good texture do you have a little bit of some powdered sugar on the side but I mean the caramel itself kind of into the little sweets like whip cream itself that they use here is nice and light it’s almost like air you’re eating and for those of you who don’t like pancakes and who know me I got chicken this place serves a fried chicken and waffles with covered cheese this is like some of the best fried chicken look at that piece right there Wow oh that’s a nice crispy fried chicken that’s good now what’s nice is that fried chicken has been quite season but if the skin is a little bit from the savory side these they’ll kind of like helps balance it out if it just makes it super super cheesy and and if you want you can put some Canadian maple syrup on it just like so just have a fried chicken glass okay I can’t get enough this I try the waffles here like little sized waffles I knit so it’s a lot more weighty than the pancake that is almost like I don’t know why but I was almost expecting to eat like have a really really like fluffy waffle yeah this one is a lot heavier and it just makes it even super heavier with a cheese on top this set will definitely fill you up these are like the nicely portioned pieces of chicken the waffle itself is quite heavy two of them with a sugar and the cheese dude you got a full meal so that all said if you like this video help me out that like button and if you want help support the channel didn’t definitely check out the Tokyo merch and if you wants what I’m doing on the daily then check out my Instagram account finally if you want to see more guys of Japan or Tokyo or even Shibuya hit that subscribe button and the button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one

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  1. I'm planning on going to Japan end of October or early November. Is that a good time of year to visit? I see there's storms right now.

  2. Pt.16-They have the best "Fluffy Ass" Pancakes? After eating enough of those pancakes, you're guaranteed to have a "Fluffy Ass!" lol!
    This Place looks AMAZING!!! My next trip to Tokyo, I'm definitely going to this place. Thanks Paolo for revealing this place to the world!

  3. Reminds me of a good pancake I've ever had in Setagaya. If you have yet to, please look up Pancake Mama Cafe Voi Voi, it is an AWESOME place.

  4. Love the video! Going to japan soon so your videos help so much. I think finding secret spots and making one video is helpful but also helpful if you make a playlist for easy access in the future. If you haven’t done so already !

  5. Bro, I love your channel. Please don't start acting like Mark Weins and making creepy faces with noises while eating. I'm sure the food is delicious, but it's almost too over the top. I've recommended your video to others and they've mentioned the same thing to me. Let your awesome content speak for itself without becoming obnoxious like him.

  6. Japan is going to be completely destroyed by the biggest typhoon ever recorded in Japanese history
    Paolo: uploads a video about fluffy pancakes

  7. I appreciate that you care what your audience thinks about your videos but do what’s convenient for you. I’m not planning a trip to Tokyo but I still watch your videos every Friday night! Thanks for the content- keep it up and have fun!

  8. Oh no! We visited Tokyo for the first time this April and were at Shibuya 109. I was looking for fluffy pancakes and could not find a place. Maybe next time if I ever visit again ha ha!

  9. Yah just do these when you find them man. No point waiting a year to compile them in like a 20 minute video. You can go more in depth in each place this way too.

  10. Me: (after watching paolo's video) omg I'm definitely going to the places that paolo recommends!
    Paolo uploaded another recommended video
    Also me: omg I need to squeeze that in my itinerary as well!!

  11. YAY FOOD! more food videos and restaurants and department store basement cafeteria food and maybe booze too. Review the 711 and Lawson food too! Egg and fruit custard sandwiches

  12. Yes the secret spots of Tokyo are the most interesting ones! How about fun places to go out at night, like some underground bars/concert "halls"?

  13. Thank u soooo much Paolo!!! Now I know where to go for pancakes. I love pancakes so much!!!! Pancake fanatic here.
    I will go there soon one day. Gotta save up to go to Tokyo.
    Awesome video. Love it! ❤️❤️

  14. Mushi Mushi
    Thank you for filming this informative video.
    Yes, I would very much enjoy seeing smaller videos frequently!
    Wow!! Those pancakes look very delicious!! I would like either Blueberry and Pistachio Pancakes. Do they even .make that,?? Lol
    Yes, Yes!! Chicken and waffles 😋. I'm hungry right now!!
    All the best Shaun of NYC

  15. I appreciate your videos. Actually went to a few food spots you recommended in Kyoto (melon pan and baked cheese tart places). My opinion, I generally prefer compilations, top-5s or top 10-s to single spot videos. Keep up the good work.

  16. Great lil secretplaces vid. I'd rather watch this now than wait for you to make a compilation video of a bunch of secret places. Both the pancakes with sorbet and ice cream look amazing! Thanks, I'll have to try it out next time in Tokyo!

  17. Love the secret spot videos 😃. Fluffy cloud pancakes…yum yum yum. Chicken & waffles…What!😋😋. You have great videos. They will help me explore more on my next visit to Japan. Thank you so much. And hi 🙋🏾 to Maliki.

  18. I’m not going to go to Japan to eat some Canadian maples syrup. Everything Japanese because, they do food better.

  19. We just went to 3 Stars Pancake in Kawasaki. We saw it featured on a TV show so we decided to try it out. We asked the waitress why it was called 3 Stars but she didn't know. It is kind of out of the way, but those pancakes were amazing. I would have never thought of a pancake as dessert, but it was so good. I am hooked on Japanese pancakes now.

  20. I love your channel and all the videos♥️ I especially like your hidden spot places but there should also be the open and popular places.

  21. Almost 600.000 subscribers! 🎉🎊 Congratulations I'm so happy for you. Your dream of having 1.000.000 subscribers will be fulfilled soon☺️

  22. My partner and I visited Japan in February and we went to as many places as you recommended on your channel 😅 I wish we visited here too but we’ll definitely visit Japan again

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