How to Make TACOS For Dogs | DIY Dog Treats 118

How to Make TACOS For Dogs | DIY Dog Treats 118

♪ Guess what we’re doing today! ♪ [whines] Are you that excited?
[whines] I know! I’m sure you guys can already tell
by the title of today’s video. In celebration of ‘5 de Mayo’
coming up this weeked. And answering one of our most
requested treat requests from you guys… Today we are making… Tacos for dogs! No joke, you guys!
Tacos for dogs! And yes, before everybody ask… You can totally eat one of these tacos
yourselves as well if you want to. We did a few modifications to make them
a little bit healthier for the dogs. Let’s go through it and tell you how
to make tacos for dogs. As always you guys… If you are new here, don’t forget to hit that ‘SUBSCRIBE’
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new and fun treat videos and any of our other videos. [howls] Are you excited too? They are like: “I smell hamburger and rice!” “Those are my two (2) favorite things!” Alright! Let’s make some tacos! You’re ready to do this? Are you ready to make some tacos? Alright you guys! As requested, a bunch of times on this channel, we’re making dog friendly tacos today. What you need for tacos? The first thing you need is taco shells. There’s a couple different options you have for this. You can use regular flour tortilla shells
you can buy in stores. You can use corn tortilla shells
that you can buy in a box. They only have three (3) ingredients in them. You can use unbend corn tortilla shells or you can make your own corn tortilla shells. One of the things you can do is to buy and
actually make corn tortilla shells. Then, if you want them to be shaped like this,
all you have to do is, after you make them brush them with a little bit of oil.
Put them into the oven at 375F/190C for about 12 to 15 minutes. It will turn out looking like this! That would give you a little taco boat that you’ll need. Of course, these are going to be
a little bit bigger than these. But, you get the idea! Is going to be a taco shell! Memphis is like: “I would eat that taco shell!” I know and you will try to steal all the ingredients! You gotta wait!
Gotta wait! You gotta wait!
We get to make tacos first! Get down! Get down! Get down! [laughter] Now we have whatever type of taco shells
we are choosing to use. If you don’t want to use a stand up shell,
just want to use flour shells or flat shells, just do the same thing and roll it up like a taco. The next thing we are going to need is… Some hamburger! I’m using a 90/10 lean ground beef. All I did was to put it in a pan on the stove
and fried it up. I added no seasonings, nothing else and then,
made sure to drain as much of the fat off it as I could If you do eat this yourself, is going to
be bland cause there’s literally nothing in it. What you think? They are like: “We don’t care there’s nothing in it!” “We’ll eat all the hamburgers!” “All the hamburgers for the dogs!” Hold it! All the hamburgers!
Oh yeah! Alright! Let’s get to layer in some tacos! We’re going to take a little bit of hamburger. We’re going to put it in by in the taco. You girls don’t even know what you are in for right now! Like, you don’t even know what’s going on! Now, the next thing we are choosing
to put in our tacos is rice! I know, not everybody adds rice to tacos
but I really enjoy rice in tacos. All we did for this was to take
one (1) cup of water and bring it to boil. We added a little bit of chicken stock
and a little bit of turmeric which made this
pretty yellow color. Then after bringing it to a boil
you will add ‘Minute’ instant rice. Let it sit for five (5) minutes and take it off
the burner and let it sit for 5 more minutes. You’ll have the nice, not really Spanish rice,
but is kind of Spanish rice and has a pretty yellow color because of the turmeric and turmeric is good for dogs. We’re going to use this next. What? You want a bite of the rice?
Here, let’s try this! Here you go! Oh man! Oh! You are making a mess! Come here Shelby!
Would you like a bite of rice? She’s like: “I would like a bite”
“of everything you are making! All of it!” The next thing we are going to do is
layer some rice on here. I’m making you a taco!
Can you wait till the taco is done? Then you can have one!
What you think of that? Now, we have meat and rice. Some of you may want to know if you can add beans?
You could put pinto beans on these. I decided not to. If you are going to use beans
for your dogs, just use a very few. Dogs, they can have beans,
just don’t want to give them a ton of them. What you want to put next?
What you think should go next, huh? I think it should be the cheese! Shelby’s favorite thing ever, is cheese! I just have a little bit of Monterrey Jack cheese that we’re going to, now add to the top of all this and we’re just going to put a little bit of that on there. Then is going to look beautiful… And Shelby is like: “Can I has some cheese?” Of course you can honey!
You can has some cheese! There you go! Then crispy water! It’s just lettuce, but as crazy as this is…
I don’t know if she will eat it now. Yes, she will! Shelby for some reason… Loves lettuce! I don’t know why, she does but… Ever since she was a puppy, she loves lettuce. So I’m actually going to take a little bit of crispy water…
I mean lettuce! We’re going to put that on top and mainly for color. You
don’t have to have these lettuces if you don’t want to. We’re going to add a little bit of lettuce here. Ooo… Look at that! Always beautiful looking!
