How To: Easy Smokey cat Eye | Jaclyn Hill

How To: Easy Smokey cat Eye | Jaclyn Hill

[British accent] Hello, my little chickadees,
how are you today? [American accent] Was that pretty good?
I mean, I’m kind of impressed. I know I look very strange right now. That is because I just have on a full face of foundation, bronzer, and brows, and then gloss. And I like, used powder to set my face.
Like, the powder is all over my eyelashes, so my eyelashes look blonde. I know I look very strange, but that’s okay. Because for today’s video, I’m going to be showing you basically how to achieve, like, the easiest smokey eye ever. You don’t have to use the exact same products as me, but this only requires basically two brushes,
and one eyeshadow palette. It is so easy, and the technique itself is super easy. If you follow along, like I swear, you can do this. I’m just gonna zoom you in nice and tight. Nice and right and tight, okay? We’re gonna get it poppin’. That sounded like the beginning of a porno. For today’s look, I’m going to be using
the Morphe 25A palette. Looks like this — is it in focus? Is it …in focus?
I think it’s in focus. Comes with a bunch of shimmers, and mattes. For today’s look, I’m just going to be using
the matte browns and the matte black. Then the two brushes that I’m going to mainly
be using on my lid are my ride or dies recently. This one right here, I have been using for
years and years, and this is the Morphe M433. If you have the MAC 217, it’s like
basically the same thing. And then this one right here is the Morphe 506,
which I have recently fallen in love with. I mentioned it in a tutorial, like a couple of
videos ago, and I have not put it down since. Like, it is just the best brush for like, precision blending.
You’ll see. You’ll see, as I do this video. That is a zoom. Like, that is a ZOOM.
And you can see my smile lines, hey. Okay, so I’m going to start off with the M433 by Morphe. This is the fluffy, natural hair, so this is going to
apply whatever product you pick up in a much more sheer, wash effect.
If you go in with a synthetic hair, which looks like this, which will be black typically, that’s
going to apply a more generous amount of product. So, that’s why we’re going to start off
with a natural hair, synthetic brush, because it’s gonna apply the least amount of product. And I’m gonna start off by going in my crease area. So, I’m going to pick up — I know this is crazy,
but I usually pick up all three of these shades. So, it doesn’t really matter.
Just pick one, pick the other one. You can go with all three, but these three
middle shades right here are, like, my favorites ’cause they’re very similar, but yet
very different at the same time. So, I just kind of take my brush, and just kind of like [sound effects] amongst all of them. But any like, medium tone, neutral brown
will do the trick for this look. So, I’m just going to take that. I’m gonna initially place my brush right
on the outer corner of the eye right here, and I’m going to just begin to put that in the crease area. For this look, we’re going to kind of create,
like a cat eye, essentially. So, I don’t want to put a ton of product
on the inner corner of the eye. I want to leave that pretty nude and blank. I want basically everything to be on the outer corner. So, we’re going to start in here. As you can see, I’m not starting as high as normal. Normally I start like, all up in here, my crease,
and I start off with, like, a longer-haired brush. Not today. I’m gonna keep it nice and low, ’cause I don’t want this eye look to go up too high. Like, towards the brow. I wanna keep it
kinda down here a little bit. Blended, I just always make sure that
everything is blended, every step of the way before I move onto another color,
or another brush. I just make sure that everything is smooth, because that’s the way
you really achieve a flawless-looking eye, is just to blend every single step as you go. Alright, so now what I’m going to do is
I’m gonna grab some translucent powder and this is the RCMA, no-color translucent powder,
even though I keep it in a Sephora package. And then I’m going to pick up this brush. You guys, I cannot live without this brush. And it’s again from Morphe, and it’s the E47.
