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  1. Qm I the only one that lmao when she put the dog in the tub?? And the thought of your dog's teeth just falling out on the floor oh ma gosh 😹😏😔💩

  2. I don't think screaming like a little bitch will help anything. You have to scold the dog, let him know your the boss.

  3. That puppy is so cute, whoever called it ugly, listen to yourselves, at first people say pick on someone your own size, but now its come to the point were I have to say pick on someone your own species (I know I probualy spelt that wrong, my english isnt great)

  4. The ow tactic has never worked for me just excited the dog more. I give the dog a bop with my palm (like serving a volleyball) on the nose and stand over him till he/she submits, then play time or whatever I was doing continues. My method worked on numerous Pitbulls,Danes, Rottis, Shepards of all kinds, even ChiChis and Doxies! (Most rescues)

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  8. Tried this, it does not work, she gets more aggressive and starts grawling. Cesar recommends gently grabbing their neck until they surrender, however this has not worked so far either. Does anyone have other methods or tips?

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  11. Do puppies have rabbies? I got bitten by a 2 month old puppy and do i need anti rabbies shot? 2 yrs ago I already got a series. Its was 3 shots. Im a little worried. Any advice? Thanks in advance

  12. When an animal acts negatively, it needs negative response. A "time out" is a psychologically obtuse way to "train" any animal.

    When an animal acts positively., then positive reinforcement is appropriate. I have no idea who pushes these idiotic philosophies, but good behavior requires a good response. Bad behavior requires a bad response. Is this some sort of bass ackwards world that people are trying to create? Morons!

  13. I'm having a biting problem with my dog right now that I could use help with. I've got a 72lb golden retriever who is ten months old. When he gets excited, he bites. Like if we leave the house and come back, he will jump on us and bite our arms. When we have our backs turned to him, he will bite our ankles. And it's not so much play biting. He bites down super hard where he could leave a mark sometimes. I don't know what to do. I've shouted and said "ow" when he bites but he doesn't care. We tell him to stop and he still doesn't care. He probably thinks it's all fun and games but he doesn't understand the seriousness of his actions. What can we do?

  14. There is no timeout spots for my dog if I put him in the bath tub he will jump of and if I wiggle my fingers on the ground he will bite it if I say OW he will bite harder😂🐶😂🐩😂🐕

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  16. Biting is a way of teething for them to know how strong their jaw muscles actually are, because if you take that away from them, then there’s no warning and some dogs will just straight up bite you with full force

  17. I don’t agree with putting the dog in a place we’re there’s no people u know that could frighten them especially if there New

  18. oh well it's work!!! my pitbull stop biting me because i don't have any finger left..

  19. If you put your dog in a bath for punishment then it will see any bath you try to give it as punishment. Don't punish your dog by putting it somewhere or shutting it in a crate, just leave the room and shut the door.

  20. My dog just bite me cause i got home and then my feet was bleeding scartch by her teeth is that fine or not

  21. I’m trying to train a German shepherd puppy but he really really hurts when he bites me so I don’t really want to let him chew my fingers!!!

  22. No we want dogs to bite you dumbass I hate your channel now f*** you I hate you I wish I could go help and wish you never go in heaven

  23. That's a good way to do it. That's how my two adult dogs taught the puppy not to bite while playing. They'd yelp at her then stop playing. Took about a week for her to stop completely.

  24. My Chihuahua puppy is very agressive. Chihuahuas are known as a very agressive dog. I have tried these steps.. They haven't worked one bit. Any tips from fellow dog owners or Chihuahua owners 🤔🤔

  25. puppy bites me
    Me: OWWWW!
    Dog : keeps biting

    Lol this actually happends to me I have a long scar that my dog Gabe me that's why today I was watching these

  26. I have a german shepherd puppy with razor sharp baby teeth and when he plays he bites…bad. he bit my brother so bad that he left puncture wounds and started bleeding. We tell him no, reward him when he doesnt bite, give him a toy instead but it doesnt work. Help?

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