How to Train a Cat : Use Scratch Posts to Encourage Good Cat Behavior

How to Train a Cat : Use Scratch Posts to Encourage Good Cat Behavior

Hi! I am Dr. Adrienne Mulligan, I own Camp
Verde Veterinary Clinic, and I am here today on behalf of to talk to
you about cat obedience. The first thing to do is teach him where he can sharpen his claws,
because that is his favorite thing to do from an early age. So you want to have lots of
these things around the house, and different cats like different feel and so this is sisal
rope, and my cats really love this. It has some carpet on the bottom, if they like carpet
and they have to do it in an upward position, which is one way that many cats love to sharpen
their paws. And if you put the cats’ paws on them and show them the motion, they will
often just pick it right up and start doing it. Then if they do it on your couch or somewhere
else, you can use your spray bottle to discourage them from that, and if you have a cat that
is very, very persistent at that, you can then use some of the ideas like the double
sided tape on the couch arms, and also you can rig some coke cans like the kind of you
put on the back of your car when you get married, and have it where when they start scratching,
they catch the string and pull those cans down on them, which anything like that a cat
does to themselves will scare them to death, and would be more likely to create a fear
of doing that again. So those are the ways to help with the scratching. This is just
a different type. It is angle for some cats they would like to scratch at an angle, and
I have recently found that one of my cats like to do it on the carpet at just a flat,
and I bought him one that is a flat and he loves that thing more that anything. He goes
on that now and he has quit doing the carpet. So you just have to find out what your cat
prefers and use those sorts of things, because they are going to scratch their nails, that
is a natural thing and you are not going to stop it. So you have to redirect it.

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  1. i got a scratching post for my cat but he has never used it because it's not tall enough. He has been tearing my walls apart! I need to get a better one desperately! lol

  2. you can not because animal instincts are very strong in cats if your cat wants to fuck then he wants to fuck.
    You will have to castrate your cat.

  3. Yeah, my cat refuses to even acknowledge the scratch post – he has an entire flat that is carpeted ! One giant scratch pad :–[

  4. You should try positive reinforcement. Attacking the cat will probably make it wanna to hide the habit from you but not make it stop.

  5. Bullshit! My cat ignores it and proceeds to Rip up my carpeting. He makes it very tempting to declaw his Ass! I can't afford it if he damages my apartment! Damnit ! I put his paws on it and he whined and hissed at me!

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