How to Draw a Black Cat in the Night – Halloween Special

How to Draw a Black Cat in the Night – Halloween Special

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we are going to draw a black cat. We begin by sketching the general
shape of the head, with white pencil over dark gray cardboard paper. Then the body and the ears. The eyes and on with the detail. Now with a black pencil
we can do the shadows and the darkest parts. The eyes will be the only
things to have color, this to make them stand out from all the rest. Everything else will stay in black and white. And over here, some whiskers! Using short lines we can
achieve the texture of the fur. The list of materials is in the
information below the video. This is so fun, a real pleasure,
I love drawing so much! With the black we can
refine the whiskers. if they are too thick. And now the areas that
reflect light on the body. I do this with a light gray. Good! I like it, how it is coming out. It is important that it looks soft and not stiff. Here go the front paws. On the paws generally the hair
is shorter than on the body. Obviously the reason why I selected a dark gray cardboard paper, was to deliver
a nightly effect. Maybe someone thought
that drawing a black cat on dark paper, wasn´t
that great of an idea, but actually gives a nice effect. It will be laying on a hill of murky rock. Reflects some light
on the boarder, and the rest will be very dark. Do you know why black cats
are related to witches? If you know, please let me know
in the comments. I actually like them a lot. The only thing missing now,
is the moon. I do it with gray and white. It´s ready! If you enjoyed it
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on Tuesday 🙂 Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

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  1. Another masterpiece! I'm sure anyone with some genuine artistic skills would find your tips helpful, but they're way. beyond me! I just enjoy watching a true master at work!

  2. wow, that was really amazing! Halloween is almost here! I also want to see a moon, always admire them. I was trying to draw a moon and I managed it,but not so professionally! But I want you to show me how to professionally draw moon. Can you do that? I would be very grateful =)

  3. Really amazing, I love it you know so much ways to draw so much styles, and I really wanna learn this one in particular, btw where are you from ? I guess you're Italian 😀

  4. Beautiful! You are a great artist and your enthusiasm for what you do inspires me every week. Thank you so much for your videos!

  5. Why black cats are associated with witchcraft :
    Cats were said to be a "Familiars" which is a friend of the witch . They are very closely related and have many similarities. Cats have always been a mystery as well as loved by many and hated by others. They have distinct personalities and seemingly mysterious ways and have been mistaken as being evil. As is usually the case, many fear what they do not understand and cats have along standing of being misunderstood.

  6. It was largely in the Middle Ages that the black cat became affiliated with evil and witches are evil,too.I think because of that black cats are related to witches 🙂

  7. Great video! Excellent drawing and wonderful music (but it's creepy), Black cat to me is just beautiful animal and inspiration! 😉 by the way — what the music it was? Thank you!

  8. That cat is so cute it looks amazing
    And I'm not completely sure but I think black cats are related to witches because they look evil and act mischievous during the night just like a witch

  9. "do you know why black cats are related to witches? if you do, please let me know ;)" hahaha, i was so sure you were about tell us

  10. Leonardo,
    That's a very beautiful black cat!!! I like the idea that you drew it on dark paper… and titled it black cat in the  night… it's witty… it's kind of the same as  drawing a polar bear in the snow…

    Anyway, about your  question about black cats and witches… here's what I think… 

    Black cats and other  animals related to witches were first linked to witches through superstition and fear… Humanity Like to have explanations to everything, even things they do not understand, or rather "ESPECIALLY" for things they do nit understand. So sudden deaths, sickness,  bad luck and bad things were often blamed on dark things. A lot of which happen at night back in the times of no no electricity and low education, and  people have to rely on their collective experiences.

    There have always been women who were  considered witches because they knew more things than others, or were the "scapegoat" of people's collective fears. Especially really old women who don't have anyone to take care of them in those days. People knew nothing of the sicknesses like Dementia and Alzheimer… so when some really old  women or men who walk around in the village with it would be feared.

