How To Train Your Puppy To High Five – Professional Dog Training Tips

– Shake your paw. Yes. Wave, yes. Yes, high five, yes. Good girl. Close the door. Yay! Today we’re going to talk about how to teach four tricks starting
with one simple trick call shake a paw. Using the shake a paw
trick you can actually get lots of other cute things from it. Such as high five, wave, and even to foot target. This is my 11 month old
border Collie Bee-Line My name is Kayl. Welcome back to McCann Dogs. (dog yipping) Now as I was preparing for this video, I realized that Bee actually only knows how to shake a paw with one paw. When I was trying the other paw she didn’t really know what I was talking about. So what I, yes good girl. What I thought I would do is start off by just actually showing you how to teach the shake a paw just in case your dog might not know it anymore. So if I can tell her shake
a paw with my left hand. Shake a paw. Shake. She doesn’t really know what to do other than use her right paw. So what I’m going to do is start with her in a sit and then put the food on her nose and I’m going to lure her balance off the right side which
is going to cause her leg to lift up. Yes good girl. When it lifts I’m going to yes and reward. Now a mistake, yes, that people often make
when they’re teaching shake a paw is they often want to pick the dog’s paw up and then feed it but
it doesn’t really teach Bee to offer her paw to me. It only teaches her to sort of sit and wait for me to lift it up. So I’m going to lure her off balance. Yes. And then she if she’ll
start to lift her paw a bit, yes, a bit more independently which she’s actually
already starting to do. Yes good girlie. I don’t bother saying a command. Yes, good girl. I wait until she’s doing this a bit more consistently. Yes, that was a good one. Good girl missy moo moo. Now I will repeat this
process until lifting the paw became easier and easier. And at the point where I can offer my hand and she’ll offer her paw at the same time I can start to put it on a command. And for her I’m going to have to use two separate ones. I already say shake a paw. Bee shake. I already shake a paw for her right paw so I’m going to have to come up with something creative for the other one. Good girl. Now once your dog knows how
to shake a paw very easily, the next two tricks, high five and wave come very very simply and you almost can get your dog to do it right away. They just need to be able to know to shake a paw very easily. So if I offer my hand to paw up. Shake a paw. Yes, she knows now to
put her paw into my hand. So what I’m going to do for the high five is just switch my hand around so it’s upright just like you’d be giving somebody a high five. Just before she touches
me and then of course I’m going to yes and reward. Now I’m going to start
off my saying shake a paw and very quickly once I reward her I can start to change
the command to something a bit more original like a high five or whatever you like. Ready, paw. Yes good. Paw, yes good. Paw yes good girl. So she’s pretty comfortable
touching my hand with her paw even though
my hand’s a bit different so I’m going to start putting it on a more original command. High five. Yes good girl. High five; yes good girl. So again as the training continues I’m going to yes, mark
the correct behavior with the word yes and then I can follow with a reward one second later. High five, yes. Good girl. Now the process of
teaching your dog to wave is very similar as well. I’m going to start off by offering my hand and just before Bee
touches her paw to my hand, I’m going to pull my hand away and when her paw swipes through the air I’m going to mark that with a word yes and then I’m going to
reward her from there. Again there’s no sense in me using the command wave at this point. Most of the things that
Bee’s banking off of right now are following
is my body language. So the words don’t really
matter much at this point until I’m getting the
behavior more consistently. Here babe sit. Good girl, yes. Good girl. So I show my hand and then pull it away. Look, hey. Yes good. Okay so this is going pretty well. So now I’m going to start
to put it on command. Wave; yes, good. I keep dropping it, free liver treats. Wave, yes wave. Yes good girl. When she’s able to put
her paw up without yes. Yes, yes. Good girl. Without touching me or anything else I’m going to yes and give her a cookie. Wave, yes yes. Yes, yes, who’s a good girl. Very nice. So before you know it
you have three tricks just for the price of one
and I’m going to go ahead and show you one more little
bit more advanced version. Now one of the benefits
of teaching your dog how to use their paw is
you can actually start to teach them to foot target
anything you can think of and this can develop into
really helpful tricks like you know shutting a door or turning off the light, a light switch, or anything that you want really. So I just grabbed a weird household item, our dish wash scrubber here and I’m going to teach Bee
to touch her paw to it. Now I’ve never done this before. She only has practiced
touching her paw to my hand but I’m going to see if I can transfer it to a particular object and then from here I can go in tons of different directions. So I’m going to see what she does here. I’m going to have her sit. I’m going to hold this in the air just like I would my hand, oh. Yes, did you see that? She just offered her other paw. You are so smart. Good girl. After all that practice she’s starting to offer it already. Forget that for a moment, we’re going to do something different. So I’m going to start
off by offering this, you’re such a good girl, yes. I’m going to start offering this to her and if she touches it with her paw I’m going to yes and reward and if I think I need to say shake to help her offer, I may do that. Yes good girl. This is about being patient too. You see she’s not offering it right away. Yes good girl. You may notice that she goes
to put her nose towards it. I’m just pulling the brush away so that she kind of realizes that’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t want to tell her no, yes. I don’t want to discipline her. I just want her to be
encouraged to think on her own. Yes good girl. Now as she gets better I can again start to put this on some type of command. Now I don’t usually use
the word touch for anything so I think that’s what
I’ll use after this one. Ready, touch. Yes, good. Ready touch. Yes good. Good girl, one more. Touch, yes good for you. Excellent. So as she starts to get
a better hang of this I can then start to transfer this to anything that I think might be cute or maybe even helpful. Now as Ken and I were
downstairs we started to realize that Bee-Line’s picking up on this really quickly so we thought we would come upstairs and actually see if we could transfer it to
a cupboard door right away. Now I’ve changed her to a new location. Before we were practicing
downstairs in the studio. Now we’re up in the kitchen so to be a good dog trainer, knowing that dogs are
very situational owners, I’m just going to take a couple seconds to reward her for touching her paw to the, dish wash scrubber. After you try as well
we’re in a new location. Sit, good girl. Touch. Yes, good. Sit. Touch, yes good, touch. Yes, touch, yes. Touch yes good girl. So she’s pretty good at figuring out this in this new location so
now I’m going to start to transfer it to the cupboard door. Touch. Yes good. Touch. Touch, yes good girl Bee. Touch yes. Making it so it’s really easy, yes. Good girl, to shut. Touch. Touch yes. Good girl. Now for the convenience of not holding a dish wash scrubber up to my cupboard in order to get my dog to shut it, I’m going to transfer the
scrubber out of the picture now to see if I can get her
to actually offer her paw directly to the cupboard. She’s had a ton of rewards
for offering her paw in this situation so
hopefully we’ll be able to transfer it over and start getting the actual trick in place. Now I’m only opening the
cupboard just a little tiny bit to make it really easy and so that she doesn’t get worried at all by the sound I’m going to
give her lots of rewards. Touch. Touch. Yes, good girl. Touch, yes good. Touch, touch. Yes good girl. Yay good girl Freckles. Good girl, last but not least. Close the door, close. Bee close the door, yes. Good girl. Now I had so much fun
shooting today’s video. It’s been a while since
I’ve done any trick training with Bee-Line and I just, I’m constantly reminded how much fun it is to train tricks and how brilliant the dogs are when you break things down and make the training
session fun and clear. Now if you’re new to us, please subscribe to our channel. We post new videos every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help you do something
awesome with your dog. If you liked today’s video make sure you give us a thumbs up. My name’s Kayl, this is Bee-Line. Bye for now. (slow hip hop beat)

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