How To Train A Puppy Not To Bite Your Hands – Hand Feed Your Puppy in 5 Minutes Or Less

How To Train A Puppy Not To Bite Your Hands – Hand Feed Your Puppy in 5 Minutes Or Less

– Teaching your puppy
not to nip your fingers, can be a really simple and
straightforward process, and today I’ve got three tips. Two that are gonna be instant changes that you’re going to see some effect from, and then third is gonna be
the definitive game-changer that’s gonna make your dog
choose to not nip your fingers and take your food more
gently, and you know that way, you have all of your fingers and for me that’s important. The one magic trick I can do, only works if my puppies left me with all my fingers. I’m Ken Steepe, and this
is 10 week-old Harriet, and welcome back to McCann Dogs. (doggie barks) Now, my first tip for you,
has everything to do with how you hold your food. A lot of people will hold
their food at their fingertips and it really entices your dog to take it, to you know, get a hold of it. But if you take that food
and you break it down so it’s just a small, little piece, but you tuck it in between your fingers. Or if you got little bigger treats you can tuck it under your thumb. And it really makes it challenging; your puppy can’t actually get the food. It forces them to sort
of, show a little bit of self-restraint, and they’ve gotta lick away at it to get that treat. So, that’s gonna be tip number
one, how you hold your food. Now the second tip, is
what food you are feeding. Now, a lot of people will use those really high value treats for their dog, for exercises like the recall, or something that your
dog might struggle with; you’ll choose a high value reward to make it more valuable for
your dog to work for you. But, while you’re teaching this exercise and while you’re trying to get your dog to stop nipping your fingers, use something that’s a
little bit lower value. It’ll make it less
enticing, and they’ll be a little bit less stimulated by the idea that they’re going to get that treat. So, along with hiding that
food underneath your thumb, pick a little lower value food. Now, these are both temporary things, but this next skill that I’m going to show you is really the one that’s going to change your dogs behavior definitively. Now, this third exercise
that I want you to work on with your puppy, is gonna be the one that really teaches them
to make some choices. And once they understand
that taking food roughly isn’t allowed, it’s going to
make your life a lot easier whether you’re training,
or you’re working on this as an independent skill,
or maybe you’re just giving your dog a treat,
for them being so, so good. So you can see Harriet’s
really excited about this food, and that’s really what I
wanted for this demonstration. Because I think she’ll– the first couple of
times she takes the food, she’s gonna be a little
bit rough about it. And I don’t know whether
you can see on the GoPro, those sharp little needle
teeth, but they really hurt. So, let’s give this a try,
and I’m gonna show you exactly what we’re going to do. Ouch. Every time she puts
her teeth on my fingers I’m gonna say “Ouch” and move it away. Even if it’s relatively
gentle, I need her to really be thinking, to
take this food cautiously. We’ll try it again. Yes, good girl, what a quick learner. So, I hope you guys could
see that on the GoPro, but she was really gentle
about taking that food. And I did a couple of things there. As we talked about earlier,
I hid the food a little bit and I also was very clear
about my expectation. Just in that repetition before,
I had taken the food away. So let’s try it again. Ouch. So, she was a little bit
less careful about that one, so I’ll offer it again. Yes, good girl! She’s being very cautious. So, this is what’s going to
reinforce for your puppy– yes, good girl! This is what gonna
reinforce for your puppy, that the only way they’re
gonna get the food is if they’re very careful about– Ouch! So, that one was– I intentionally made that
a little more exciting, so let’s see if she does it again. Good girl. You’ll see how gently
she’s taking that food now. And, being consistent with this exercise is really important. Whether you’re doing it as a
training exercise or whatever, make sure you’re consistent
with your puppy– Ouch. Ouch. So let’s get her to be a
little bit more mindful– Ouch. Yes, good girl. Taking it much more carefully that time. This exercise can be
practiced with your puppies. If you have a dog who
is rough, taking food, that is a couple of years old, you can work on these
kinds of skills with them. And they’re gonna be really helpful. And you see how quickly
Harriet figured it out. She really understood that the only way she was getting that treat, is
if she was cautious about it, and on that third or fourth time, she gently started to lick the food and that’s when I rewarded her with it. Now, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video and I hope you found it
helpful with your puppy. Now, if you consider your
dog a member of the family, make sure you hit that subscribe button. We publish new videos every
single week, to help you to have a well behaved
four-legged family member. You see that playlist beside me? That’s actually our
grade-one students’ playlist and it’s full of videos that I think you’re going to enjoy. On that note, I’m Ken, this is Harriet. Happy training.
(fun, upbeat melody)

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  1. Wow! I'm so early! Thank you so much for this great video! I one of my dogs when he was about a year old, and he has always been very gentle taking treats. 🙂

  2. Hope you enjoyed watching little Harriet learn how to be careful with her teeth! If you are looking for more puppy training videos, check out our Puppy Training Tips playlist:
    Happy Training! ~Ken

  3. Hello, I’m getting a whippet x lab mix puppy very soon and I have done TONS of research and I know it’s good to have a crate even when it’s older but my mum doesn’t want a big crate and so we’re getting a smaller crate then having a corner and a bed for when he’s older what’s your opinion?

  4. My puppy is an Aussie cattle dog mix, he bites and scratches everything I try doesn't work. Would this help? He is about 3 months old. Should this help him from not making my hands bleed ? He is very aggressive when I come outside and I'm not sure what to do! What videos would you recommend?

  5. Hey love you guys you the best I got a dog trainer to come help me and she gave me sheet saying this rules:food pack leaders eat first so the human eats first after separation ignore no talking patting or eye contact wait five minutes after you dog has settled down before calling it over plz help I wanna know if its right thanks

  6. How do you get someone’s fear over a dog or puppy my sister is scared whenever he is on the ground she has shoes on and scared if he bites

  7. very helpful! i can't train my puppy since i'm scared she'll bit me. thank u so much for the tip. will practice this with her

  8. My question is more about feeding time, I was feeding both my adult female and the puppy at the same time and was going the last 2 weeks or so, I have noticed that the puppy will not eat until after the adult female is done…he will then go to her plate and sniff or eat her leftovers before going to his own bowl..I heard this may be a dominance or pack order thing? should I leave it be or correct this behavior?

  9. my puppy isn’t food motivated and doesn’t have a toy she absolutely loves. she shows interest in cheese and a really smelly treat for a minute and then cares more about biting or wandering around.

  10. Im going to be feeding my puppy some dehydrated food, any suggestions for a low value treat that's also healthy?

  11. The tip when he holds the treat under his thumb and more in the palm of his hand instead of using your finger tips really really works. I got bit and blood was drawn from my dog from attacking my fingers and she got her butt smacked. I felt bad because she seemed like she had no idea why she got smacked. These techniques really helped and worked within a couple of minutes. Thank you.

  12. I have a staffy and hes CRAZY he bites alll thee time. My hands are constantly hurting. Hes only 3 months old btw. Any tips?

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