How Guide Dogs Guide A Blind Person

How Guide Dogs Guide A Blind Person

Okay, you guys this video has been requested for way too long, literally years ~Molly’s cute intro music~ Full disclosure Gallop had surgery yesterday He’s totally fine. He’s all good. Thanks for all the love and good vibes you guys sent on social media for him, But he is still like feeling a little sleepy, a little low-energy. I came to a mall here in the LA area Because I want to show you guys like how he does escalators, how he does stairs, how he finds chairs How he navigates around objects. I want to show you all the different commands I use and how he Reacts to them. I don’t know. I just want to kind of do like a vlog style video super chill, low-key, show you How we work together as a partnership. Oh also, I did a video previously where I did all of the French commands and said what they mean in English So I’ll link that below so you can learn all about why my guide dog, yes, only knows French commands and what those commands mean. The first thing I wanna show you guys is how he puts his harness on because yes, he does it himself So I just pick it up Hold it like this to make sure that he can like get in the right direction. Which, blind girl problems™ Sometimes he gets in the wrong direction and that’s all my fault. We just have to redo it. But Gallop. Harness. Put your harness on. Boom! Look at him! Isn”t he a smart lil’ boy? Soooooo…. Now that it’s buckled under his belly This is a typical guide dog or service dog leash I just loop that under my pointer finger and grab the harness like this. So every ring I ever wear on this finger if you see It gets like totally bent. I don’t know if you guys can see that Can you tell?
(Mesa: Yeah, yeah) So every ring I for a long time I was like, “Why does every ring on this finger always get bent?” and then I was like “Oh cuz all day there’s like a slight pulling sensation on it.”
So that’s why. But yeah, this is how it works So now I’m going to say
Gallop! Gee (go right) So as you can see we just went from turning facing forward to turning right. Okay now I’m gonna tell them to
On y va! (Let’s Go) and… They both- they know both hand gestures and words you can use them in tandem or you can use them separately I usually do both so.. Gallop!
On y va. That means to walk forward! So I just told him to stop and what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna tell him to find the escalator I know there’s one near me, but I don’t quite know where it is. So I’m gonna ask him to find it for me This is a task that not all service dogs train dogs to do. The Mira Foundation is one that does train them.
It is -I will say- the most dangerous task we perform So if your dog and you are not trained how to do this properly and safely Please do not bring your dog on escalators.
PSA. That’s all. I’m gonna ask Gallop to find the escalator. Début (Start) Mobile!
On y va.
Mobile! (escalator) Oh wow, we were literally right there, haha. Look at that! So now I put my hand on here. And I feel what direction it’s moving. So it’s going upwards which is, in fact, the direction I want to go, so I’m gonna get on it So what I’m going to do is he stopped at the edge.
I can feel that it’s the right direction, so now I’m gonna grab his harness strap right like that, and I’m gonna pick up his front paws and I’m gonna say
On y va. Bon Chien!
(Good Dog!) So now I just stand with my foot pushed up against the stair in front of me So I could feel when we’re getting to the top So I can pick his front paws up again, and he’ll jump off. On y va! There you go!
Safely tackled an elevator- escalator! Okay so, I’ve come into the Aerie store because I want to be able to show you Gallop, like, navigating me through obstacles. But there’s music everywhere and Aerie was so kind to like
turn the music down a little bit because they’re the sweetest people EVER and I love them. So thank you, team Aerie! Alright, let’s just kind of walk through the store. Okay Début, Gallop.
Bon Chien. I’m gonna ask him to Virage, turn around. Gallop, Virage. On y va. Oh, *giggle*
He found Grandma! I can ask him anytime like, “find grandma”
if I’m in a store and he’ll be like *trots* and find grandma.
Okay Virage,
We’re not hanging out with Grandma, we’re trying to film. Mom’s trying to shop. Gee. (Right) Bon Chien.
On y va.
*clicks tongue* On y va Oui (yes) So we stopped because I got to an obstacle and he’s like, “I don’t know where you want me to take you” Ooh! There you are! Hi- I’m sure you get the point now. That’s how he sees obstacles that I would walk right into and he just kind of like gets me through them and around them and it’s very helpful So, thanks, sir! On y va! On y va.
Bon Chien. Now I’m gonna ask him to find me a door. Gallop, Dehors! (outside) Dehors, Find a door! On y va,
Come on! (Random man: “Ooh, I’m sorry!”) Molly: That’s okay! Sorry, I’m so blind. I don’t know what’s happening,