Looks like this. Oh my gosh. What I do, is I take this,
I stamp it into my translucent powder — any translucent powder will do — tap off the excess, and what I’m going to do
is I’m going to create the shape that I want to have on my eyeshadow. If you want to have a really intense cut eyeshadow you can do that, you can make
whatever shape you want I’m gonna start – I’m trying to make sure
I’m in camera- I’m gonna start right here at the corner, and I’m gonna just stamp it
right back like that And it’s just a small observation, as you can see,
I did not take that translucent powder and touch it all the way, like to my actual lower lashline you see that, how it’s not actually touching right here in this section? The reason I need that blank, is because at one point after we get done with the upper lid, I’m going to take this brush,
I’m gonna go down in this area and I don’t want that translucent powder
to get in the way, so it’s not actually touching
my actual – like eye, lid, and lashline if that makes sense. This trick is just something that
I came up with and created one day when I was doing my makeup, because I love that like, kind of like, wooosh, that like, smoked out cat eye but I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses and it’s just something that I cannot achieve on my own. So I just created this technique,
to make it easier for myself and I’m telling you, it is like smokey cat eye for dummies. Alright, so I’m going to pick up this brown right here on that small precision brush now. And I’m going to just begin to take this
right along – I feel like I’m so crooked, like the camera needs to like, come over to me. There, that’s better. So I’m just gonna take this, and begin to create like that dark, brown, smokiness and I wanna keep this, like low down, at the lash line, and then slowly bringing it upward. I’m actually gonna take some
translucent powder really quick, on um, a beauty blender, and I’m just going to
put this underneath here just in case, I get really messy with my eyeshadow and have like a ton of fallout, I can just, sweep it away in one quick, swooop, and it’ll totally be gone. Alright, so we are just sticking right there on that
lash line, and we’re gonna get that lash line nice and dark, just on the outer corner, just going back and forth,
back and forth, as you can see. And then I’m gonna just, slowly kind of flick it out, towards that translucent powder
that I have there. Just working in nice and slow motions, you can see I’m just slightly creating a little line, nothing intense or scary. I’m gonna go back in with the original brush, and I’m going to just, go right over top of that there’s NOTHING on that brush right now, at all it’s totally naked. I’m just going over all of that. I’m going to pick up just a little bit more of that original colour that I went in with, in the lower crease, and I’m just going to use that to go right over top of the situation. Now I’m just gonna repeat the same steps
on the other eye: apply, blend, repeat. So the trick when you begin to like,
swoop out this dark shadow, is to not have too much on your brush,
like you don’t wanna go in, and touch the product, and have fresh shadow on there and then start swooping it out because it will get messy very, very quickly because you’ll have too much product you wanna go in, with just a little bit of
product on that brush and begin to sweep it outward. Again, I’m gonna grab this brush, go over the entire thing, to blend it out as you can see, I’m leaving this inner corner, like literally, blank. Completely blank, but I love the way it looks without putting like, a matte shadow there or anything, because it just gives it like, a sultry,
kind of sexy, “natural” look and you know what I mean when I say natural,
like obviously the smokey eye doesn’t look like you rolled out of bed, but it just gives it
more of like, a “runway smokey eye.” Have you ever noticed how when you look at
like, models and magazines and Vogues, like their smokey eyes are
rarely perfect, like they kinda have like a grungy, more just like, “thrown-on look?” That’s kind of the, vibe that I’m going for
with this makeup look. Okay, so now we’re gonna go in with the black right here, just this matte black at the very bottom – is that in focus?
There we go – that matte black right there on the exact, same, small synthetic brush that
we’ve been working with the entire time and I’m going to just put it right here
in the outer corner, only. I am not going to bring this in really far,
not gonna bring it up too high, I wanna keep this nice and low, because this is actually
going to open up our eyes believe it or not because when you do a smokey eye,
sometimes you can get like that “closed eye effect,” but when you put black on the outer lash line,
on the upper and lower lash, it’s going to give you that more like, open, almond effect. Does that make sense? Like it’s gonna take your eyes from this to like, this. It’s gonna like, make the outer corner like boop! Pop open. And then just really lightly of course, like there’s basically no product left on that brush, flick it out. Just like that. Okay, so now that I have the black on there, I’m gonna go over it again with the exact, same, original brush, blend everything out. There’s nothing on this brush again, it still is totally bare I’m just going over everything. And what I love about this smokey eye, is even though we have all the edges blended, there’s still something about it that looks slightly messy, and I just like it ’cause it just gives it like a sexy, sultry vibe. Oh, the magic of translucent powder. Goodbye! Now you can see, after I wiped away that translucent powder, on my lower lash line, do you see how I have some darkness down there? That is because when I originally went in with this brush, I didn’t put it on the actual lower lash line, like I was saying earlier, I put it right underneath and it stamped up, because now, I have this like, natural “connect,” that happens right there between the lower and the upper, I’m just gonna go in and define that even more. So now I’m going to take the same brush we’ve been working with the whole time, I just kind of, wiped it off a little bit on a paper towel (laughs) I’m going to be honest, I use my sweatpants, but it’s totally fine. Um, and I’m going to grab any of these products, um sorry, any of these shadows right