How to stop puppy from barking at night

How to stop puppy from barking at night

hello dog lover in this video I’m going
to answer another question grass of why your puppy is barking all night and he’s
bothering you I’ll answer that in a moment hello dog lover my name is Saro
I’m a dog trainer also coach dog owners if this is your first time welcome so your
puppy is barking all night so the first thing that I suggest you to do is do a
physical checkup just to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with your dog
physically and you know health wise if you’re not sure what to do maybe take
your puppy to the vet and let them do a physical check to see if there’s
anything physically wrong with your dog or not that is not a very common reason
why puppies bark all night but it’s better to make sure that that’s not the
reason and think about some other options the other reason could be
because your dog didn’t have enough physical and mental stimulation during
the day so what you want to do is provide your dogs or your puppies daily
five essential needs which are exercise training socialization care and then
affection and hopefully by providing those five daily essential needs your
puppy is going to be more relaxed mentally and physically tired to lie
down on sleep and the other reason is maybe because you’re placing your
puppy’s crate or bed or the kennel at the wrong place what I mean by that is
most puppies they like to be by you when they’re sleeping in the old times most
professionals would suggest to separate the puppy put in the crate or a channel
and then put it in some other rooms so let them cry all night or whatever
but we have learned that doing that is going to cause your puppy to develop a
lot of mental and emotional issues in the future so it’s better not to do that
you want to place your puppy in the bed or in the crate or the kennel by your
bed at night and let your puppy see and feel you and smell you at night while
trying to sleep by being in the same room and by having you on their side and
in their view that will help them to be more relaxed and fall asleep puppies in
general they’re lacking that confidence by having you in the same room and then
being able to bill you and see you and feel you and feel your energy they feel
more confident and also you will build a healthy relationship with your puppy in
future as well so I highly suggest you to do that if you have done any of these
steps and still your puppies barking let me know in the comments area and I’ll
share some more tips but while your puppy is working all night if you have
any other questions leave those questions in the comments area and until
next time have fun with your dog you

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  1. My beagle puppy is now 4 months old. She’s the cutest, but I think she has separation anxiety issues. When she was smaller (2 months old) I did exactly what you said in this video and placed her crate next to my bed, when she’d cry I just would place my hand on the door of the crate so she could smell me and calm down. It worked just fine.
    But now, I have problems with leaving her alone. An example is when I go to the toilet and close the door, she starts barking and whining until I come out. Same when I have to leave my house to do errands, she barks, whines and won’t let me leave. Yesterday I went to a restaurant to meet friends and was very worried about leaving her alone for a longer period of time that I usually try to (10-15 min), I tried to keep her calm by giving her a Kong toy filled with treats. She was so entertained with it she didn’t even noticed when I left. But when I got home, she had done a whole mess with a plant I had initially lifted up so she couldn’t reach it. She ate dirt, part of the plant and also peed everywhere!
    I love her, but I really don’t know what to do to keep her calm when I’m not home. Could you maybe give me some tips? Thanks in advance!

  2. my cockapoo loves his crate at night and sometimes he will bark if he hears another dog but when he hears my voice he stops. Our witching hour is at night when it gets dark so early he see's the flash of car lights and is really attuned to sounds.  I have been working on distractions  but obviously am not doing it properly can you help me please.

  3. My bf gets home from work around 2am and my red heeler goes crazy when she hears the door opening. She sleeps in the bed with me so I always wake up. How do I stop her from barking in the middle of the night? Please help

  4. My deaf rescue is now ,15 months old. He sleeps on our bed at night as he feels more secure. We've had him since he was seven months but he went from home to rescue to rehome then back to rescue before we got him so he still has some separation anxiety. The last couple of weeks he is waking up and barking in fear three to five times per night. Previously he used to sleep through the night. Please help some very tired fog owners.

  5. I have a 1 month old lab mix Pomeranian. At day time it is fine but at night time it barks,licks and bite us so we kept it in the balcony. We brought it two days back. if we allow it on our bed it sleeps well but disturb by liking. It sleeps at morning and bark at night. Our neighbor s get disturb and shout on us. Can you please give any solution.

  6. what if your neighbors dog wont stop barking ! barking contest with other little dogs at 3 am. im losing my mind!

  7. We had an indoor chichawa since he was a puppy but recently we had to put him outside because he snaps and barks at everyone and recently he bib a niece and granddaughter so we put him out. Now he barks all night. How can we stop him from barking all night

  8. Our chihuahua cross multese goes into his crate outside at night with a small fence we made up outside so he is able to go to the toilet whenever he wants. His new habit is barking in the middle of the night for long periods of time. How can we fix this?

  9. So I take my puppy out like at 11:30 pm cuz she was jsut recently barking when she was inside and thought she had to go to the bathroom so I take her out for 30 minutes, she does go to the bathroom “a lot” I then take here back inside and once I put her in the room she starts barkin again and scratching the door, also she poops a lot overnight

  10. Hey, I usually feed stray dogs and puppies near my house. So there are two puppies and their mother who keeps on barking at night while there is any other dog on the streets, what should I do in this situation?

  11. My dog is very anxious. I have a 12 yr old mini dachshund whose separation anxiety/frustration barking I've been battling for a few months. I'm moving to an apartment (currently in a duplex) in a few months and I'm terrified that I'll get noise complaints. I've been talking to the vet and we might try a different medication to see if it'll help. If anyone has more suggestions I'd love to hear them.

  12. I started putting my dog in the kitchen he is 3 I started when he was 2 and he get use up at 6 in the morning ever morning with Barking and crying till we get up and them him out of the kitchen I open the bk door when he cry then go bk upstairs and he, Currys on please can u help me please

  13. My 4 month old puppy won't stop barking in the middle of the night. We put her in a crate but she barks and screams. We spend a lot of time with her during the day. She has plenty of interaction with us and plays. She has her rest times and has a good schedule. She prefers to sleep in bed with us, but I know that is not how you should do it. It also does not work for our family because we travel a lot.

  14. My shitzu 8 week puppy sleeps next to my daughter in her room in her own bed. We interact with her all day and play with her. Yet comes 2am and she starts crying. What do you suggest we do?

  15. Hello, my 11 weeks old lab puppy is barking at night when he did his poop or when he is bored. 2 hours before going to sleep we play with him and walk him a lot to make his energy go out but he still wakes up and tries to play. It is a problem since his barking makes our neighbors alert. Are there any tips on how to stop him at least from barking? He usually does this at 3-4 AM and then at 6 AM, and I feel like a zombie for the rest of the day. Thank you in advance!

  16. Idk if you’ll respond, but I have a 3 year old cross bread Rottweiler and bullmastiff (her names Luna) She has a very loud bark as you can imagine. We keep her outside in our backyard every night. No kennel. She barks when she hears the slightest noise and it’s driving our neighbours crazy. Idk how to fix it. I’ve watched your video but I’m still unsure in how to train her.

  17. Can u help atall my 3 an half month old puppy constantly winhes an barks when ever left alone even if its for 5 mins why I go in the next room is there any training or advice please

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