Thank you! (Random man: “I felt so bad.”) Molly and Mesa: *laughing* It’s just like, what is going on, I cannot see Somebody needs to verbalize if they’re walking through the door or not Oh, sighties are so difficult to deal with sometimes! Now you guys just saw a real-life
blind girl awkward moment™
but that’s how I deal with them I literally just announce it. I’m like,
Sorry. I’m blind! Mesa: From now on, from now on all sighted people have to just walk around narrating every moment of their life Molly: Just in case they run into a blind person who doesn’t look blind!
Mesa: like, I am walking *devolves into giggles* Gallop, Au Pied! (at my side) Alright, On y va, chaise! (chair) On y va, find a chaise! That means chair in French!
Oh, great, now the music stops -.- *Classical music plays* *Music stops* Mesa: That one has a person in it, Molly, careful! *laughter* Molly: I’m blind, sorry about that! This is the whole video, “I’m BLIND.”
Mesa: I’m bllliiiiiinnnnndddd.
*laughter* Molly: See that’s the thing, Gallop can’t find which chair is empty, he’ll just find a chair. So he was like, “here it is!” “It’s the chair!” Thanks, babe!
That was a good effort! Now we’re gonna find an empty one,
huh? Did he find a chair? Mesa: He did! Molly: Look at you, that’s an empty chair
Good job, buddy! So we did find some stairs So I’m gonna ask him to “Escalier” – find the stairs
and then I’m going to ask him to Gee Ramp Which is find the railing for me. Escalier, hop up! On y va, hop up. Bon Chien, so he stops to let me know I’m at the top of stair, which means I can push my foot forward and I can feel the edge with my foot So I go like that and I can feel and then I say
Gee Rampe (Right Handrail) And he brings me to the railing and then On y va. On y va, it’s okay Gallop.
Bon Chien. And there we are. Aller (speed up)
Bon Chien (If I) Specifically ask Gallop for the stairs he’ll – and there’s a ramp option he’ll go up the ramp so there is a ramp right beside the stairs, but I’m gonna ask him specifically to take me to the stairs. Virage. Escalier. On y va, escalier So now he’s stopped and that’s how I know it’s upstairs versus downstairs
When it’s upstairs He puts his front paws on the stair and then I can step up beside him and if it’s downstairs He just stops and I push my foot forward. So now we’re gonna go On y va,
on y va. Gallop, it’s okay! *Blind girl grumbling* Okay, come on!
It’s okay! Actually a lot of people fat shame my dog, which is crazy because he’s like perfectly healthy weight It’s just because he’s Berenese Mountain dog. Those dogs can be like 160 pounds. Okay? but yeah now once I stopped here they started saying like ‘good boy, good boy’ and Even like the example of trying to find a chair,
Gallup would have found that first – like that chair that he found me second He would have found that first if that woman hadn’t like stopped and tried to pet him and distracted him and had blocked him Because that’s exactly where that chair was for him to take me to So that’s like the importance of not distracting service dog and not distracting the owner because we’re both focused. We’re both listening We’re both paying attention to each other’s body language, each other’s movements, um And so yeah, there you go a prime example.
Then also There’s like street crossings, he’ll find me street curbs, things like that, but I’m in a mall.
There’s no street crossings. So I might have to get that clip a different day and insert that Here! So clearly it’s a different day,
I’m gonna ask Gallop to hopup and find the curb Gallop, on y va
hop up! On y va, hop up! Gallop,
faites attention (pay attention)
hop up! So he took me to the slanted part of the sidewalk
and he stopped at the edge. And now I would listen to the flow of traffic and using my ears to determine when it’s safe to cross. It’s safe to cross, right mom?
Mom: It is! Molly: Kay, on y va, Gallop! If it was not safe to cross and I chose to cross and Gallop saw that it wasn’t safe he would activate obedient disobedience and he would not cross I’m gonna do a full in-depth video on how I know with my ears when it’s safe to cross. Gettin’ on the escalator again, be safe Mesa! Dedicated Mesa is filming backwards. Just kinda put my foot like this and wait for the edge. *Classical Music begins again* *Classical Music ends* Now we’re back to where we started the day So I will do a video another time on like, actually crossing the streets, like, how I cross the streets Hopefully I’ve already inserted a clip earlier of how he finds the curb But I’m going to do a whole separate video on how I know when to cross the street by listening with my ears Alright, I love you guys, thanks for being with me! Thanks for supporting me and to everyone that I met today here at the mall! You guys are awesome, thanks for being my bees! Bye!

