How we Named Our Cat: Day 13

How we Named Our Cat: Day 13

So my brother worked at a gym for kids, and he was their teacher and stuff. And one day, a kid found a kitten outside and gave it to my brother. My brother took it home and just showed up with a kitten at the house. He said, “Her name is Azula.” You know, like that character from Avatar who goes crazy and tries to kill everyone. Yeah, so we called her Azula, and my mom was like, “Now, now, we can’t keep a cat, we just.. Aaah.” So we start feeding her and playing with her, and soon Azula was part of the family. Except one day, when I was playing with her… I saw something. “Hey, these two round things look like testicl-” So, Azula was actually a dude! “Aw, we have to change his name.” And personally, I didn’t like Azula, it just wasn’t sticking. So we thought we would call him “Mr. Darcy”. You know, that character from Jane Austen’s book where he ends up marrying that girl? I never watched the movie. But that name wasn’t really sticking either. And while all this was happening, we had a French foreign exchange student living with us (Who, by the way, is the person I’m visiting in France right now.) and she didn’t know the word for “kitten”. She just called him “baby cat”. And that’s the name we decided to call him. “Baby Cat”.

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  1. Is it bad I call my cat baby cat and her name is binx and I got my brother( who is autistic ) calling her babe cat

  2. What if you

    Wanted to go to heaven

    But God said

    H E Y T H E S E T W O R O U N D T H I N G S L O O K L I K E T E S T I C L

  3. Bruh, my dog was named Azula too! (because she was a blue merle and azula had blue fire, ya know, and at times she would look at us like we were just some peasants that served her every need) I mean she was still a girl and her name stuck but, yeah… she died just a couple months ago (by somewhat unnatural causes, heat being the only natural element– huh… what a fitting way to go I guess)… well at least I can say that I know what it's like now… #icanrelate #positivethinking?

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  5. 0:35 Hey these two round things look like testicl— what the hell was that OMG and I pissed myself😂😆😂😆

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  7. “In the name of the moon I’ll punish you”
    Me: you know how much I love sailor Moon AND IM WEARING A SAILOR MOON SHIRT RN.’

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