Holiday Peppermint Ice Cream For Dogs! DIY Dog Treats!

Holiday Peppermint Ice Cream For Dogs! DIY Dog Treats!

– Welcome back you guys. Today Sky and Kakoa here
are going to be helping me make DIY peppermint ice cream for dogs. We are really excited to
show you guys this recipe. The dogs love it. We are also going to be
making DIY gingerbread cookies for dogs to go along with it. So, let’s get into the cookies. So we’re gonna get started
with the gingerbread cookies for dogs. And then while those are
baking we’re gonna get into the really fun stuff and make
the peppermint ice cream. So the first thing you’re
gonna need for the gingerbread cookies is you’re gonna mix up all the dry ingredients together. This is gonna be one and a
half cups of whole wheat flour. One tablespoon of ground ginger. A half a teaspoon of cinnamon. And then a quarter
teaspoon of ground cloves. So we’re just gonna whisk this together and then set it aside while
we mix up the wet ingredients. Alright so for the wet ingredients, it is going to be a
fourth of a cup of water, two tablespoons of vegetable oil, and then one fourth a cup of molasses. So we’re just gonna whisk this
together so it’s combined. So we got the wet
ingredients mixed together. We’re gonna bring back the dry ingredients and get a spoon to mix this. So we are going to slowly
pour in the wet ingredients. Woo. (laughs) Into the dry ingredients. So, Sky has been starting to
shed her winter coat already. It’s starting to get colder outside and so she’s just shedding like crazy, and I could just see the
hair flying into this dough right now, it’s a good thing
these cookies are for the dogs. So this dough is a little bit dry, so I’m just gonna add a
little bit more water to it to help it mix up a little bit easier. (instrumental Christmas music) So as the dough starts to
form up a little bit more, you can start mixing with
your hands to help smooth in that flour a little bit better. And then once you get it all
mixed together into a big ball, we’ll start to roll it out and cut it with our cookie cutters. So, we got all the dough mixed
up together into a big ball, I’m gonna let the dogs try it real quick before we roll it out. (instrumental Christmas music) Oh yeah, you just swallowed that whole. Oh, yummy. Alright so we’re just gonna
grab a little bit of flour, and put it on this plate for us, so I can roll out the cookie dough. And then we’re gonna put a
little bit of flour on our rolling pin, hey no. We are gonna roll these
cookies out to one quarter inch and then cut them into the shapes. So once we have rolled this out, it’s about one quarter of an inch thick, we are going to take our cookie sheet, I liked it with aluminum
foil so that it’s easier to get the cookies off
after they’re done baking. So we just got these cute
little dog themed cookie cutters that we’re gonna cut these
gingerbread cookies into. And you’re just gonna cut these
out of the rolled out dough and place them onto your cookie sheet. As you get your cookies cut out, you’ll roll out all the
extra dough that you have and then do it again until
there’s no more dough left. If you guys haven’t already,
head over to our website where we sell these awesome bandanas. Right now we have some
holiday themed bandanas going. Sky is wearing the evergreen bandana and Kakoa is wearing
our peppermint bandana. So if you like those,
head over to our website and check ’em out. Now we have gotten all
of our cookies cut out. Make sure that you preheat
your oven to 325 degrees. We are gonna bake these
for about 20 minutes or until they’re all done. And while these are baking,
let’s get started on our peppermint ice cream. Alright, so to get into
this peppermint ice cream, it’s pretty simple. We are going to just be
taking about ten mint leaves, just putting them in this
little blender cup right here. We’re going to be adding in the yogurt, it’s gonna be about three
quarters of a cup a yogurt. Alright, we’re only gonna add
in about five mint leaves, cause these are actually
a little bit bigger than I was expecting. And then we’re just gonna
scoop in this yogurt. No, yeah I know you love yogurt. And we’re going to blend this up just to get that mint flavor
into all of the yogurt. So, let’s go blend it up. So now that we got this all blended up. I know, you wanna taste it. So we are just gonna add a couple drops of food grade color dye into this. And this is just gonna
be for the coloration and the decoration in the treats. (tapping spoon) You don’t need to add the
food dye if you don’t want to. So we’re just gonna mix this up. Alright, you can taste
just a little bit of it. This looks so awesome. Oh yummy. So now we’re gonna show you
how to make the decorations like you see in the thumbnail,
the red and white paw prints. We’re gonna be using these
large silicon paw print trays. And then just a pastry bag. We’re gonna add in the
red yogurt, mint yogurt, into this pastry bag. We’re just gonna pipe it
into the paw print shape. (instrumental Christmas music) Alright, so now that we
got all of the pink yogurt piped into the cookie tray, we are gonna set this in the
freezer for about ten minutes just to get that little layer solidified so that when we put in the
next layer it’s not gonna mix together and look all funky. So let’s set this in the
freezer and then I’ll show you the next step. Alright, so we just pulled the
paw prints out of the freezer as you can see the pink part
has hardened just a little bit, it’s not completely hard,
just enough to where it’s not gonna mix in with the white once we put that white on top of it. So, for that white portion,
we are going to add in, again just about five mint leaves into the little blender cup and a little bit more yogurt this time. Because there’s gonna
be more area to fill. So we’re gonna add in about a cup to a cup and a half a yogurt to fill up all of these paw prints. So once we get this going, we are going to again, blend it up. And then add ’em into the trays. So now that we got this all blended up, (lid tapping on cup) Hmmm looks delicious. Okay, so we are just going
to scoop these on top of the paw prints. The other thing that is
great about these treats is the mint inside of it. So, as well as they’re getting
a treat, it’s also gonna be freshening their breath
up with the mint flavor. Alright, so now that we got the
paw prints completely filled we are going to set these
in the freezer overnight so that they’re completely
hard and in the morning we are gonna have them
choose to see which one they like better, the peppermint ice cream or the gingerbread cookie. So we have these gingerbread cookies here that we pulled to of the oven yesterday. We let ’em cool. Sky has been going crazy
to try ’em ever since she tried that dough yesterday. So I’m curious to see which
treat she is gonna like more. And then we just pulled
these paw prints out of the freezer this morning. As you can see, the red
and a little hint of green from the mint, super cute huh? Yeah, I know. So we’re gonna put each one
of these on a plate for them and see which one they’re
going to choose to eat. Alright, here you guys go. Looks like they go both
straight for the cookies. They did smell really strong. (giggles) What do you think? So it looks like they really
enjoyed both of these treats. If you guys wanna see more
of Sky and Kakoa’s life, make sure that you follow us on Instagram, our handle is MyMountainHusky, and we will see you next time. (instrumental Christmas music)

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  6. With cinnamon, there are two main types, cassia and ceylon. People should eat ceylon as the cassia can harm your liver. Not sure about dogs. This is very easily searched for verification. A pound of ceylon is about $15 on Amazon, so it's not expensive.

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