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  1. Great video! Thank you for sharing. Curious: why don't you have a "Service Dog on Duty, please do not touch or distract" sign on Gallop? Would that be helpful or do sighted people typically ignore those type of instructions?

  2. Whenever I see a service dog in public I have to wrestle with myself internally because they’re so cute and sweet but I know they’re at work and can’t be distracted. But god I just want to tell them that they’re doing a great job. I’m so glad that dogs exist.

  3. I wish people were more observant and respectful of people that are CLEARLY with a service dog. Why do you have to stop and stare, this isn’t a circus. This is a person who is relying on their service dog to stay safe. And if you distract that dog just because you have to be nosy and curious, he cannot perform his job. Do you HAVE to pet every dog? No. Be more observant and realize, hmmm that dog and owner don’t look like most owner and pet couples, maybe I shouldnt approach. Maybe I shouldn’t stop and stare like they’re an exhibit in the zoo. Maybe, I should just keep going about my day and let them be. Sorry that just really frustrates me when people gawk like that. And ask to pet a service dog. No, no you can’t. Stop. Just stop. Also..
    People are so weird about not being filmed… that lady holding the bag over her face was not a celebrity so what’s the deal 😂 I just genuinely don’t know their reasons behind it, more curious than anything.
    Gallop is SUCH a good boy!!! What a smart young man. His mom is so lucky😊

  4. This gives me goosebumps!! Gallup is an amazing service dog! Everytime I see service dogs I just scream in my head how cute that dog is and keep on walking. I know that dog is working hard to assist the person they are with and I don't want to Disturbed that.

  5. The "I'm so blind" comment was perfect comedic timing. Even sighted people still annoy me when they don't watch where they are going and pay attention. If anything moves within 10 feet of me I notice. lol

  6. ‘ I’m going to tell him to find a door’
    Person: ‘oh I’m so sorry’
    Molly: ‘ I’m so blind I don’t know what’s happening’ 😂😂

  7. I don't have a guide dog personally and like most people or some i love love dogs and obviously i love to play with them and cuddle and pet them and I honestly don't see a lot of guide dogs but when i do i obviously would love to go pet it, but i also do know that just like everyone SHOULD know is that basically that dog is on a mission to make their owner as successful as they can make them and take them where they need to go and they are basically the persons life support at times which is why i completely believe you shouldn't go up and ask to pet the dog or try to distract it because if someone were to literally such as molly were trying to go somewhere and someone without asking or something came up and started petting him (i think gallop is a he haha) and he gets distracted. The point is that dog isn't like, he is busy at that moment and shouldn't be bothered or distracted from his job.

  8. I am starting to lose my vision and your channel helps me learn what is available for when I do fully go blind.

  9. did you anybody else realize the lady recording gallop with molly by the stairs? like its normal for people to have service animals.

  10. Thank you Molly! I was thankful that woman appearing and asked to pet Gallop. Now people can see how it can interfere and cause confusion and possible stress. Although, that woman was also disrespectful. I hope you have a wonderful day! Stay on the bright side! 😇

  11. The crossing road bit. What will you do if most cars are electric which they probably will be one day. I’m sighted and nearly got hit by an electric car. Rushing to work!! They’re so quiet. They’re like ninja cars!!

