How to make the perfect fluffy rice with Curtis Stone

How to make the perfect fluffy rice with Curtis Stone

I want to show you how to cook
the perfect steamed rice because it goes
with so many different dishes and once you know how to make it,
it’s really, really useful and you’ll use it for everything. OK, so first of all, you need to
choose the right rice for the job. So, there’s long grain,
jasmine, basmati… Of course if you’re going to do
something that you want a bit more fragrance to,
the jasmine’s the one to go for. That’s usually served
with more Thai dishes. The basmati – Indian food, of course. And the long grain
is kind of everything else. So what I’m going to do
is just go ahead and pour in about a cup,
maybe a cup and a half of rice, and then I’m going to add my water. I’m going to add
just the right amount and I’ll show you how I tell
that it’s the right amount. I pour it in. And then you give your pan
just a little shake, just like that, from side to side. Just so the rice settles evenly. Now, what I’m going to do
is check how far above the rice the water is sitting by inserting a finger. I’m going to go until just the bottom
of that first knuckle, OK? Now, I know everyone’s fingers
are slightly different size, but I promise you this is
a really good way of doing it and it does work. So I’m just going to add
a little more. Give it another shake. It’s about a two-to-one ratio
you’re looking for. OK. Perfect. Right, so once you’ve got the water
and the rice ratio right, tight-fitting lid. Make sure you use a lid that has
a vent so the steam can escape. You never want to boil rice.
You just want to simmer it. And you cook it until
all the water’s absorbed, alright? So, there’s no perfect time. It could take 10, it could take 12,
it might take 15 minutes. But the water, once it’s absorbed,
the rice is done. The best way to tell is just to sort
of take a little off with a fork… Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Remove it from the heat. With a fork, we’re going
to fluff the rice, so you just literally
work your way through and you see it will
almost double in volume. And that is perfectly cooked
steamed rice.

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  1. You must first wash rice and measure the water and rice, I put I cup of washed riced with two and a quarter cups of water and add a little salt, bring to boil then turn down heat to a simmer for about 15-20 min after turning heat of allow rice to sit for a further 5 min

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