How to kennel (crate) train puppies and dogs- New ideas!

How to kennel (crate) train puppies and dogs- New ideas!

hello dog lovers my name is Saro and in
this video I’m going to talk about dogs crate training and crate so before we
get started in training part of crate training itself
let me explain few things first of all dogs are not den or crate animals what
that means is for example wolves they only stay in a den for eight weeks when
they have their puppies and after that they leave the den so naturally they’re
not den animals so for that reason you can’t force a dog to like a den or a
crate or kennel so what that means is sometimes some dogs like the crate some
dogs don’t like it you just have to figure out if your dog likes it or not
the way you’re going to figure out is you’re going to introduce the crate or
the kennel to your dog so here’s what I mean so here I have Rio he’s a
chocolate lab and he hasn’t been crate trained yet and he’s still a puppy he’s
under a year old so he’s still a puppy and he hasn’t been introduced to crate
yet so what I usually suggest you to do is you need to put the crate or the
kennel in the middle of your room or living room or wherever and just leave
it for few days with the gate or the door open and see if your dog or your
puppy is going to show any interest in this box so just leave it and see if
your dog is going to go in it or not so I’ve left it here for now a few hours
and Rio has been just sniffing it and once or twice he’s just gone inside and
come outside so it’s just kind of being introduced to it don’t force your dog in
there what I mean by that is don’t grab your
dog and push your dog or place your dog or puppy in the crate let them figure it
out let them kind of like it naturally to go in there and the other thing is
other tip that I have is don’t throw food or treats in there or don’t put their toys
anything like that again you want them to like it and be introduced to it and
show interest on their own naturally without any force without any pressure
now if you leave this kennel in the middle of the room of the living room
for a few days and your dog shows interest and goes inside and sleeps in
it and hangs out in it that great so here we go he just went in there and he
is kind of hanging in there so I’m just going to close the door see how he feels
I’m not going to you know leave him in there too long I’m going to see I’m
going to watch for signs of stress if he’s stressed or not if he’s hating it
well he sat which means that good is not panting he just yawned it could be stress
sign he’s not he’s not showing major stress signals so I’m not worried about
it he’s relaxed kind of so this is what I mean so as soon as you see a chance an
opportunity that your dog or puppy goes in the crate close the gate for a
minute or so then open it up and let him up so let them explore it on their own
and just test it for few time see how they feel in it don’t force them don’t
make it big deal let them figure it out and let them learn to like it
now if your dog doesn’t show interest in the crate that means your dog that dog
is not interested in crate you can’t create train them That’s
fine just we’ll leave it as it the last thing is if you’re really desperate and
you have no other choice and you need to get your dog to crate train because you
have to leave them for a few hours in the crate then you go to the next level
you can put their bed in there and see if they’re going to show interest
now the other tip that I can share with you is you want to exercise your dog so
your dog is mentally and physically stimulated and when they feel tired then
you can kind of if you have a puppy you can lift them up and place
them in the crate and let them sleep in there and without without the gate close
and leave the gate open you’re you have an adult dog before you
let them sleep maybe guide them there because they’re mentally tired they will
automatically find a cozy place to sleep so let’s leave them sleep in there and
let them go through this process few times so crate training also takes a
time you know a long time either you know again depends on the situation
depends on the dog depends on how you how many times you practice it so it may
take a week or may take a month or even a few months until they are really
crate trained so take that time to introduce and also encourage the dog to be in the
in the crate and once they are comfortable to be in the crate then you
can close the gate gate or the door and see how they feel and just continue on
in a way that it’s not forced to a dog or a puppy and the last tip that I
have is and when you’re placing your puppy or dog in the crate and you want
to sleep at night leave the crate by your bed so your dog can see and feel
you that helps them to reduce the stress level and it will help them to sleep
throughout the night until years ago we’ve been taught and told
that and should keep the dog in the crate and keep the crate in the furthest
room in the house and let them cry out all night and then these know them
which is very traumatic for a dog or a puppy to feel that way that doesn’t work
anymore those are the old systems old dog training systems they don’t work
today we suggest you to leave the dog or the puppy in the crate and leave the
crate by your bed let them sleep by your side if you have any questions about
dogs dog training or anything to do with dogs make sure to leave the question in
the comments area so I can address them in my future videos if you like this
video please give it a thumbs up share and also comment about this video I’ll
see you next time on my next video until next time have fun with your dog

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  1. if we are going out our wee chinese crestedNelly sees me lift my handbag and goes to the crate herself. and settles down. whereas our Lhasa goes straight to his bed. before we crated Nelly and went out she became so nervous and destructive and would sometimes be sick with winding herself up. but she seems to feel safe in crate and knows we wont be long till we come back xx

  2. So what breed would you say is the best for a family with kids between 3 and 12 years of age ? Thank you ~ Vero

  3. What about when your puppy whines in the crate? I know letting them out when they whine sets them up to think they get out when they whine or get what they want when they whine.

  4. Hello Saro, thank you for this useful video. I have a few questions: – do I have to put a pillow or blanket in the crate or it’s better without them (maybe to prevent some pee accident)?
    -is it better to put the crate near my bed for the first night also if it won’t be the room where the dog will sleep in future or maybe it’s better if I change room for some nights?
    -I must choose the size for a Great Dane puppy: do I have to buy a xxl crate or it’s better for puppies to have a smaller space?
    Thank you very much, Kris

  5. Nice video!!

    Wr got our beagle today! I set up his bed inside his crate. At first he was anxious to get out, because we had guest over and wanted to interact

    My daughter is a pre-med student, whose usually up late studying in our den, so rather than leaving the crate in the kitchen, we moved it next to her in the den. The puppy was soon asleep in the crate.

    We she goes to bed, and he’s still asleep, should we still move the crate to her bedroom, even though we risk waking him?

  6. Hello, Saro. I am new to your channel. Congratulations for your wonderful work! I am really enjoying your videos, especially the ones you present training solutions without the treats!

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