  12. Just to put this out there… as long as you can feel Gallop’s ribs without having to press, and he has a noticeable waistline – then he is a healthy weight. It’s not as much about numbers and breed weight ranges. Looking good you two!

  13. People are really stopping and staring at the service dog… LITERALLY JUSY STANDING THERE AND LOOKING AT MOLLY AND GALLOP.

  14. As a fellow blind person I understand the struggle and occasionally annoyance of people constantly requesting to Pet guide dogs. Even though I have never owned one myself I have several friends who do.I have several friends Who put signs on their guide dogs harnesses that said do not pet. All of the guide dogs promptly ate the signs

  15. I was just re-watching this video with my 4 year old (also named Molly). She loved it and asked lots of questions, then asked our dog to "find the stairs Bubba" 😂 she was a little said when I said our rescue didn't have the proper training. Also "her name is Molly just like I'm Molly and she has purple hair and purple is my favorite color".

  16. The lady saw you for half a second and goes "can I touch?". Bizarre, she didn't even said "good evening" or something. Not to mentiom the other lady filming you from a distance, like a blind person is some sort of curiosity.

  17. in Australia , the traffic lights have a buzzing/loud sound so people (im guessing blind people) know when it’s safe to cross.

  18. So I have depression severe anxiety disorder to where i fall on the ground and scream sometimes. I wonder if that is a reason to get a dog because I feel like I need help
    Edit: feel free to share opinions I really could use some advice : )

  19. I have the same exact same breed dog and everybody also fat shames her when she’s perfectly normal. It’s just the way she looks.

  20. I LOVED seeing him in action. This is helping educate us “sighties” learn exactly what not to do and how to behave when we see a guide dog in public. I ADORE you & Gallop, I swear your videos always make my day.

  21. At least the woman asked to pet Gallop, it's crazy how many people just do it without asking!

  22. at first i was like “what language is she speaking” n when she said “escalier,” i got that she was speaking french lol 😬

  23. Thank you for sharing this. I think for a lot of people, the fact that you appear to be looking directly into the camera and perhaps someone’s eyes, makes it hard to believe you’re blind. Unless you actually tell someone, they would never know. Go easy on us sighties lol

  24. lol the dog finding a chair with allready one sitting in it xD imagine being alone so no one tells u and u sit on another persons lap xD atleast ppl ask to pet the dog… some ppl just pet it and that is way worse then getting asked…

  25. Service dogs deserve to sleep on the bed. I'm always impressed by not only the dogs intelligence but how much they enjoy working/helping.

  26. I feel really bad. When I was in high school I went to school with a girl who was blind and she had a service dog as well to help get her to and from classes. She sat next to me in Econ and I got mad when I asked to pet her dog and she said no. I didn’t fully understand that it was a distraction. I’m so glad you made this video so that people who don’t understand may find some insight to the situation!

  27. Thanks Molly! (And Gallop, and Mesa!)

    I've been slowly learning about guide dogs due to a young friend whose vision has deteriorated. Videos like this help, because I can get big picture info from her then come here for more in depth explanations.

    I've also been trying to run interference with friends' kids for her. Of course they all want to PET THE DOGGIE, and it's been quite the job getting them to understand why they can't. It really helps to see how even very experienced pairs depend of no distractions. (My friend and her dog have been together less than a year, so they're still learning from each other.)

    Keep doing good! You're making a difference. 😀

  28. Woman: "Can I touch?"
    Molly: "No sorry, she's working."

    I say this way too many times a day. I have a service dog, too. It's super annoying when people ask me to pet him even though I cover his vest in patches that say things like "working dog do not pet", "not all disabilities are visible" and "no touch, no talk, no eye contact". I've had people read his patches out loud to me then proceed to pet him. I don't get it. 