    The association of the black animals to them is often purely instinctive hysteria. The simple psychology of the human mind… Which was left unfixed through hundreds of  years equals to this long standing belief in such things… I love black cats, black dogs, black horses and black wolves… I think they look majestic somehow. They look as powerful, as beautiful and magical as the ones that are pure white… 

    If you backtrack the beliefs through its timeline, you will see that it is part of the social evolution of  humanity. The more  educated the society the less there is these associations to explain away the bad things that happen to people in that society.

    These days, I think, it is  the "dark romance" people have with the lingering "World Memory" from the days of old.

  11. I love to work on a dark back ground such as this drawing. You can really focus on the lights and the darks! 👌👌👌👍👍👍🎨

  12. I love your work so much! You make it seem so easy to achieve the effects that you want to portray, how I wish I can draw like you some day.

  13. @Fine Art-Tips I am a Wiccan, or (the term I prefer) a witch, so I know a little bit of history about witches and cats. Cats in general (not just black ones) were considered to be witches' familiars. Some believe it was because of their nocturnal hunting habits, and perhaps also because many old women seemed to like to keep them around, and these old women (who were country midwives and healers) were often targeted during the 'Burning Times.' If an old midwife delivered a stillborn, or a healer failed to cure an illness and her patient died, she was branded as a witch. Eventually, people in Europe began to see all cats as evil creatures. And while pagan cultures regarded black as a lucky and protective color, most Christians at the time viewed it as extremely unlucky. Therefore, a black cat was seen as twice as evil, and connected to the 'devil's consorts,' or witches. The hysteria over cats got so bad at one point that people started killing them all. According to some historians, this greatly contributed to the black plague. Without cats, the mouse and rat population skyrocketed, and so did the plague-carrying fleas that lived on them.

    I wish I had some sources to cite for you, but my knowledge about this stuff comes from reading many books and articles, as well as a few shows on A&E Channel and History Channel. Anyway, I hope that answers your question!

    Thanks for this video! I really want to try that technique! I have a black kitty of my own, and I'd love to draw her like this!

  14. I love it just as all of your tutorials. I can draw a little myself but just buildings shuckle nothing to compare with your arts! You are amazing!!

  15. Hello.  Love this video!  Have done some cat portraits on black background that came out very well and want to try your technique.  First I will have to conjure up some dark gray paper.  Thanks for all your videos.  I look forward to each and every one of them.

  16. Leonardo, someone you answered why black cats are attributed to witches? If not, I'll try. I do not know if they necessarily have to be black, the point is that witches often work at night, in the shadows, in secret. Cats, as their helpers, should the least conspicuous. Witches also frequently dress in black, is not it? What cat will be least visible in the night? Probably just black … 
    I also love black cats, mrrrrrauuu;-) This drawn by you looks absolutely like living 😉

  17. Hi im a big fan of your works!! Im a ok artist, definitely not anywhere near your talent.. I would love to do a furry animal work, is there a way you can illustrate a step by step process of a furry animal sketch?? Short fur, long fur, face, bod, light, shadow, all in detail?

  18. A black cat is related to witches because people a long time ago thought that either 1) after a witch or warlock died, they turned into a black cat and 2) a witch or warlock can turn into a black cat.

  19. Black cats are known as "familiars" to witches, because they purportedly have the ability to see spirits before humans can. They are dark, mysterious, and with thier keen sixth sense are considered magickal.

  20. Black cats were used as witches companions to help them with magic.And on Halloween people will kidnap them or should I say catnap them and kill them because rumor has it black cats are bad luck.

  21. Beautiful just beautiful. I have a black and white tuxedo cat and and panicking at the thought of using my color pencil to draw her. Can you show how to draw on white paper?

  22. hey! I really enjoy your videos and I am watching them a lot. I had few questions while watching your tutorials: When did you began with drawing and why? Did you just study or did you found inspiration on other artists? Keep doing your videos and your art!

  23. Sooo… they say….! The witch will never have a white color cat, because her black clothes will be full of white hair!!! 😉 I have 2 cats – one ginger tabbly and another – grey and white color british short hair… I am not a witch. 😉 By the way, you are magician!!! Great video!!!! 🙂 I love it!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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