here in the center, and I’m going to begin to blend those out on the lower lash line. So I’m going to be starting out on the outer corner, because that’s where I want the most emphasis to be on the lower lash line, and I’m going to just connect the lower lash line to the upper. As you can see, it basically already is because of how I applied the translucent powder in the first place, but I’m just going to begin to connect – connect, CONNECT – that even more. And then whatever is left on the brush, I’ll just kind of lightly bring it into the inner corner, but not too much, because, I want that inner corner of the eye to be pretty blank. Now something that I will do if I want this to be reeaaally structured is I’ll kind of just go ham in here, and then I’ll go back with this brush a second time, I don’t always do this but sometimes I will, to just really clean all of that up and make it look super, duper connected. This is not necessary, but if you just wanna be like a crazy perfectionist – which I, usually am – I will do this. And then I’m gonna go in with a Morphe gel liner! I swear to god this video is not sponsored by Morphe, at this moment I’m just now realizing that every single product that I use so far has been from Morphe – well that’s not true, my translucent powder – but oooh, one (sarcasm). This is their gel liner in the shade “Slate,” it’s just their black one, it’s very, VERY, black and very, very creamy. So, I’m just gonna take that on a small liner brush and I’m going to apply it on my inner waterline. You can use, just a regular kohl liner, that’s what I’ve always done in the past but recently I’ve just done this, I don’t know why, it just seems to be really, really fast and really, really black and it doesn’t fade. So now I’m taking that same brush with the liner left over on it, and I’m going to just kind of on the outer corner, of the lower lash line only, I’m gonna kind of smudge it down just a little bit, just kind of like pressing it down into that lash line because I want it to be, like way darker and blacker on the outer part of the eye. I’m gonna grab, just like a, definer brush like this it’s the Morphe 432 – oh my god – it’s like I don’t have any other brand! Here, have a Sigma one, this is the E15, it’s the same one, but that’s my concealer brush that I used for my brows, I’m gonna just go in a liitttle bit more of that black, and I’m going to just only on the outer portion of the eye, I am NOT going to drag it in, far to the center of my eye, I’m just keeping it right there on the outer portion. I’m going to just, shimmy that brush back and forth, just to darken and smoke out that black. I’m going to do that same thing on the upper lash line as well, just right here on the outer edge, I’m just gonna take that brush and just really, get that outer corner nice and black, just because. Mmkay, let’s just remove any extra translucent powder that we have. I’m gonna be using the L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara – oh my gosh, I almost just stabbed myself in the eye – and I’m gonna do, just one, thin coat I am going to be applying false lashes, it is not necessary for this look, you can just go ahead, give your lashes a curl and apply a coat of mascara, and that would definitely suffice, but you know me. I’m going to be applying the “Intoxicating Lashes” by Flutter – it looks like this right here, I’ve got the other one in my hand right now – they are just SO dramatic, while being like wispy and fluffy, sexy, kind of spiky – I just, I LOVE them. So, I cut these lashes way more on the end than I normally would, like I would typically leave them longer, but what I’m gonna do is, I’m going to put it more on the outer part of my eye, so that it really helps emphasize, like this kind of cat, eye drama that we have going on, on the outer corner. Now I’m just going to apply some mascara onto my lower lashes really quick, and I’m going to use the Marc Jacobs “O!Mega Lash.” (flutters eyelashes) So that completes this look, I just went in and added some highlight, of course, gotta be champagne poppin’! I just love this look SO much, there’s something about it, because of the fact that it’s not just like, so seamless, if that makes sense, and like, there’s no brow bone highlight, it just – it gives kind of like, a natural, more like exotic, kind of sexy, vibe. I hope I didn’t overwhelm you guys in the tutorial, explaining everything, because I wanted to really break it down and give you EVERY single little detail for those of you following along, so hopefully that wasn’t overwhelming, but honestly, I have been doing smokey eyes – well at least ATTEMPTING to do smokey eyes for over ten years now, and this is the easiest smokey eye that I’ve ever come across, it’s just foolproof, it’s SO easy to do, and there’s never been a time where I applied this and been like “Ah crap, it looks terrible, I need to start over,” like, it’s easy once you start getting the hang of it. So, bust out that translucent powder, go ahead and give it a shot, let me know if you guys like the technique, because I am obsessed with it, I use it constantly now, to clean up my smokey eyes and just even like – not even my smokey eyes, I just clean up my regular eyeshadow, even on a day-to-day basis, so yeah. I hope that you guys enjoy this, I am just rambling, rambling at this point. Thank you for watching, I love you, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up if you enjoyed, subscribe to my channel, you know I would appreciate it so, so much, and make sure you tag me if you do any looks inspired by this or you guys try out your own smokey cat eye, so I would love to see your work, as always. I’m done now, I love you, thank you for watching, and I’ll see you my next video. Mwah! Bye! These – is it in focus? Is it, is it, is it focused? I think it’s in focus. Holy guacamole, holy… Trying so hard, to get used to using the word sexy on camera! I swear, I’m going to write a book one day called “No Harsh Lines.” I know you guys like it when I’m nice and tight, how’s that? Ooh! Is that what he said? (Laughing) Haaa, that was so groooss, okay I’m sorry! I’m so ratchet. Oh my god I swear, my cramps are like contraptions sometimes. Ohhh, I get dizzy, oooohhhh, mamaaa. I wanna just have bitchy eyes. I’m gonna smize all day I – AHHH!

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