    It does warm my heart, however, when I hear a kid asking their mom to go pet my dog and the mom takes the time to explain to her kid that the dog is working and has a very important job to do so he can't be pet right now. One mom once explained it by saying, "You know how we can't bother daddy when he is at work because daddy is busy with his job and needs to stay focused? Well, that dog is busy at work too so we can't distract him from his job now either". I loved that!

  29. Im going to try the foot thing on escalators. I get nervous on escalators and look like a idiot. Maybe the foot trick will help me.

  30. I came all the way here from my Audible Original monthly pick-up "It's not what it looks like". Picked it among the 6 titles and totally love it! Really like your personality and literally love what you're doing!! love your dogs too.. They're are awesome!
    Big hugs from Dalat, Vietnam :xxo

  31. There was a bloke in NSW Australia a few years ago who walked to where there had always been a zebra crossing, and the council had replaced it with a non striped crossing and his very good dog wouldn't let him cross, because it wasn't safe, because the crossing was gone
    Unfortunately, the bloke obviously didn't no why the dog wouldn't cross and stood there for a long time (I forget how long) before someone came along and he could ask what was going on

  32. Im a native french speaker and in the subtitles, it says « On y vas » wich means « Let’s go ». Going fowards would be « En avant ».
    Ps. This is not a hate comment, I appreciate the work the person did. Have a nice day everyone! 🥰
    Edit: There's also " Début" that means start, but in this case the right word would be "Debout".

  33. It was so awesome to see Gallop turning his body in towards Molly when he was guiding her to the handrail at the stairs, shielding her from falling down them. Such a good man.

  34. I love your clothes in this video! And I know people would probably stop and stare often but those people literally just stood right there obviously staring at you guys and it just surprised me, because if I want to look at someone/something I do it for like a second and/or not obviously and usually I don’t give anyone/anything a second glance because I think it’s rude. My friends are always like “did you see that?” Or mention someone and be like “they had a really bright neon shirt” or something for instance and I’d be like really? Didn’t see it, because when I’m out I don’t pay much attention to people other than where I’m going and what’s necessary and I don’t want people to feel like I’m looking at them because I wouldn’t want them to feel them staring at me… 😂

  35. Wow, I always knew not to pet a service dog, but I didn’t know I shouldn’t look at them or make noises at them. I’ve done that before and the service dog put it’s nose to me. I figured it wasn’t my fault that it touched me (instead of the other way around), but now I understand it was. I’m glad to be educated on that, because I obviously don’t want to make anyone else’s day more difficult. Thank you!

  36. Your videos are so much fun to watch, Molly. You have a great personality and your voice sounds friendly. I love your fashion sense too!

  37. How does he know where he's taking you? I've always wondered but never had the nerve to ask a blind person face to face. If you want to go to a certain coffee shop or bus stop or restaurant or whatever… how do you tell Gallop where to take you?

  38. Im curious what would be the proper way to engage conversation with someone, while they were being guided by their guide dog. I understand the need to stay focused and not distracted, so i wouldn't want to impose. But there have been a few times where I have seen someone who was blind out and about, and really wanted to start a conversation with them.

  39. Normally I dislike dogs. But a dog that has a jop? and finds an empty sit and trying to prove it is actualy empty by putting his head on it?

    That is cute everywhere :DD

  40. My husband is a paraplegic and full time wheelchair user and even i learned so much about the difference in how service dogs are trained in this video. Thank you for teaching us.

  41. My mom once tried to ask to pet one in training and I kept pulling on her arm and poking her before she did but she still asked I was like rlly mom way to embarrass both of us😑🙄

  42. Molly, this is the first time I have seen your video, I love your humour and energy you bring to the video, knowing that you are teaching others techniques for service dogs and how to train them, love you throw a bit of a mix. You are such amazing role model and teacher to other blind people. I support guide dogs for the blind, it's so important that blind people have independence and lead a normal life, also having a little friend for life. I really get frustrated when a service dog working and people want to pat it, can't you read dog working please don't distract me, god some people are so stupid. Thanks for your upload, I am interested in learning more about serivces dogs, as I support guide dogs charity.😊🙇💜🐶🐾🐾💐⚘🌹

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