That Beauty-fullness… Beauty-fullness! Now, the next thing is a little bit different. Some people like to put a little dollop
of sour cream on their tacos. But… I’m not going to use sour cream.
I’m actually using Greek yogurt. This is where if you eat it, if you use the yogurt
instead of sour cream, it will taste a bit different. They do taste fairly similar. We’re just going to take a little bit of Greek yogurt
and kind of just dollop a little bit on here. Using my fingers and is sticking all over this. We totally got this!
We can do this, you guys! Check this out! There we go! There we go! I think we did it! I think…
Oh, would you like to try some of this? I’m sure you will! You are like: “Oh! Is yogurt!” “I love it! I love it!”
You love it? Oh, you love it!
I know you love it! And that… My friends! Is a taco! Made for dogs! Look how cute it is! Oh my gosh! So, I’m not using any salsa or anything like that. Some dogs don’t do really well with tomatoes
so it’s not something I decided to add to mine. This is basically what we’re doing. Now, remember… As with most of the treats we make,
you can substitute things in and out for this. If you don’t want to use beef,
you can use ground chicken. You can use ground turkey or pretty much
any type of meat you want. If you are a raw feed only type of person,
you can put a raw hamburger at the bottom of this and then, layer all the other stuff on top of it. There’s a lot of different ways you can do this, but this
is how we had chose to made the tacos for dogs. I know normally I usually now say
“This is not a meal replacement! This is just a treat!” But, because there is so much burger
and rice and a little bit of everything on here, this is actually going to be the dog’s lunch. Isn’t it? Yeah! My dogs eats three (3) times a day
in case you guys wondered. So this is going to be their lunch for today.
They are going to get a taco! So let’s see what they think. As always you guys… If you have suggestions
about what you want to see us making next? Leave them down in the comments below. There’s a link up in the cards and down in the
video description below to more of our treat videos. We had made a lot of different treats. What? You are excited! I haven’t see you guys this excited
about a treat in a while! So, I’m going ahead and make the second one of these
and we’re going to see what the dogs think about it. We’re going old school with this one.
Everybody gets to try it on their own. Stay! Stay! Ah! Ah! Ah! Stay! Okay! Here we go! She licked the… Stuff off the top first. She might not actually eat the shell… Shelby may pick everything out,
but Shelby doesn’t like chips. So, the shell for her might be something
she has absolutely no interest in. I thought about doing a flour shell just because…
I didn’t think she’ll eat the shell. She’s like: “I don’t want the shell!”
“I want all the stuff in the middle!” You are getting all the good stuff in the middle!
The rice, burger and you’re making a mess! That’s okay! We can clean up the mess, right? We can clean up the mess! I think, she’ll likes tacos! Just not the shell… She’s like: “Nobody wants this gross shell part!” “I just want the inside!” Oh! Maybe? Maybe? What you think of that? What you think of that part? You like that part? You are crunching it! Oh! Maybe you do like that part! She’s like: “Guys? This is not so bad!” “It’s got hamburger and stuff on it!” Yeah? Alright! Let’s see what Memphis thinks! Wow! You are doing a footdance? Want a taco? Yeah? Are you excited?
[barks] Oh! Alright! Sit! On your butt! Wait! Wait… Ah! Ah! Sit! Wait! Wait… Okay! There you go! Has a taco! She’s doing the same thing!
“I’m going to eat all the middle stuff first!” She’s like… Oh! And she made a huge mess! [laughs] That’s alright! Shelby cleaned up her huge mess and
I’m pretty sure Memphis can clean up her mess as well. That’s not really how tacos are eaten!
But… Then I guess it kind of works like that, huh? She’s like: “Look! I’ll just break out all the pieces”
“and eat all the middle stuff!” I guess, since you never had a taco,
you don’t really know how to eat it right? [laughter] Is it good? Here, let me see this! I’ll break it up in pieces for you! There you go! Memphis likes to eat things whole, so I figured
since it’s crunchy, I would break it up for her. Oh, you are going to clean up all that, aren’t you? “Guys, I’m just going to take my time”
“and eat this and clean it all up!” Is it a WIN? Is the best taco you ever had in your life? I think, she likes it! So, there you have it guys! Tacos for dogs! As always, if you end up making these for your pets, we would love to see photos or
short videos of your dogs enjoying them. Post them on Instagram and tag us.
If you tag us as a story we can re-gram your story. Or post them on Instagram
and tag us so we can check it out. Our Instagram is @GoneToTheSnowDogs.
if you are not following us there, you totally should be. That’s all we have for you guys today! These girls think that I still have food! The tacos were amazing? Pretty amazing! Alright you guys! As always… If you are new to this channel and you liked what
you saw, don’t forget to hit that ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button. Like this video and share it with friends
to help us continue to grow the ‘Pawdience’. As always… Thanks so much for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Good bye guys! ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪

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